Sign up for a 3 part combo - LinkedIn Training


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Sign up for a 3 part combo - LinkedIn Training

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Sign up for a 3 part combo - LinkedIn Training

  1. 1. August 2011 North Texas Coaches Newsletter In This Issue President’s Message President’s Message Continuous Learning August 12 Luncheon Coaching is a profession that honors continuous learning. We coaches need to August 12 Workshop stay up on our ICF Core Competencies, the methodologies we use with clients, and new research and practice in our field. We love clients who are open to LinkedIn Workshops: learning, which helps them move forward faster.Sept 9, Nov 11, Dec 9, 2011 Monday, a fellow coach gave me a copy of her book to read. I started reading it ICF Global News and was very happy to see that she included many of the concepts introduced during coaching school at UTD. Topics such as Appreciative Inquiry, ChangeUpcoming Chapter Meetings Theories, Organizational Culture, Emotional Intelligence, the GROW Model, and Programs Conflict Management, and more. The book contains many familiar concepts and some new ones too. After reading a bit, I started thinking about my own growth and development, which led to some reflection around what I need to learn this year and beyond in order to stay current, relevant, and the best I can be. The learning objective is something North Texas Coaches takes seriously. This is why we deliver meaningful luncheon speakers and bring in top-notch educational programming for you. Are you taking advantage of all of this? Looking at the line up for the remainder of this year, it contains programs to help you build your competencies, your business, and your techniques, all of which will bring added ICF-NT 2011 Board value to your clients. How long has it been since you received your certificate from a coaching school? When was the last time you attended a seminar,To contact a Board member became certified in a new assessment or program, or came to one of ourclick on his/her name below. luncheons or afternoon educational programs? President Just as we expect our accountants to be up on the latest tax codes and our Susan Shapiro physicians to have read all the latest research in their fields, we, as professionals, need to be masterful in our core competencies and all aspects of Vice President the coaching profession. Valerie Sokolosky I encourage all of you to find a study-buddy and be accountable to each other Treasurer for your learning for the remainder of this year. We know accountability works! Jim Cooper Then commit to practicing the competency, model, or new technique you just learned with that fellow coach. This afternoon, I am meeting with a fellow coach VP of Membership to practice getting to well-formed outcomes and presuppositions, which we Susan Potter learned in the July NLP program. VP of Programs Thanks Diane Brennan, MCC, for giving me a copy of your new book, The Neena Newberry Handbook of Knowledge-based Coaching, from Theory to Practice, co-authored with Leni Wildflower. This sparked the thought that generated the topic for today. VP of Public Relations Continuous learning is the core of coaching. Martha Newman VP of Technology Sara Smith VP of Development Susan Shapiro Ed Rankin President, North Texas Coaches, ICF 1
  2. 2. August 12 Program August 12 LuncheonRSVP today at Limiting Beliefs: You’re Fired! or click on the RSVP button The August 12 Luncheon features Marie Guthrie, CEO and Executive Career Strategist of The Legacy Track ( Marie has revitalized the careers of thousands of executives who find their careers stalled, stuck or prematurely finished. The unprepared are desperate to get their careers back on track given Pay for this event online that the competition is fierce and the game changes every three after you RSVP years. Interviewed by Fortune and a 2010 Best Selling Author, Marie is a futurist, coaching industry pioneer, and thought leader. She is constantly on the lookout for Best of the Best and is an MEETING DETAILS early adopter. Marie is building a global tribe of Niche Mates who share her abundance Conscious Collaboration business approach.Time: 11:15 AM to 1:30 PMLocation: Hackberry Creek Presentation Description: Country ClubAddress: 1901 W. Royal Lane, What if you had a magic wand that could easily and quickly change any aspect of Irving, TX yourself by changing your beliefs? Better still, what if this magic wand could accelerate your clients’ success by eliminating a lifetime of old beliefs blockingPhone: 972.869.2631 the way? That magic wand is the BeliefCloset—a ground breaking methodologyWeb: that removes the barriers that are holding you/coachees back from doing what you need to do to be successful. MEETING AGENDA You’ve all been there. You/coachees set a goal—more peace (fulfilling Networking 11:15 AM—12:00 PM relationships/work, clients, prosperity, abundance) or less stress (difficult Speaker 12:00—1:15 PM relationships, money worries, drama, body pains). Next, create a plan to getNetworking continues until1:30 PM there. Read self help books, do daily affirmations, attend seminars and hire a coach. It all works, for a while, and then progress stops. Coachees show up to calls unprepared or cancel at the last minute. Then they eventually stop, saying they need to take a break. Call it what it is: You’re Fired—by the limiting beliefs! Come join us and experience the BeliefCloset Process for yourself. Learn how you can shift coachees with ease and grace—from CEOs to college students. Coachees say, “My blocks and barriers simply dissolved.” “What always felt like a heavy burden lightened up then disappeared.” Learning Objectives: 1. The BeliefCloset Process 2. The differences between Beliefs and Inner Ego Voices and how they function within us 3. A new coaching approach 2
  3. 3. August 12 Workshop August 12 Afternoon WorkshopRSVP today at Coaching the Six Powerful Ego Voices: or click on the RSVP button Inner Critic, Pleaser, Pusher, Skeptic, Protector, and Perfectionist By Marie Guthrie Following the July 8 Luncheon Time: 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. Pay for this event online after you RSVP Price: $147 Members $197 Non-Members After the Aug 12 ICF-NT Luncheon, our speaker, Marie Guthrie, will conduct a MEETING DETAILS three-hour workshop as a follow on to her presentation. These are ground- breaking, cutting edge coaching methods for both MCC’s and beginners. ThisTime: 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM workshop is the first of its kind outside of California. Be an early adopter andLocation: Hackberry Creek join us. Country Club Daily we all hear a choir of Voices Inside Our Heads. One voice says “Eat theAddress: 1901 W. Royal Lane, pie. It’s mouth-watering!” Another one scolds, “If you break your diet now, Irving, TX you’ll never lose that extra weight. Double your exercise.” Another says, “I wishPhone: 972.869.2631 I had better self-control.” A fourth purrs, “Scrumptious. You deserve this. Eat More!”Web: You/coachees feel helpless. The most dominant voice takes over, and life is in disarray. You can’t manage the many voices, thoughts, and feelings that move you/coachee in so many different directions. The voices sabotage your efforts at success. They keep you/coachees in safety, comfort, and the status quo. They are more powerful than limiting beliefs. Coachees expect you, their coach, to fix this. You are to wave your magic wand and make a lifetime of behavior sabotage go away. No pressure! There is great news. There is a coaching solution. In this workshop you will learn: 1. How to Identify the Six Power Voices: Inner Critic, Pleaser, Pusher, Skeptic, Protector and Perfectionist. 2. A coaching strategy to connect with each voice. 3. How this process with coachees removes barriers in minutes/hours vs. days/ months of traditional coaching. 4. How this tool can become a key differentiator for you to generate high-end fees and raving fan referrals. This ground-breaking workshop is being generously offered to ICF members for $147 and $197 for non-members. Southwest Learning Summit & Exposition August 9, 2011 The 11th annual Southwest Learning Summit will be held on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 in the Plano Centre. The day’s activities include keynote presentations, educational breakout sessions, and an exhibitor hall. Click here for more information about the Southwest Learning Summit, including the program schedule and a registration link. 3
  4. 4. ICF-NT LinkedIn Workshops: Sept 9, Nov 11, Dec 9 2011 “Get Linked…Or Get Left Behind” Welcome To Our New Why every coach needs to be active on LinkedIn! Members in 2011 ICF is proud to offer the first hands on LinkedIn educational 3-part series June 16 —July 22 following our regularly scheduled monthly luncheons. We welcome experts Lucinda Ruch and Diana Gats, Certified LinkedIn Instructors and Certified Maureen Hannan Business Coaches. Together they bring over 60 years of consulting Timothy Kincaid experience to global Fortune 100 companies and local small businesses. Susan Motheral Lucinda and Diane both have their bachelor and master’s degrees, using Sharon Parker their expertise for nine years of TAB (The Alternative Board) coaching to Carolyn Sims small businesses. Randy Taylor TABPages1/home.html Program Description: Offered 1:30 to 3:30 Following the Luncheons: Each month we have a Bring your laptops to the sessions. Handouts will be provided. drawing at the Luncheon for a free lunch. September 9, 2011 you will:  Learn how to make sure your profile builds your professional brand, Remember to drop increases your credibility, positions you higher in Google searches, and your card in the bowl! makes you more attractive to do business with.  Create or embellish your professional profile to be more eye catching so that you are differentiated in the marketplace.  Have the quality of your profile reviewed by the instructors to make sure the basic LinkedIn functions are used effectively. November 11, 2011 you will:  Learn to search and network in ways your coaching can gain new prospects.  Find ways to leverage others’ networks, referrals and strategies for online branding, building your network and search engine optimization.  Learn from these experts the benefits of Company Profiles vs. a normal Advertise your services, website. offer your books, or tout your expertise to December 9, 2011 you will: ICF-North Texas members  Discover ways to use the LinkedIn tools in a more robust way.Sign up now to advertise in both  Learn how to embed your brochures/resume, a video, blog and more. our monthly newsletter and on  Begin to leverage several social medias more expediently. our web site for only:  Make sure you are using new features in LinkedIn that might have been$100 quarterly for members and added since your prior training.$150 quarterly for non-members If you are already on LinkedIn or have been for a long time, you may think Discounts for submissions you can skip the first class. Many believe that because they’ve loaded their extending beyond quarterly resumes on and have more than 200-300 connections that they qualify for entering the intermediate class. Wrong! With over 80 components, they’re  High Res (300 dbi) jpeg ad most likely still beginners with no strategy of how to use the power tool. jpeg no wider than 250 pixels Ask yourself, does your profile stand out from the masses? Are you one of  Ads are subject to approval the norm in the 100M, whose profile is light weight, or do you have a highly of ICF-NT’s Board credible profile constructed with the end game in mind. Are you getting Artwork and content must be attention? Prospects? In other words, after the Instructors take you step-by approved and payment made -step through the profile differentiating a beginner from an advanced prior to placing ad LinkedIn member you will be glad you took the first class. By the time you get to the second class the reasons for the first class training tips andContact Meryl Frank Harari today techniques become obvious and your strategy becomes so much clearer. So ( don’t think you can skip class 1 and figure out what you missed in class 1. to have your ad posted for September-November, 2011 Continued on next page . . . 4
  5. 5. LinkedIn Workshops (Continued) Financial Notes: Don’t miss all three sessions. Sign up now for early bird pricing and take advantage of this dynamic series that has been customized for our ICFPayment Now Required coaching community. at Registration:We now require full payment Members: 1 Workshop $79by credit card at the time of Non-members: 1 Workshop $99 registration for monthly meetings and workshops. Member Combo: First 2 Workshops $150 Non-member Combo: First 2 Workshops $190We took this action because we have had a high Member Combo: All 3 Workshops $240 incidence of people Non-member Combo: All 3 Workshops $270 registering without paying and then not attending the Neither Workshop #2, nor #3 will be offered as an individual item. session. That leaves thechapter having committed to buying that meal from Each of the questions below will be addressed to demonstrate the Hackberry Creek Country potential of LinkedIn as an “untapped opportunity.” Club with no money to pay for it.  What is social networking? Why use LinkedIn versus other options? We will delete unpaid  Would you like to have another tool to assist in your business development registrations before we efforts? finalize our headcount to Hackberry. After the  What are some of the advantages of LinkedIn over traditional marketing,registration deadline, we will advertising and networking? Here’s just a tease of an answer: LinkedIn is collect the late registration a “Free” website where you can post events, brochures, videos, fee at the door for all whitepapers, catalogs, and many more items, plus the benefits of growing attendees without a paid a network in multiple ways and leveraging others’ networks. It’s who you registration. know and leveraging who they know. Registration Fee  How can LinkedIn help calm any cold calls into warm greetings and Reminder: business development? Attention members, Non-  Why are recommendations in LinkedIn stronger than any testimonials on Members, and Guests: traditional websites? Please remember to register  What is the purpose of a profile on and what is in it? Is itfor the monthly meetings by just a resume? Do you realize that there is also a company profile for your the published reservation products and services? What’s the distinction between LinkedIndeadline (the Monday before participants reaping the benefits vs. a novice still trying to figure out the meeting) to avoid the where the instructions are to power up the tool?late registration fee, which is $10.00 higher than the  Have you noticed how many people are looking at your profile? Do you regular fee. want to get noticed more? Better yet, do you know how to check out your competitors?Registering by the deadline ensures all registrants will  How many connections do you have? Is it better to have quantity orenjoy the meeting program quality?and the planned meal, and the chapter will avoid the  How to join groups? And why would you?added costs associated with late reservations.  As a Coach, do you know how to find the specialty areas (candidates) in LinkedIn? Better yet, do you know how to get found? Thanks for your understanding. 5
  6. 6. ICF Global NewsMembers Made Aware of Coming Membership Eligibility Requirements (MER)All ICF members have now been officially informed of the policy change around membership eligibilityrequirements.April 1, 2012 to April 1, 2013 will be a transition year allowing current members to retain theirmembership status while completing (or compiling records of) the necessary coach-specific traininghours needed for membership eligibility. The new policy states that as of April 1, 2013, individuals must havecompleted at least 60 hours of coach-specific training to become a full member—or remain a full member—of theICF, in addition to paying membership dues and agreeing to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.Anyone who does not yet have 60 hours of coach-specific training, but is working on obtaining them, may becomea Student member for up to one year.Recognizing the need for equivalencies, we are in the process of developing a formula to acknowledge experienceand education equivalent to 60 hours of coach-specific training similar to other professions. We will work with theCredentialing and Program Accreditation Committee (CPAC) to align potential membership and credentialequivalencies that best suit professional coaching. Please continue to watch for additional announcementsregarding MER and visit for more information. Action you can take: If you have questions around this new policy, please go to for additional information on this policy change including a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document and additional other supporting materials.Be a Part of Coaching Research HistoryThe survey is still open for the 2011 Global Coaching Study! Coaches from more than 80 countries have alreadytaken part in this industry research. Have you?In addition to being compatible with mobile devices, the study, officially launched in June byPricewaterhouseCoopers, is available in nine languages, including: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish.All members are encouraged to take part in this research. Every country that has at least 100 people participatein the study will receive nation-specific data tables when the results of the study are released in 2012. This datawill be valuable in promoting coaching and the ICF locally. You will not want to miss out!And remember, you do not have to be affiliated with the ICF to take part in this study. All coaches are invited toparticipate. Take our survey now: Action you can take: Take the survey yourself, if you haven’t already. Encourage members, colleagues, and other coaching acquaintances to participate. Post the survey link on your social media updates, on your website, your blog, and in your chapter’s newsletters and eblasts. Don Whittle Director of Membership ICF Global 6
  7. 7. Upcoming Chapter Meetings and Programs Aug 12 ICF-NT August Aug 12 Workshop:1:30-4:30 PM. Luncheon. Limiting Marie Guthrie will follow up Beliefs: You’re Fired! her luncheon program with Presented by Marie Coaching the Six Powerful ICF Global News Guthrie, CEO and Ego Voices (inner critic, Executive Career pleaser, pusher, skeptic, Please click here Strategist, of the protector, and Legacy Track. perfectionist). to read the latest ICF Global News! Sept 9 ICF-NT September Sept 9 LinkedIn Workshop #1: Luncheon. Colleen 1:30-3:30 PM, following Barrett, President Sept. luncheon. Get Linked Emeritus, Southwest ...or Get Left Behind: Why 2011 ICF Annual Airlines, will present Every Coach Needs to beInternational Conference Servant Leadership. Active on LinkedIn! September 24-27 Presented by Lucinda Ruch and Diana Gats. The 2011 ICF Annual International Conference is Sept 24-27 2011 ICF Annual Oct 14 ICF-NT October Luncheon. scheduled for Sept 24—27 International Spicy Hot Business (Saturday—Tuesday) at Conference at Mandalay Systems That Streamline Mandalay Bay in Bay in Las Vegas, NV. Your Time, Engage Las Vegas, NV. Prospects, and Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans. ICF is seeking presenters Presented by Tanya Smith, for this conference. Founder and President of Learn more here. Be Promotable. Oct 14 Workshop: Nov 11 LinkedIn Workshop #2: Chapter Toolkit 1:30-3:30 PM, after the 1:30-3:30 PM, following October luncheon. Take Nov. luncheon. Get Linked the Overwhelm Out of ...or Get Left Behind: Why has a wealth of information Your Business with Every Coach Needs to be available to us as members. Spicy Hot Systems: 2 Active on LinkedIn! We encourage you to peruse the online Chapter Toolkit. Essential Programs That Presented by Lucinda Ruch Will Boost Your Backend and Diana Gats. It contains all sorts of and Engage Your Best resources for our chapter Clients for Life. leaders and all members, including sample coaching Dec 9 LinkedIn Workshop #3: agreements, 1:30-3:30 PM, followingmarketing plans, white papers, Dec. luncheon. Get media preparation, Linked...or Get Left getting agreement from your Behind: Why Every clients to publish their Coach Needs to beinformation on your web site, checklists, Active on LinkedIn! project plan templates, Presented by Lucinda and more, all to help you Ruch and Diana Gats. grow your business. International Coach Federation—North Texas Chapter Follow us on: 7