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AAF-NM 2010 - 2011 Annual Report


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Annual report of AAF-NM for the year Maresa served as president 2010-2011. See the amazing things the club accomplished this year including going from $22,000 in debt to profit in 1 year's time.

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AAF-NM 2010 - 2011 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2010-2011 Annual Report A Story of Before and After PO BOX 30126 ~ ABQ, NM 87190(505) 750-3670 AAFNM@AAFNM.ORG WWW.AAFNM.ORG
  2. 2. The Story BEFORE AFTERAt the beginning of the fiscal year, the club was facing tremendous forces similar to how destructivea volcano can be. But through the dedication and hard work of the board and a tremendous effort ofrevitalizing the advertising community, the club was not only saved from the brink of destruction,it is now emerging stronger than ever. This is a snapshot of the story.2010-2011 AAF-NM BOARD OF DIRECTORSPresident & Public Service Media: Maresa Thompson, Heritage Hotels & ResortsVice President & Education Chair: Deena Crawley, McKee Wallwork ClevelandPast President & ADDY Event Chair: Alexis Kerschner, CNM Community CollegeTreasurer: Jim Fisher, UNM Daily LoboExecutive Director: Jennifer BrowerMembership Chair: Wendy DeetzMarketing Chair: Page Fullerton, Albuquerque the MagazinePublic Service Media Chair: Adam Greenhood, Esparza AdvertisingSponsorship Chair: Suzy Rufail, TelemundoADDY Judging Chair: DeAnn Sena O’Connor, DSO CreativeSpeakers Chair: Nick Tauro, Vaughn Wedeen KuhnSocial and Communications Chair: Jessica Trumble, Reelz Channel
  3. 3. New Name BEFORE AFTEROne of the first orders of business the club undertook was to change the old name, The NewMexico Advertising Federation, to the new, The American Advertising Federation - New Mexico.This was to keep in line with the national naming convention standards and standardize our club.This rebranding allowed us to take a critical look at our advertising and collateral materials.
  4. 4. Financial Foundation Public Service Media Program BEFORE AFTERThe Public Service Media Program is the foundation of all the operations and financial base forthe AAF-NM. With this program AAF-NM solicits sponsorships from various media outlets andthen re-packages these donations to sell to non-profit organizations who supply the creative andAAF-NM their media budget. AAF-NM in turn guarantees a three to one return on investmentto the non-profits in media and this number is historically exceeded. This program, started sevenyears ago, has brought thousands of dollars to AAF-NM in the past. BEFORE:Before we really only had a vague program with one client whom was going to reduce their annualpayment to us by $6,000. We didn’t have any formal contracts with any media and were onlyoffering the program on broadcast with one network station and cable. We also had no solidprospects for future clients.
  5. 5. AFTER:• Revised program to allow new six-month introductory clients for $18K rate.• Now have a total of four clients (one new annual client and two new six-month clients as well as our one existing client) totaling $96,000 income for AAF-NM. Clients are ARCA, Catholic Charities, Make-A-Wish and El Ranchito de los Ninos.• Revamped media sponsorships to include perks like complimentary AAF-NM memberships, attendance to luncheons and ADDY functions, lots of publicity at AAF-NM events, included in ADDY program and featured in an ad in Albuquerque the Magazine.• Expanded the program for the first time to include print media and allow creative services to donate as sponsorships.• Have nearly $450,000 in donated media and creative services with signed media contracts from 22 organizations including: 30 Second Street, Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque the Magazine, American General Media Radio, APPCityLife (iPhone App), Citadel Broadasting, Cliffdweller Productions, Clear Channel Outdoor, Clear Channel Radio, Comcast Spotlight, DSO Creative, Esparza Advertising, KOB-TV, KOAT-TV, KRQE News 13, New Mexico Fleet Design, New Mexico Magazine, Southwest Productions, Univision, Quote Unquote Channel 26-27, RJC and Telemundo Nuevo Mexico.• Have hired a professional media planner on contract to manage the program, secure affidavits and properly service the clients.• Have potential clients contacting us about the program for the waiting list.
  6. 6. Speaking of Financials BEFORE AFTERWe learned that it’s super majority important to reconcile your books. Through a series of staffingchanges it appears our books weren’t reconciled for several years. Bur thanks to countless hours ofdetective work and our board member, Wendy Deetz, masochist love of numbers she uncoveredour real finances and our books are now managed and reconciled by our Executive Director on amonthly basis.We started the year with $20,021 in cash (checking account, money market, CDs) but also had$22,482 in credit card debt.We now have $12,711 in assets but only $5,628 in credit card debt. If we stick to the currentplan, the debt should be $0 by mid-July. We now have sufficient cash flow to operatesmoothly thanks to the revitalized PSM program. Also, we are now accounting for each luncheonand are averaging a profit of $341 per luncheon.Due to some prudent and dramatic cost cutting measures our Executive Directors was able tosave us $165/Month by doing things like utilizing her garage as our storage unit and her ownpersonal phone with reimbursements rather than a separate phone.
  7. 7. Luncheon Programming BEFORE AFTERWe’ve had a real great year with programming, and despite our financial challenges we havemanaged to bring in world-class speakers to educate our members and community. For the firsttime we partnered with a creative arts organization and had a wonderful turn-out for our firstluncheon in September .• September: Joint luncheon with Creative Albuquerque. Speaker DJ Stout, Designer from Pentagram, Austin Attendance: 154 Luncheon Profit: -$281.02• October: Speaker John Rich, Online Advertising and New Media Guru, Atlanta Attendance: 98 Profit: -$328.26• November: Local Broadcast GM Panel Discussion Attendance: 115 Profit: $866.58• February: Local Media Buyers Panel Discussion Attendance: 102 Profit: $1,093.34• March: Speaker Paul Keister, Creative Director of goodness, mfg, Los Angeles Attendance: 67 Profit: $339.94• April: Speaker Andrew Ecklund, Social Media Expert, Ciceron, Minneapolis, MN Attendance: 101 Profit: $359.30• May: Speaker Dave Hickey, Critic, Social Pariah and Misanthrope, Albuquerque, NM Attendance: 70 Profit: $1,264.25• June: Speaker Tim Brunelle, New Media + Social Media jack-of-all-trades, Hello Viking, Minneapolis, MN Attendance: TBD Luncheon Profit: TBD
  8. 8. ADDYs Judging BEFORE AFTERADDY Judging Committee 2011 Accomplishments• Produced a list of potential judges for future use.• Streamlined the entry intake process by producing a checklist to be used by volunteers as well as a list of things to look out for.• Initiated a pleasant entry intake process by writing clear entry instructions, posted on the website for entrants.• Initiated the Client information form where entrants must provide the contact information for the client for which the work was done in an effort to confirm that the entry was done for a true client, in the normal course of business.• Cut Judging expenses by cutting the number of judges from five to four.• Decided to rework the Meet the Judges event to be a simple social instead of a question and answer session, this will eliminate extra burden on the judges, the need for AV equipment and perhaps cut the event costs.• Partnered with AAF-Colorado Springs. Judged both AAF-NM and AAF-Colorado Springs shows in exchange AAF-Colorado Springs paid for half of all judging expenses.• Bart Cleveland, of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, designed and got complimentary printing for a standard certificate to be used for future AAF-NM ADDY competitions.• Had new AAF-NM ADDY awards trophy cubes produced for future use.
  9. 9. ADDYs Event BEFORE AFTERADDY Event Committee 2011 Accomplishments• Partnered with the students of the Art Center Design College Albuquerque to develop all the creative for the ADDY Awards. This is the first year in the history of the New Mexico Advertising Federation that a student creative team has been utilized and it was a resounding success.• Secured sponsorships for all ADDY collateral including call to entries poster, invitation and awards books saving thousands of dollars.• Secured event sponsorship with Hard Rock Casino and Hotel with a $27 inclusive dinner and all complimentary use of their in-house decorations and extra room.• The Silver Medal Awards Committee successfully surprised their worthy nominee with an epic Wonder Woman themed video.• Advertising legend, Rick Johnson, was honored for his contributions to the advertising community with moving memorial video tribute.• Albuquerque the Magazine hosted a rip-roaring pre-party playing on the Raddys theme.• The 80s theme “The Raddys” allowed us to have the ADDY awards be an 80s themed dress-up party and about 70% of attendees participated and dressed up.• WE DIDN’T LOSE MONEY ON THE ADDYS! (even though entries were down)
  10. 10. Outreach & Communications BEFORE AFTERAgency Plus Tour• Took 28 students on the tour from UNM- Communications & Journalism, UNM- Anderson Business school and the Art Center Design College• Visited three agencies, one printer and one business (client-side)AAF-NM Scholarship• Discovered scholarship fund at UNM• Awarded one scholarship of $3,000• Refreshed scholarship terms to focus on internshipsCommunications• Sporadic PR outreach to regular inclusion in business and events calendar listings• Communication and information sharing with other MARCOM and creative groupsSocial• Took a new approach to a holiday party, from a large and costly event with decreasing attendance to a smaller and more casual holiday social, which attracted more attendees• Created AAF-NM Facebook page and utilized it as another outlet to communicate, celebrate and create dialog with members and other interested parties
  11. 11. Membership BEFORE AFTERDue to our great PSM progarm we are able to make membership in AAF-NM very affordable. For$300/year members can attend all of our luncheons and social programs for free, so essentiallymembership = free lunch, what a deal. BEFORE:We didn’t have the best records of individual paying members. We discovered many people thoughtthey were members and have been attending our luncheons for free but haven’t actually paid dueto the fact they weren’t invoiced. AFTER:And now we have 36 individual members and 25 corporate members and we continue to branchout and grow. We also have 28 complimentary members totaling 89 members.
  12. 12. Collateral $600/ $0 Month Full Sponsorship A panel of local TV and radio managers discuss the future of broadcast media. formerly New Mexico Advertising Federation BEFORE AFTERBefore we were paying around $600/month to send out our monthly postcards to our mailing list.Now we are paying $0 thanks to a full sponsorship trade with Demand Printing Solutions. Themailer was also re-designed to be smaller and save paper and mailing costs as well as merge theold and new brands effectively. Coming Soon: New website BEFORE AFTERThe second phase of the rebrand came in April 2011 with a complete overhaul of the AAF-NMwebsite. The team developed new Web architecture and design. We purchased the domain A programmer was willing to donate services, the new site should go live sometime inJuly 2011 and will be much easier for everyone to update on a WordPress platform as well as savehosting costs.