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Ad2 Inc, Your Local Marketing Partner


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Ad2 is a full service marketing firm, whose unorthodox approach combines street-level research, integrated strategy and immersive tactics that defy boundaries and amplify budgets, bringing our client’s brand to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

A woman owned business, Ad2 has been helping local and regional nonprofit organizations and businesses optimize their marketing efforts to engage both primary and secondary target markets.

Contact the professionals at Ad2 today and let us share our proven techniques with you.

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Ad2 Inc, Your Local Marketing Partner

  1. 1. Mollie Hillburn 228-822-9890 President/CEO
  2. 2. 12364 Hwy. 49, Gulfport, MS 39503 Debbie Pidek, VP Marketing, 228-539-6305  Create consistent brand  Enhance image and increase awareness of target-specific services  Increase number of loans  Increase deposits  Facilitate mutually-beneficial alliances with businesses and associations in market  Plan and coordinate Grand Opening/Ribbon Cutting for new location  Develop an online presence, social media engagement, increase online reviews and increase rating Objectives
  3. 3. Print Advertising & Internal Communications
  4. 4. Digital Ads
  5. 5. Television/Video
  6. 6. Invitations / Press Release Ad2 compiled the list, designed, personalized and mailed the VIP invitation; prepared the press release and media invitation; as well as coordinated with local media for coverage of the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting.
  7. 7. Event Planning Ad2 enjoyed the pleasure of planning and managing the event, including setting the agenda, catering, floral arrangements and decor and overall logistics of the event.
  8. 8.  Created a cohesive brand as well as on- and offline advertising consistent with the look of the new website  Increased online reviews by 1,000% through email marketing, improving their online rating by 3 points  Invited to participate in programs with the Gulf Coast Community Foundation based on our introduction and the reputation of GCCFCU’s philosophy  Introduced to local organizations to incorporate services in employee and client benefits  GCCFCU named “Community Credit Union of the Year” by the Credit Union National Association due to the successful programs available to the community  The Project Manager for Clayco, new construction contractor, told the management team of Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union - “I think that was the best ribbon cutting/open house I’ve ever attended. Great job!”  “We have had nothing but rave reviews on the wonderful grand opening, and everyone loves the new branch. I attended did not hold a candle to our event. The Board of Directors all loved the invitation." – Debbie Pidek, VP of Accomplishments/Reviews
  9. 9. 2615 25th Ave., Gulfport, MS 39501 Tara High, Executive Director  Increase awareness and improve public perception  Increase rabies vaccinations and spaying/neutering  Decrease euthanasia by increasing fostering & adoption  Develop board member’s fundraising programs and collateral  Promote and coordinate with board for golf tournaments and special events  Design and launch Capital Campaign for new facility Objectives
  10. 10. Planning & Implementation  Rebranding, creation of a new upbeat image that would replace the dated brand associated with the “dog pound”. The new brand provided a fun environment families wanted to be a part of.  Donor Development Plan to include private donors, grants and corporate sponsors  PR – press releases, creation and placement of PSAs  Outdoor  Direct Marketing  Print  Event Planning - Public and Private  Television, production and placement.  Online Marketing – Website creation, SEO & Digital Marketing  Capital Campaign Development Rebrand Original
  11. 11. Television/Video
  12. 12. Television/Video
  13. 13. Event Planning Holiday Open House – HSSM Tiki Goes to the Dogs First event of its kind on the Coast – largest fundraiser for HSSM
  14. 14. Capital Campaign, Grand Opening August 29 came and our world changed forever more Presented by: Tara High, Executive Director
  15. 15. Accomplishments  Rebranded, winning awards and public favor  Increased rabies attendance clinic by 800%  Spay/Neuter surgeries up 27.6%  Intake reduced by 6.85%  Euthanasia down 14%  Adoptions up 14.5%  Save rate up from 37% to 65%  Most recognized non-profit organization on the Gulf Coast  Capital campaign raised $6 million for new facility  Received national attention, reverence and sponsorships
  16. 16. 1912 25th Ave., Gulfport, MS 39501, 228-863-3699 Gail Pav, Sales & Marketing Manager Objectives  Overcome perception that Pav & Broome Diamond Jewelers had closed or sold out  Increase first quarter sales by 10%  Increase market share  Expanded geographic territory  Increase sales in down economy  Broaden customer base  Awarded new, coveted brands while thousands lost these brands  Improve media effectiveness and value
  17. 17. Planning & Implementation  Market Research  Strategic Planning  Customer Profiling  Rebranding, Modernized  Online Marketing  Website Design & Maintenance  Print  SEO / SEM, SMN / SMM  Event Planning  Media Buying  Outdoor Design & Planning  On & Offline Direct Marketing  PR  Broadcast New logo design Old logo
  18. 18. Event Planning & Management 40th Anniversary Celebration Trunk Shows Grand Re-Opening Celebration
  19. 19. Published articles: Just a few examples of many: • Purchase and use of CAD equipment for custom design. • Celebration of 40 years in business • Named as authorized Rolex Retailer • Celebration of the owner’s 50th anniversary as a horologist • Named as only authorized Forevermark Retailer in MS • Restoration of antique watch – found one year after Hurricane Katrina • Awarded "Favorite Local Jeweler" 6 years in a row • Expansion of new location/ investment in the Coast • Support of CASA • Earned media awarded in print, online and broadcast Earned Media
  20. 20. Website Development & Maintenance
  21. 21. Social Media Before RebrandingCurrent Brand
  22. 22. Television/Video
  23. 23. Television/Video
  24. 24. Accomplishments:  Positioned as the premier jeweler on the Coast through the use of PR, paid advertising and events  Exceeded client goals in first quarter of campaign  Shifted advertising budget to reach 78.4% of the target market (up from 47%) in the first year  Creation of customer profile  Launched new designer lines, including ForeverMark & Rolex  Expanded geographic market by 200%  Continuing to grow the market even in economic downturn through effective targeting, alliance building, promotion and branding
  25. 25. Accomplishments Continued:  Increased media coverage of the following through news & editorial:  Increased customer base by 300%  Fall 2008 direct marketing campaign produced the best non-holiday sales event in client history  Annual campaign results consistently outperforming previous years  Custom design/repair  Local, family-owned business  Anniversary celebrations  New, designer-line launch parties  Business expansion  Human interest stories  Product features & services
  26. 26. P.O. Box 250, Pascagoula, MS 39558, 228-938-6495 Wayne Rodolfich, Superintendent Objectives  Create campaign and brand for the drop-out prevention program, Destination Graduation  Increase community involvement in local education  Solicit media support
  27. 27.  Outdoor  Print  T-shirts/Apparel  Banners  Event Promotion  Television  Posters  Presentations Creative, Production & Placement
  28. 28. Outdoor
  29. 29. Television/Video
  30. 30. Accomplishments:  Launched community-wide campaign, increasing community involvement  School district received National Educator’s Award for the campaign Ad2 created  Superintendent received regional and national recognition and awards for campaign concept, production and success  Program added to national curriculum for superintendents  Ad2, Inc. asked to create a campaign for the Institute of Higher Learning due to the effectiveness of local campaign
  31. 31. Ad2, Inc. is the marketing partner for Coast Electric Power Association. Their innovative ideas ideas are a welcomed perspective and a valued part of effectively communicating the Cooperative principles and benefits to our community, increasing community awareness and and engagement. Ron Barnes, President & CEO, Coast Electric Power Association On behalf of Ron and myself, we wanted to personally thank you again for such a great job with job with our proxy mailer this year! We really feel like the new design is one of the attributing attributing factors to the success of this year’s mail return. Not only have we exceeded the the amount that we needed for a quorum, but this is probably one of the most successful years on years on record. So again THANK YOU! …. It’s been a great year ,and we really appreciate your appreciate your professionalism and friendship. Looking forward to what next year has in store!
  32. 32. Just another official big “Thank You” for all you did to make today such a successful event. The branch looked beautiful thanks to your vision of the color coordinated tables, food displays and floral arrangements. The attention to detail showed as everything came off perfectly! It was exactly the elegant, beautiful event we were hoping for! We were pleased with the attendance and hope we get some nice PR, but even if we don’t, it’s all good! You thought of so many little things that we wouldn’t have considered, and all that work definitely paid off. Lisa was extremely pleased as were the other managers, so thanks again for everything you did to make it all come together so beautifully! Debbie Pidek, VP of Communications/CCO, Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union I have had a 62% acceptance rate for our event, and I swear it’s because of the invitation! We usually get about 150 attendees, right now we are at 282!!! Insane. -Amber Mansholt, Director of Marketing, JCEDF (endorsement received one week prior to RSVP deadline-final count was over 300) Invited guests kept the invitation, some even framed it.
  33. 33. 228.822.9890 Ad2Inc. Don’t Just Be Seen. Be Top of Mind. When was the last time your target audience kept your marketing communications because they loved the look and feel of it? Let us turn your marketing pieces into collectors’ items and your goals into results. Call today for a free consultation.
  34. 34. Celebrating more than 20 years of marketing excellence with customers on the MS Gulf Coast and Southeast Louisiana...we look forward to celebrating your successes very soon!