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The hundred years_war_presentation


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The hundred years_war_presentation

  1. 1. The Hundred Years War
  2. 2. Beginning of the Hundred Years War The war was fought from 1337-1453 Primarily between England and France France had a population of 14 million and England had a population of 2 million
  3. 3. Causes In 1328, the French king Charles IV died with no children The English King Edward III said he had a claim to the throne However, the French decided that Philip VI should become king (Philip was Charles IV’s cousin)
  4. 4.  Edward IIIOf England
  5. 5.  In May 1337, Philip VI of France attempted to seize English territory in Aquitane (southwest France)
  6. 6.  Philip VI of France
  7. 7. The War The war was not fought for 100 continuous years The English invaded France and were initially winning However, France soon began to turn the tide, in part due to Joan of Arc
  8. 8. Joan of Arc Joan of Arc lived from 1412-1431 She claimed to have had visions from God Charles VII sent her to lift the siege at Orleans
  9. 9.  In 1430 she was captured and sold to the English She was accused of witchcraft and heresy She was told that wearing men’s clothing was a crime against God
  10. 10.  She was found guilty and burnt at the stake on May 30th, 1431 In 1456 a second trial was held and she was found innocent She was canonized in 1920 by Pope Benedict XV (this made her a saint)
  11. 11. Results of Hundred Years War France’s countryside was devastated England ceased to be a continental power England began to focus on building a powerful navy
  12. 12. Longbow