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IABC Porfolio Rebuilding Together


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Raise awareness of Rebuilding Together Dutchess County’s mission in the Dutchess County.
• Strengthen and help to rebuild lives, homes and communities.
• Respect the integrity, worth and dignity of every person, especially the low-income, the elderly
and those with disabilities and are committed to helping them and the communities in which
they live.
Host a charity golf tournament to raise awareness about RTDC and resources for ongoing community

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IABC Porfolio Rebuilding Together

  1. 1. Andrew Ciccone, IABC Portfolio | 1Table of ContentsIntroduction, Hudson Valley Media Page 1Rebuilding Together Dutchess County Background, Goal, History, Organizational Structure, Budget 2 Target Audience, Media Plan, Tactics 3 Timing 3, 4 Metrics, Assessment 4Exhibits 5INTRODUCTIONHudson Valley MediaHudson Valley Media (HVM) is a burgeoning media firm offering market research and integratedmarketing strategies that build brand equity. As CEO, my extensive advertising experience withpackaged goods is applied to serve clients’ marketing needs. Expertise in research developed frommy graduate work is drawn upon to develop sound media strategies. HVM often contracts outindependent freelance agents who live and work in the Metro New York area.Mobile technology and global market forces are re-shaping traditional boundaries. As the barriers arebroken, demographics are changing. Transparency and social integration are impacting howorganizations communicate internally and externally.Hudson Valley Media emphasizes the value of research, strategic media planning and smart tactics tohelp meet and exceed client goals. Social media, print, video, podcasts, traditional media and amultitude of channels are utilized to develop targeted, optimized, memorable campaigns, excitingevents and lasting relationships with stakeholders. Expectations must be clearly defined, campaignsconstantly monitored and measured. We listen to what people are saying, we respond quickly tointernal and external crises. We do not react.
  2. 2. Andrew Ciccone, IABC Portfolio | 2REBUILDING TOGETHER DUTCHESS COUNTYBackgroundRebuilding Together is a not for profit organization located in Poughkeepsie, NY whose mission is topreserve and revitalize houses and communities in Dutchess County.RTDC GoalMake a sustainable impact on the community members’ homes and lives in partnership with localvolunteers and businesses here in Dutchess County. Provide low-income homeowners, particularlythose who are elderly, with disabilities, or have school-aged children, live in warmth, safety andindependence.RTDC HistoryRebuilding Together (RTDC), formerly Christmas in April was born in Midland Texas in 1973. Todaythere are more than 270 affiliated programs in the 50 states, involving nearly 300,000 volunteersannually whose work has an annual market value in excess of $86 million. In 2001 the organizationunderwent a name change to Rebuilding Together to better communicate the company’s goals.Organizational StructureRTDC has seven members on their Board of Directors with an executive director with an temporarystudent intern, rounding out the staff to nine members. Typically RTDC rehabilitates approximately 20homes each year involving more than 700 volunteers.Upon taking on this project in the summer of 2010, several challenges and opportunities presentedthemselves. • There was no direct leadership at RTDC upon taking on this assignment. • The prior executive director had left months ago, consequently policies and procedures were quite informal. • I reported directly to the newly appointed executive director who gave me considerable strategic and creative input for this project.As Marketing Co-Chair in charge of the Golf Tournament I lead the marketing strategy andimplementation for this media campaign. After meeting with key members of the board, thetournament date, overall strategy and budget for the golf tournament were approved. The marketingteam was comprised of eight volunteers including the executive director, two board members andmyself. I was also the creative driving force behind all the communications including: the copywritingfor the press releases, newsletters, brochures, Internet, intranet, promotional events and social mediamessaging.Critical Points • RTDC suffers from name recognition. The organization is still largely known in the surrounding area, as Christmas in April. • The bank failures of 2008 created a very competitive environment for government funding and financial support from local businesses. • Several golf tournaments had cancelled their annual events for 2010 due to the recession.Budget $5,000
  3. 3. Andrew Ciccone, IABC Portfolio | 3ObjectiveRaise awareness of Rebuilding Together Dutchess County’s mission in the Dutchess County. • Strengthen and help to rebuild lives, homes and communities. • Respect the integrity, worth and dignity of every person, especially the low-income, the elderly and those with disabilities and are committed to helping them and the communities in which they live.StrategyHost a charity golf tournament to raise awareness about RTDC and resources for ongoing communityprojects.Target AudienceLocal business and community members who live, work, worship and frequent Dutchess County. • Parents, children, family and friends. • Public and private business owners. • Spiritual leaders, public figures from the private sector and government. • Editors and program directors from the local media.Media PlanThe campaign was planned to begin in July and run till the second week in September to solicitsponsorships and sign up players for the charity golf tournament. Given the limited budget and not forprofit status of this organization:  A Facebook fan page was developed to help generate awareness of RTDC and support the marketing efforts.  A print brochure and accompanying landing page (11) were distributed and marketed to local businesses and community members through eblasts and micro-blogging on Facebook.  A social media campaign (12) was developed and messaged via Facebook.  The sponsorship marketing team followed up mailings (13) with phone calls and face to face meetings to secure sponsors and players.TacticsFundraising is all about having a great rolodex of contacts who can contribute money and resources toa worthy endeavor. The sponsorship committee worked the phones and received generous supportover many lunch dates. The social media campaign, email marketing efforts and brochure supportedgood old fashioned networking. RTDC communications were upgraded to include widgets thatencourage community members to friend or share online content generated on social media sites.Timing 1. The marketing team was formed in early May. The committee quickly formulated a strategy and agreed upon planning a charity golf tournament to meet the goal of generating awareness and resources. 2. Also during the month of May the tournament date was approved by the board. The sponsorship and event planning committees were also designated at this time. The golf course, club house banquet room, and preliminary menu were reserved for September 24th, 2010. The goal was to book 100 players for the charity tournament with levels of sponsorship to turn a profit of $15,000. 3. The Facebook Fan Page was created in June.
  4. 4. Andrew Ciccone, IABC Portfolio | 4Timing (Continued) 4. In June and July I created, developed, designed and developed the brochure and media campaign. The brochure and landing page were posted and distributed in July as was the press release (26). 5. The eblast(s), social media micro-blogging and promotional marketing efforts began in July, leading up to the actual event. 6. The planning, logistics and format of the golf tournament were developed and executed in September. Media Plan 2010 May June July August September Strategy Planning Brouchure Development Facebook Fan Page Created Brouchre Landing Page Press Release eBlast Campaign Social Media Campaign Sponsorship Marketing Tournamet Sign-up Marketing Event Planning & Staging Charity Golf Tourmanent *MetricsExpectations were clearly defined during the strategic stage of this project. A survey wasrecommended to be conducted in order to gauge the awareness levels of RTDC. The survey wastabled during the campaign, my involvement in this project ended after the tournament.Consequently the overall effectiveness of the campaign was measured by the number of fans whoconnected with RTDC, participation in the tournament and profitability of the event.  Presently RTDC has approximately 250 Facebook Fans.  The tournament meet goal with over 100 players and the sponsors exceeded our revenue goal turning a profit of $5,000.AssessmentThe campaign was evaluated based on its ability to generate awareness and turn a profit. Severalnew relationships with the community and local business have been formed that strengthen thisorganization’s identity. Overall the campaign was a success, the golf tournament continues to be amust attend charity event here in Dutchess County.
  5. 5. Andrew Ciccone, IABC Portfolio | 5ExhibitsRebuilding Together Dutchess County Golf tournament campaign was developed with visuals ofcraftsman’s tools such as a sledge hammer, tape measure, paint brush etc. The overall creative tonefor promotional materials was to communicate that the charity venue is a fun way to support“neighbors in need”. (1) RTDC 2010 Golf Tournament Brochure The purpose of the brochure was to aide in marketing efforts to secure sponsorship and sign up players for the charity golf tournament. (2) Social Media Ad - Level the Competition, 2010 RTDC Golf Tournament The ad was posted and micro-blogged in RTDC’s page as well as potential sponsors In the area to create awareness and excitement about the charity fundraising event. (3) RTDC Community Letter, Golf Tournament 2010 The letter effectively communicated the date of the tournament and the value associated with being a part of this organization. The sponsorships available that will deliver real value to those who participate in this cause.