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Joan of arc


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Joan of arc

  1. 1. Jeanne dArc (1412 - 30 May 1431)- experienced visions from God (started when she was 12)- at the age of 16 approached the garrison commander- disguised herself as a man to travel through hostile area- had to borrow armor, horse etc.- she was excluded from meetings at the beginning
  2. 2. Joan’s accomplishments- Joan of Arc turned - she rejected previous conflict into religious strategies and wanted war to attack- her background was searched - she was successful and- she was a skilled tactic although being and strategist wounded she continued to guide the army
  3. 3. More about Joan- all Joan’s decisions were accepted- some towns returned to French without resistance- in Paris Joan was wounded although she continued to fight- she was ordered to withdraw
  4. 4. The capture and trial- 23 May 1430 she was - she signed a document captured which she did not- she attempted several understand escapes - she was burned twice- although they tried to and her bones were find evidence against thrown into Seine her, they were unsuccessful- stopped having public trials
  5. 5. Cultural and political importance- crossed gender and class - “cross dresser” A person lines who wears the clothing of- first female to lead an army the opposite gender, for- symbol of feminism for the any reason suffragettes - 25 years after she died, she- representation non- was declared a martyr traditional, female warrior - symbol for the French for universal rights revolution- lived outside cultural gender expectations: symbol for feminists and transgender
  6. 6. Representations in artLITERATURE- Personal Recollection of Joan of Arc, by the Sieur Louis de Conte by Mark Twain, 1896- Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw, 1923- The Image of the Beast by Philip José Farmer, 1968POETRY- The Tale of Joan of Arc by Christine de Pizan, 1429- The Orleanid by Philippe-Alexandre Le Brun de Charmettes, 1821- The Maiden of Orléans by Voltaire, 1756
  7. 7. MUSIC- Joan of Arc, a song by Leonard Cohen - Jeanne dArc, an album by Thy Majestie- operas Giovanna dArco by Verdi, 1845, and The Maid of Orléans by Tchaikovsky, 1878
  8. 8. OTHER- over 20 sculptures, mostly in France and USA- Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Arina Tanemura- animes such as Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh!- computer and video games - Wars & Warriors: Joan of Arc
  9. 9. Paul Delaroche, 1824 Alexander McQueen, 1998
  10. 10. Joan of Arc in motion pictures- Jeanne dArc (1898)- Joan the Woman (1916)- Joan of Arc (1948)- The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999)- Jeanne captive (The Silence of Joan) (2011)
  11. 11. Jeanne captive
  12. 12. Films inspired by Joan of Arc- Whale Rider- Pope Joan- G.I. Jane- Mulan- She’s the Man
  13. 13. Ocean ofWisdom
  14. 14. Ocean of Wisdom –Visual Style