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Music in the workplace


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Is music a tool for motivation? How music affects the employees?

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Music in the workplace

  1. 1.  The role of music  The hearing  Music in the workplace  Conclusions
  2. 2. What is music? • Definition: It is a sound organized in a humane manner, which is directly connected with human emotions. • One of the nine arts • Science • Duration, intensity, timbre of sounds • It has no rules!
  3. 3. Properties of music • Emotional • Emotions centered music • Emotions produced by music • Therapeutic • The Mozart Effect • Tomatis Treatment • Social / Educational • Socialization means for the early ages • Educational preschool means
  4. 4. In this we: •Balance •Speak •Think •Are safe •Communicate
  5. 5. Advantages • Better working relationships • Creative atmosphere • Stimulation of positive emotions
  6. 6. Disadvantages • Distraction • Social isolation • Tension between co-workers • Irritation
  7. 7. Definition: Arousal is a strong feeling of satisfaction and pleasure, connected with the central nervous system.
  8. 8. Proportional and inversely proportional  Low levels of arousal = low productivity  High levels of arousal = low productivity
  9. 9. Headphones • Ability to self-selection of music • Isolation from surrounding noise • Isolation from colleagues • Difficulty in communicating Speakers • No self-selection is possible • Noise creation • Occasion for discussion • Easy communication • Case study: Apple • Loud music throughout the day • High productivity rates
  10. 10. With lyrics • More memories / thoughts • Greater distraction • Highest levels of arousal Instrumental • Relaxing • Increases imagination and creativity • Better for short duration • Lower levels of arousal
  11. 11. o Music has a positive effect on learning and healing properties. o It can stimulate positive emotions and tone the creativity of employees. But: o Causes social-work exclusion and frustration among workers and o Can show very high levels of distraction
  12. 12. All these depend on the following:  Different elements of the personalities  Habits of people  Working conditions  Personal situation of the employee
  13. 13. Is music a motivational tool? not for all not always Proposal for a better motivation tool: The personal and free choice of the most efficient means