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Case studies

  1. 1. EON PRODUCTIONS Eon productions is a film production company that was well known for the series of films from James Bond. The film company is based in London’s Piccadilly and also works with ‘Pinewood studios’ in the United Kingdom. The industry that it is in is to entertain and was founded in 1961. The founders were ‘Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli and Harry Saltzman. The parent company of Eon Productions is ‘DanJaq LLC’ and they are the holding company responsible for the copyright and trade marks to the characters, elements and other materials related to the screening of James Bond.
  2. 2. INSTITUTIONS AND AUDIENCES Audience- UK/US aimed at a global audience- censorship in China Distribution- MGM and Columbia pictures (both owned by Sony) Marketing- Production placement, PR Stunts synergy Exhibition- IMAX release- saturation
  3. 3. PRODUCTION The production company of sky fall was suspended throughout 2010 because of the big budget of $200 million as MGM had finical problems. The original screenwriter, Peter Morgan left the project during the suspension. When the production resumed pre-production following MGM’s exist from bankruptcy on 21st December 2010 Logan Purvis and wade continued writing what became the final version of the script. Filming began in November 2011 and took place mainly in United kingdom with smaller parts filmed in China and Turkey. The film was given a release date of 9th November 2012 by MGM and the Broccoli family. However the release date was bought forward to 26th October by MGM and Sony pictures. This was two weeks ahead of the US release date. Sky fall was part of a year long celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dr No. and the Bond film series. Filming was scheduled to take 133 days however took 128 days.
  4. 4. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Sky fall was the first Bond movie to be shot and filmed digitally. It also the first film production to make the use of ALEXA Studio camera’s.
  5. 5. DISTRIBUTION/MARKETING (SYNERGY) Sky Fall cost around $75,000,000 on marketing the film. This new film raised the bar for onscreen product placement this is because ‘James Bond’ played by Daniel Craig was involved in ‘Tom Ford tailored suits, Omega sea master watches, Sony Xperia phones as well as Coke Zero, perfumes and retailers. Sky Fall was also involved in the campaign and advert of the beer brand Heineken with Daniel Craig sipping the beer. This caused them to make a profit of $28 million which almost covered a quarter of the estimated production budget. Ocean Royale Aftershave Film tourism add
  6. 6. Tom Ford suits Sony Xperia phone Coke Zero
  7. 7. SOUNDTRACK- SKY FALL The sound track was released on 29th October 2012 in the UK and 6th November 2012 in the US. In October 2012 the singer/song writer Adele confirmed that she had written and sang the films theme tune. The song cover was shown and released on her twitter.
  9. 9. BOX OFFICE Budget- $200 million Domestic Gross- $304,360,277 Profit- $104,360,277
  10. 10. AUDIENCE AND TWITTER There was 1,637,385 ‘sky fall’ mentions on twitter globally over the 12 months before release. Also there was 129,384 mentions when the film was finally released on Friday 26th October. November 3rd 2011 when the title was released there were 3,298 mentions commenting on the name of the film. There were mixed reviews the majority were positive. ( Gender distribution Males 81% Female 19%)
  11. 11. EXHIBITION Sky Fall was released on IMAX and this was a success this is because it took $3.5 million in 79 locations. Averaging at $45,000 per screening. This represents the best international opening in IMAX history.
  12. 12. INDEPENDENT BRITISH FILM- INBETWEENERS This movie came from the success of the E4 series. There success came from how they gained the most views on digital TV. Film information Made in 2011 Running time- 97 minutes Director- Ben Palmer Producer- Christopher Young Director of photography- Ben Wheeler Principle Cast- Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas
  13. 13. PRODUCTION Pre-production The film was a co-production between Bwark productions, Film 4 and young films. It was filmed in the locations of UK, Magaluf and Malia. Production 140 minutes of filming material done however the editing put the film to 97mintues long.
  14. 14. DISTRIBUTORS Entertainment film distributors The company was founded in 1978 Entertainment film distributor had the rights for the cinema exhibition however channel 4 retained the rights for DVD sales. This film was known for vertical integration as many channel 4 subsidiaries were involved in all the stages of film making.
  15. 15. MARKETING As it was already a successful TV series not a lot of marketing was needed. Most of it was verbally. Film poster were made, film trailer were made. It was advertised on channel 4 and Film 4. (Twitter was used as a low budget marketing) The premier for this film was on the 16th August 2011 at the Vue cinema in Leicester square. It was previewed at the L’Oreal Paris National movies awards on 11th May 2011
  16. 16. EXHIBITION The movie was released on the 19th August 2011 and grossed $13,200,00 shown on 475 screens and as of September 2011 grossed $41,800,00 . However in America it didn't’t do as well. It was only shown on 10 screens in America and grossed $35,955 overall. This was because it contains British humor and therefore American wouldn't’t understand it as well. It was released on DVD and blue ray on 12th December 2011 with extended features of different sections and the full 18 rated movie shown on the triple play DVD On the first day this DVD sold 575,000 copies and by the 17th it reached 1 million.
  17. 17. BOX OFFICE Domestic Box Office $35,955 International Box Office $86,015,365 Worldwide Box Office$86,051,320 Budget £3,500,000 Profit 51,051,320
  18. 18. BWARK PRODUCTIONS London based comedy producer founded in 2004 by two former channel 4 editors called Iain Morris and Damon Beesley. Bwark is best known for its E4 comedy hit ‘Inbetweeners’