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  1. 1. Maria Fashakin
  2. 2. Locations Skyfall Was shown in a number countries. 1. Shangai 2. Scotland 3. London 4. Istanbul 5. Pinewood 6. Studios
  3. 3. Technology in films Hacking scenes = technologies aren’t accurate and they are glamourized. They added special effects to make it look more flashy.
  4. 4. The products Omega watches 007 logo on them HMV= limited edition – steelbook (DVD package with extra features – reasons to buy DVD)
  5. 5. The DistributionMGM American (films & TV) was once largest, (product of multiple companies).SONY Japanese multinational company Sony pictures, which is a subdiary company.
  6. 6. Premier Premiere In london royal albert hall Date? October 23rd Any british icons? Prince charles & his wife American premiere? November9th The reason? Create buzz, attract audiences, follow actors
  7. 7. Synergy Heineken To do was £28million.(Heineken paid this)Helped the funding of the filmProduct placementMade commercial with actors
  8. 8. Synergy Video game = 007 legends by for xbox, ps3, wii Different release dates from october 16th (part of marketing) Distribution by MGM interactive (subdiary of MGM)
  9. 9. Box office £1.1 billion worldwide Skyfall released in 3,526 cinemas worldwide Only 14 films ever have The opening weekend made made £88 million It has the highest grossing Speed of highest incomes film for Sony pictures. surpassed avatars (fastest incomes ever) It took a month to make over £20.1 million in UK. £100m in the UK