Assignment 6 Poetic Justice


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Assignment 6 Poetic Justice

  1. 1. By: Maria Fashakin
  2. 2. Poetic Justice. • Justice (Janet Jackson) is a young woman living in South Central, Los Angeles. • After the shooting death of her boyfriend ‘Markell’, Justice falls into a deep depression. • Justice meets a guy called Lucky. • Justice & lucky argue a lot as they find it difficult to agree on anything. • Justice and Lucky begin to spend more time with each other & fall in love.
  3. 3. A) Has the institution created a text with a conventional(stereotypical) narrative structure?Yes, there is a clear linear narrative which could be broken down intoAct 1 (set-up) Shows Justice & lucky meeting for the first time at the hair salon. Act 2 (conflict) Connotes Lucky & Justice arguing in the van.Act 3 (resolution) Lucky & Justice finally make peace & fall in love with each other.
  4. 4. B) Explain how the film is narrative implicit orexplicit ? Implicit narrative reasons. implicit narrative evidence. • Lucky & Justice first meet in the It starts with a beginning of van. Justice loosing her boyfriend, She meets Lucky • Lucky is holding his mum. As she The film then goes an the is crying. audience later start to see conflict through the middle of • Lucky is outside he the film. just finds out his cousin died. Towards the end of the film we see Justice and Lucky have • Justice & lucky put a come to a side there issues with each other. • Justice and lucky are out in the woods.
  5. 5. Discuss the conventional narrative ?Act 1 – (beginning) (set up)Justice has a boyfriend who gets shot. Justice is then depressed and grievingabout her boyfriend. Justice at the cemetery.
  6. 6. MiddleJustice & Lucky constantly argue over the fact Justice believes she shouldget respect. Justice & lucky are arguing in the van.
  7. 7. The endBy act 3 Justice & lucky have resolved there issues and are able to get on, asthey are now in love. Lucky and justice at the fun fair & they are getting on. Lucky is holding a lollipop while touching Justice’s hair.
  8. 8. Why have the film makers done this & what effectwould it have on the audience?•. •The film makers may have •The film would wanted to give have been told the audience in chronological some sort of order satisfaction. •It would of been one of the best •To make it •The film makers ways to more have done this to understandable make the audience make money. happy
  9. 9. What audience expectation have they establishedby using this structure?• There is no confusion.• The film makers reinforced the narrative structure as they show the chronological order of the movie.• The effect this would have had on the audience is, it would have been gave a sense of fulfilment & happiness.• The target audience would of been please to know they wouldn’t of wasted there money.