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Community Special Events Ii

  1. 1. Sharing Our Successes
  2. 2. Set-up Recruitment of Volunteers
  3. 3.  Form committee (board members, business leaders, community leaders, media)  Set meeting dates/time  Setting goals for auction items & sponsorships  Save the date cards/invitations  Volunteer recruitment ( registration, check out /set up & auction monitors)  Setting up the event/ arranging auction items  Thank you ads/ letters  Committee dinner celebration
  4. 4.  1st year raised over $20,000  2nd year raised over $26,000  What made this successful?  Getting the whole community involved  A full media campaign (tv, radio, chambers, print)  The kidding factor (April Fools time frame)  The goat VOLUNTEERS  Time of year  Coloring contest
  5. 5.  1st year had over 1,000 people in attendance  Raised over $10,000  Remember the more creative you are the more businesses will want to be involved with the fundraiser  What made this successful?  Location  Opportunities for local businesses to be highlighted (partnership)  Music  Wineries  Restaurants  Bakeries  High end crafters  Direct sales  Pampering businesses  Radio stations
  6. 6. ◦ Golf Classics are over done ◦ Bowling Tourneys are Big Brothers & Sisters ◦ Walk for Cure is American Cancer’s  Be creative – know what is already being done in your area  Ask key community members what they would get involved in  Remember the more creative you are the more businesses will want to be involved
  7. 7. ◦ One of the most important things is to have community buy in ◦ Develop a team “development committee” to assist with the buy in  Let the team decide on what event to do
  8. 8.  Suggestions  Father Daughter Dance  Mother Daughter Tea  Teen Dance  Taste ________ (the name of your town)  Others?
  9. 9. Churchill Downs, raised $71,000
  10. 10.  Goals and Budgets – financial, attendance, procurement ◦ Determining purpose of event and how it will support your mission. ◦ Purpose of event? Exclusive fundraising and revenue generating or simply cause awareness/marketing? ◦ Have you been approved for your budget and goals of event?
  11. 11.  Planning Calendar ◦ Determine proper staff leadership? Committee leadership? Committed volunteers? ◦ Is this is brand new event or an annual fundraiser? New events will take more energy to get started. ◦ Create a detailed month-by-month planning calendar leading up to event ◦ Review notes from previous years if possible.
  12. 12.  Investing in Your Event ◦ Venue selection, catering, auctioneers, sound and lighting ◦ Can these decisions make or break your event? You bet!
  13. 13.  Audience Development ◦ Quality vs. quantity ◦ Draw first from your contacts. Board, committees, business colleagues, major donors, potential major donors. ◦ Look at previous years to determine trends, high spenders, corp. spending etc. ◦ Who else could potentially be great audience or event?
  14. 14.  Marketing the Event ◦ What means do you plan to use to support your marketing needs? ◦ Web site, online registration, email promotions, mailing materials, save-the-date cards, invitations and the auction catalog
  15. 15.  Committee of local leaders  Corporate Sponsorships (tables $15,000- $2,000)  Individual Tickets ($300)  Advertising using various media (mass mailing to donors, print, radio, television, Facebook, etc.)  Two major sponsors – Zona Rosa Community Foundation and North Kansas City Hospital.  Food and cocktails provided by local casino.
  16. 16. QuikTrip Chairman and CEO Chet Cadieux accepts the Kindest Business Award from Synergy Executive Director Robin Winner.
  17. 17.  Co-chair families  Banquet  Silent Auction  Top 20 finalists of essay contest are guests at the banquet.  Top 3 young people share their essay  Honorary Stars – local community leaders honored for their contributions to our community  Kindest School  Kindest Business
  18. 18.  Susan DeLano,  Nikki Wielgos,  Jena Walker,  Chas Marks,
  19. 19. Robin Donaldson, National Safe Place Sherry Elder, National Safe Place
  20. 20. Please complete the short survey to help us understand the knowledge gained from this webinar. Please watch for updates on future distance learning opportunities including: Volunteer Recruitment and Maintenance and Safe Place Site Recruitment and Maintenance in July. All training opportunities are listed on the National Safe Place website at under Conference & Training 23
  21. 21. The staff of the National Safe Place Program and the members of the National Safe Place Advisory Board appreciate your commitment, dedication and ongoing efforts on behalf of youth and families in every community. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance. Until next time – Best Wishes! “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead, American Anthropologist 24