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January 2018: ICF Colorado Newsletter


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January 2018: ICF Colorado Newsletter

Published in: Education
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January 2018: ICF Colorado Newsletter

  1. 1. View this email in your browser January 2018 IN THIS ISSUE Message from Lisa Hale, ICF-CO President January 11th: In Person Meeting January 31st: Virtual Program Exciting Changes for Meetings & SIGs Education Groups Credentials Corner & Notice About CCEs ICF-CO Leadership Team Beyond the Blessings of "White Space" by Dr. Lisa Hale, PCC, President, ICF Colorado Have you ever had a mentor or teacher tell you something over and over again, maybe even for years? Then, suddenly you experience what they’ve been suggesting for yourself. You test it out. Then
  2. 2. smack! The truth of it hits you right between the eyes? It happens a lot to me that way. My mother used to say that I always had to learn things the hard way. I prefer to think of it as a human trait rather than ingrained stubbornness. Perhaps we all learn best when we experience things for ourselves. Nonetheless, mentors and coaches can help us notice what we are learning and deepen our transformation. My mentor Steve Chandler has been preparing me to really understand what lies beyond white space for some years now. Just this last week, I saw it all in a new way. Last month, in this column we talked about the blessings of white space in your calendar. In particular, we stressed the importance of treating spaciousness as a commitment. To recap: The key to truly grasping the value of that white space is to realize for yourself what it costs you when you don’t have it. Our list included: Bad mood Not present Unable to truly enJOY the moment Things slip between the cracks My presence suffers My clients get less of me I’m distracted with my friends and family It is equally important to notice the gifts in preserving space. Our list included: Having energy and love for my loved ones Time for reflection Kick the can time allows creativity Inspiration occurs in the space Ideas that shorten tasks occur I think of my clients I get excited about things in my life Protecting white space in our lives gives us room to breathe. So what could lie beyond white space? I believe it is a gift. Last week, I personally witnessed what lies beyond. I saw the gift that came to one young man in what lies beyond the white space. The gift for this young man was healing, recharging, renewal. What is the gift that might lie beyond white space for you? As you consider that, read on for the story of this young man. After writing about white space last month, inspiration struck! I was inspired to give my three kids the experience of learning to ski. I learned how to ski over 40 years ago, and though I have had at least 15 years or so in that time when I didn’t ski much, for a lot of
  3. 3. years, it was part of my life. Skiing as a family created some of the best memories of my childhood, and I thought it would be a great opportunity to make happy memories for my own children as well. So we went to Winter Park for a few days, we skied together, laughed, relaxed, and we had a blast. Before the exploration of “white space” from last month, I might have planned to work a little, bring my laptop, keep up with email, and be available for clients and board members. Instead, this week, I chose to protect the time and the spaciousness it could give me. The result was right out of the gifts listed above: energy and focus to really be with my kids. I helped them deepen their learning from the ski school, and experience the quiet and joy of being 100% focused in "this present moment." We were creative and relaxed together, and I reflected and connected with each of my beautiful young adults individually and collectively. I also found time to connect with my own inner self. Because of that, when we met up with friends and the young fellow with them, I got to see something amazing. I saw the miracle of human awakening, that gift that lies beyond white space. This young man has been wrestling with severe anxiety, depression and emotional wounds. His cycle included insomnia, drug addiction and, as a consequence, significant hopelessness. It was tragic to see. He was with his family on this ski trip. It was a break from his job and his worry. The white space was hard won for him. What was amazing is what occurred during this break from his work. He spent his days learning something new, working very hard physically and being focused on fun. At night he slept well, and during the day, he was with people who love him, and people whom he loves. For him, these skiing days were in the zone of “Beyond White Space.” And these days were healing. He began to see that a life in which he is excited about what he is doing each day could be worthwhile. He discovered that when he sleeps at night, he isn’t as anxious during the day. Skiing was the vehicle. When he returned, I learned that he decided to go back to school and to create a different life that he could be excited about. He saw a possibility to be happy, engaged and healthy. He had forgotten that this was possible, and that gift in the "beyond white space" reminded him. It took protecting some white space to find his way, and finding his way has changed his outlook on life. May 2018 bring you much growth, joy and fulfillment. With love from your ICF-CO Leaders! Lisa
  4. 4. January 11, 2018 In Person Meeting Super-Vision for Coaches:  Staying Clear and Sharp to Uplevel Our Client Impact in 2018 Dr. Terry Hildebrandt, MCC Thursday, January 11, 2018 6:00 PM until 8:30 PM Location: Pavilion Tower One 2851 South Parker Road Aurora, CO 80014, CO 80014 CCE: .5 in Core Competencies and 1 in Resource Development Much confusion currently exists in the United States regarding what “coaching supervision” is and is not and how both experienced and new professional coaches can benefit from hiring a “supervisor.” In reality, “coaching supervision” has nothing to do with what we traditionally consider supervision in the workplace. Coaching Super-Vision is the interaction that occurs when a coach brings their coaching work experiences to a supervisor in order to be supported and to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefit of the coach, their clients, and their organizations. (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). Coaching Supervision focuses on the development of the coach’s capacity through offering a richer and broader opportunity for support and development. It creates a safe environment for the coach to share their successes and failures in becoming masterful in the way they work with their clients. (International Coach Federation).
  5. 5. PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the programs & events including ICF Colorado members ICF-CO Member - Meeting & CCE: No Fee ICF-CO Member Meeting Fee Only: No Fee Non-Member - Meeting & CCE: $45.00 Non-Member - Meeting: $35.00 "The Negativity Bias: How to Deal with Difficult Client Situations" January 31st Virtual Program Date: January 31, 2018 Time: Noon - 1:30pm MT "The Negativity Bias: How to Deal with Difficult Client Situations" Location: Virtual; Call in detail provided upon registration CCEs: 1.5 in Core Competencies Speaker: Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC ABOUT THE VIRTUAL PROGRAM As coaches, we always hope that our clients will greet our coaching with a sigh of relief, enthusiasm, or acknowledgement that we’re on the right track together.
  6. 6. However, what happens in the coaching situation when clients become irritated or confused? Or even angry that the session(s) are not going the way they would like them to go? You’re running into the Negativity Bias. In this session, Maria will share what she’s learned from 38 years of working with coaches about how to turn a difficult situation from a possible breakdown into a powerful breakthrough for your client. ABOUT MARIA NEMETH Maria Nemeth, PhD, MCC, is the Founder and Director of the Academy for Coaching Excellence, and has been teaching and training for the past 30 years. An accomplished Licensed Clinical Psychologist working with people in crisis, she is also a well-known expert in leadership excellence, personal/professional development, and financial empowerment. Voted one of the 50 most influential people in wealth management in the UK, her work has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Maria is the author of two highly-acclaimed books: The Energy of Money, available in five languages, and its follow-up, Mastering Life’s Energies. ======================== PLEASE NOTE: Everyone must register for the programs & events including ICF Colorado members Cost: ICF-CO Members - Virtual Program & CCE: $20.00 ICF-CO Members - Virtual Program: $20.00 Non-Member - Virtual Program & CCE: $35.00 Non-Member - Virtual Program Only: $25.00 Exciting Changes for our Meetings and NEW Education Groups
  7. 7. Exciting Changes in 2018 for Programs! We’re excited to offer a new structure for our Education Groups (previously known as Special Interest and Mastermind Groups) for 2018! By moving them to a virtual format, they will no longer be scheduled for 6:00pm on the day of our in-person meeting. This gives us greater flexibility on SIG meeting times/days/locations and format. Expect to see an increase in our offerings, which are included in your ICF-CO membership or activity fee - no matter how many you join! We are reinforcing that learning has much greater impact when you’re connected to a group over a longer period of time, so we’re encouraging you to sign up with the intention of participating for the entire year. Sure, conflicts may arise, but please do participate in your groups as best you can over the course of the year. This new approach is designed to provide more value and greater access to coaches across the entire state, especially those for whom a Thursday evening meeting in Denver is not as convenient. Sign up for the group(s) which will help you meet your 2018 coaching goals! Some groups may have a limit on size, so don’t wait too long to sign up. Click the button below to learn more about each Education Group and Register! If you would like to lead an Education Group, please contact Carl Dierschow or Suzanne Mariner, Co-Education Directors. Carl Dierschow / 970-225-6889 / Suzanne Mariner / 303-910-9534 / Restructuring of Monthly In-Person Meetings As you see, we’ll be restructuring our regular monthly in-person meetings based on the great feedback we’ve received from members. At our first monthly membership meeting on January 11th, we’ll have some dinner, socializing and networking time at 6:00pm, with a more structured activity starting at 6:30pm. Then the main speaker will start at 7:00pm and
  8. 8. complete at 8:30pm. CCEs will be increased from 1.25 to 1.5 (another great benefit of our new format). We’ll be offering the webinar programs at various times to help you work it into your schedule. We’ll always try to give you at least a month’s advance notice. These webinars tend to be a bit more specialized in their focus, and we’re always seeking to include CCEs for this great content. If you’re interested in bringing a program to ICF-CO – in-person, webinar, or workshop – then please submit a proposal and we’ll consider it. If you know someone else who would bring great value for our members, encourage them to submit their own proposal, or contact us directly. Carl Dierschow & Suzanne Mariner ICF-CO Education Directors EDUCATION GROUPS (formerly known as Special Interest Groups - SIGs) Click the button below to learn more about each Education Group and Register!
  9. 9. Credentialing & Core Competencies The Credentialing/Competencies SIG will have our first meeting in the new format and venue on Friday, January 26th at 1:00 PM. This Special Interest Group will be meeting on the 4th Friday of each month from 1:00 to 2:00 PM via Zoom. (The Zoom link will be provided as the date draws nearer.) We will spend approximately two-thirds of our time focusing on the ICF Core Competencies, and one-third reporting our individual progress toward out next credential. Our January meeting will study competency # 3 – Creating Trust and Intimacy. This SIG is continuing to be led by Walt Hastings and Ralph Datema. All members and prospective coaches are welcome to participate at no cost. If you are interested, please contact Walt or Ralph. Facilitated by: Walt Hastings 303-526-9490 Ralph Datema 303-974-0947 Executive Coaching Mastermind ICF Colorado’s Executive Coaches are gathering monthly to offer an exclusive community and collaboration while presenting opportunities for new knowledge, challenging experiences, and cross-networking. Expect to discuss professional goals, marketing niches, coaching techniques, frameworks and tools, best business practices, and more. Let’s take 2018 to a whole new level! Commitment is requested from January 2018 to October 2018 and limited to 12 participants. Most meetings will be held virtually. Facilitated by: Michelle Sugerman, PMP, PCC | | 303-525-5033
  10. 10. Experienced Coaches Salon Date: January 17, 2018 Time: 7:00-9:00PM If you are wanting to experience an intimate small group and are an experienced coach, 5+ years or more of experience, you may enjoy our Salon. Our focus is on sharing ideas and experiences and supporting one another and deepening our relationships. *This salon meets the Wednesday evening after the monthly general meeting; location is provided when RSVP is submitted to the facilitator. Hosted by: Judy Sabah, MCC | | 303-777-1765 Interpersonal Skills in Coaching During our round table "wisdom pool" for new and seasoned coaches, we will discuss and practice tools for effective communication. We will address ways to enhance relatedness with your clients and how to better support your clients with their relationship issues. This group will be meeting virtually on Zoom the fourth Wednesday of each month from Noon - 1pm MT from January - October 2018. Facilitated by: Jim Sharon | | 303-796-7004 Ruth Sharon | | 303-796-7004 Best Year Yet & Accountability Jacquie Fedo will be leading a Best Year Yet© Plan Development and Accountability SIG. Best Year Yet© is a proven success process of creative self inquiry, reflection and planning. If you shy away from strategic planning, this process is truly simple and you can do this. If you're experienced in business planning and notice that your plans mainly focus on business results, this process brings
  11. 11. YOU back into the strategic plan as the main recipient incorporating the whole you, your family, personal health and wellness goals. This education group will require several investments: Initial 6 hours of group facilitation to create your 1-page BYY Plan. 2-3 dates will be offered for in-person instruction or may be completed online individually. Current dates are Jan 27th in Boulder, CO & Feb 10th in Centennial, CO. 1. Subscription to the annual online version of Best Year Yet© costs $109.2. In-person training will cost $125 to cover the cost of beverages and snacks.3. Monthly virtual Zoom Accountability Group(s) offered on Mondays at 2pm.4. Groups limited to 6 participants.5. Facilitated by: Jacquie Fedo | | 303.748.4161 Credentials Corner December 2017 Total Pre-Paid Fee Persons: 77 Affiliate: 6 (provide supportive role for coaches) Professional Coaches: 71 Credentialed Coaches ACC: 17 (24%) PCC: 17 (24%) MCC: 7 (10%) Total Credentialed Coaches: 41 (58%) Non-Credentialed Coaches: 30 Important: Notice about CCEs Our Colorado ICF Chapter encourages all members to be credentialed with the ICF and to continue to improve their coaching skills by striving to achieve the next level of credentialing. Many coaches find that the choice to pursue credentialing is often driven less by any external requirement and more by the desire to up-level the skill and range of our coaching and attain greater mastery, thus enabling us to deliver more value to current and future clients. To qualify for a credential, a certain number of coach-specific training hours are required. To renew a credential, 40 CCE’s (Continuing Coach Education)
  12. 12. (42%) This information is supplied to give you a "bird’s eye" view of where our Chapter stands in having ICF credentialed coaches. hours are required. Our Chapter can supply some of these hours for you through attendance at monthly meetings or participation in special events, such as webinars, workshops, and the ICF-CO Conference. If you anticipate needing CCEs, you can register to receive them when you sign up on our website to attend any of our events for which CCE's are being offered. Even if you’re not currently pursuing credentialing (or advanced credentialing), we suggest that you request the CCE certificate whenever the option is offered, and keep it on file for later use, as needed. You can also ask our Virtual Assistant, Kelly Johnson, to provide you with CCE certificates going back as far as two years previous (but no farther than two years). Kelly may be reached at 303-840-5994 or at Please allow at least two weeks advance notice to process your request. ICF Colorado Leadership Team Lisa Hale President 505-690-3354 Jacquie Fedo President Elect 303-748-4161
  13. 13. Donna Read Co-Membership Director 571-217-1434 Chris Coward Co-Membership Director 267-226-7935 Reuel Hunt Financial Director 303-734-0444 Andy Scantland Marketing Director 720-493-8888 Monica McNulty Walt Hastings
  14. 14. Secretary 720-840-7501 Credentialing Director 303-526-9490 Jim Sharon Conference Chair 303-796-7004 Ruth Sharon Conference Chair 303-796-7004 Copyright 2018 ICF Colorado