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Design sprint and incomplete briefs


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Discussion about design sprint and incomplete briefs, which was held at UX Camp Amsterdam 2016.

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Design sprint and incomplete briefs

  1. 1. Therapy discussion Design sprint and incomplete briefs
  2. 2. Business Designer at Freelance UX Designer at 2FRESH Since curiousity is the thing he trusts, irrational decisions drive him to love people. He is eager to improve their lives by designing things. Martin Andrle
  3. 3. Our mission We teach companies to innovate and solve complex problems by listening to people.
  4. 4. Humans (vhodnost) Business (životaschopnost) Technology (proveditelnost)
  5. 5. What is Human-Centered Problem Solving Iterative process Set of tools The way you think
  6. 6. Process of Human-Centered problem solving Linear Process vs
  7. 7. A minimalist guide to Human-Centered Problem Solving
  8. 8. What is Design Sprint UXcampAMS16
  9. 9. UXcampAMS16
  10. 10. The way of prototyping 1. Diagrams 2. Interactive black and white prototypes 3. Static grafic design 4. Interactive prototypes with animations 5. HTML templates Functions and content/structure Form and impresiveness Validation Testing Validation Testing Validation Testing Validation Testing
  11. 11. Let's talk Your experiences with design sprint and incomplete briefs UXcampAMS16
  12. 12. Let's talk about Our solution UXcampAMS16
  13. 13. UXcampAMS16
  14. 14. Thank you!