Joan of Arc


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My mini inquiry presentation.

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Joan of Arc

  1. 1. By Serene Lee Joan of Arc AKA Jeanne d' Arc
  2. 2. All About Joan of Arc Full Name: Jeanne d' Arc Date of Birth: 6 January 1412 Birthplace: Domremy, France Date of Death: 30 May 1431 Place of Death: Rouen, France Cause of Death: Execution Signature:
  3. 3. How did Joan of Arc become a leader? When Joan of Arc was just 12 years old, her father often told her about stories of how her country (France) was in a sad condition. She began to pity on it and after a while she claimed that she had experienced visions and strange voices from saints and angels that she could see and touch. Soon these strange voices made young Joan of Arc believe that god was telling her she was on a mission to save her country. When she told poeple, everyone said that she was just dreaming but she didn't give up on her mission. Joan of Arc believed in it so much that she even went to see the King Charles the seventh to tell him that she believed she could help save the country. Then he allowed her to lead a group of 5,000 men against the English.
  4. 4. How did Joan of Arc meet the needs of the people she lead? Joan of Arc gave her whole army confidence by using her faith and courage. She inspired them with her words and told them about her visions. This made her army believe in her while she was fearless. Soon all of the other english soldiers became afraid of her because of it. She lead her army and did not believe one second that she would lose any battle if she kept faith. The sword on the left was believed to be Joan of Arc's.
  5. 5. Joan of Arc was not violent and had strong beliefs in what she did. Even though she had a sword, she did not want to hurt or kill anyone. A lot of people thought she would be a bad leader because she had no experience in the military but she proved them wrong by leading her army into victory. Her beliefs overshadowed her fear and she got where she was as a great leader by that. What made Joan of Arc an effective leader? Joan of Arc's visions told her to dress in men's clothes.
  6. 6. Habits of Mind That Joan of Arc used... Persistence Thinking Flexibly Striving for Accuracy How? Persistence – Believing in herself even though others called her crazy. Thinking flexibly – Having bigger-than-life goals. Striving for Accuracy – For doing her best to help her country.
  7. 7. Would I have made the same choices as Joan of Arc? Yes and no. I think if I was as brave as her I would but I don't think that I would be able to do all the things that she was able to do but I would have made the same choices to make the world a better place.
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  9. 9. Thanks for watching!