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2012 tlc summer camp presentation


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Information on the 2012 TLC Summer Camp Program brought to you by Tinder Leadership & Coaching.

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2012 tlc summer camp presentation

  1. 1. Over the past five plus years, I have been studying the field of personal development and personal transformation. I understand what it takes to make life, leadership, relationships and business work at breakthrough levels.Mike Tinder •I have studied with some of the worlds best coaches. •Immersed myself in the knowledge of producing results and inner well being. •Completed a one year training with the finest coach and leadership training program - Accomplishment Coaching. •Successfully launched TLC – my own personal coaching practice. •I’ve worked with my own coach on making aspects of my life, relationships, leadership and business work at new levels. •Created the dream relationship with my wife Jennifer, donated a kidney to my mother and never, ever quit discovering and generating my own power. The TLC Summer Camp is a collection of the valuable insights, practices and tools that I have learned, practiced and share with clients and organizations. These are tools and insights that you can use across the board – leadership, relationship and even sales. In a convenient and inexpensive way, I am delivering these insights to you. I want to share them and I want you to share them with others.
  2. 2. The HIGHLIGHTS of the Camp – 12 Weeks – 8 Coaching Audio Programs – Practices and Handouts – Access to Support & Follow Up – Bonus Audio and Interviews – Name your own price format
  3. 3. 8 Coaching Audio Programs1. Owning Your Results2. The Power of Internal Commitments3. Redefining Integrity4. Goal Setting That Works5. The Language of Results – Requests, Promises, Demands and Declarations6. Inside Out Leadership for Self and Others7. Completing the Past and Reinventing the Future8. Well Being MORE DETAILS ON THE VALUE OF EACH PROGRAM BELOW.
  4. 4. Support & Follow Up It is important to me that you have every opportunity toUNDERSTAND THESE TOOLS & CONVERSATIONS so I will be following up with the group to answer any questions and provide support. How it works? I will collect questions and requests for support via emailfollowing the release of the coaching audio. I will then respond to the questions and requests for support in an email or word document.The intention is to leverage the collective insight and experienceof the group and provide you with more coaching in addition to the audio programs.IN ADDITION – if I don’t hear from you – I will be checking in to see how its going. A generous accountability structure!
  5. 5. CONVENIENCEThe audio classes will be EMAILED to you. There will be a linkto the program that you can listen to ANYTIME during the camp.You can also download them to your ipad, ipod or iphone…burnthem to a cd…you choose. You can keep them on yourcomputer and listen to them in the future as well.They are yours to keep FOREVER.
  6. 6. BONUS AUDIO & INTERVIEWSIn addition to the scheduled programs, I will be interviewingsome of my favorite coaches and leaders to get their recipes forsuccess.
  7. 7. NAME YOUR PRICEThis program is only being offered to my “important” contacts. I haveoffered this to you because I hold you as someone who is looking forbuild a great life, generate breakthrough business results and providevalue to others with your leadership. I am giving you the power toname your price for this ridiculous value. I only demand threeconditions. Name a price that will PUSH YOU THROUGH the program and have you get the most out of it. Choose a number that is reflective of your COMMITMENT to YOUgetting some highly valuable and effective tools to make your life work and create breakthroughs. Spread the word about the value working with Tinder Leadership & Coaching to someone who could value from my work.
  8. 8. DOUBLE BONUS!!!! In addition to the price you choose for receiving the 8 audio coaching programs, for $300 you will receive 3 one on one sessions with Tinder Leadership and Coaching. This is a $660 value for $300.There is a limit on this offer to the first 10 people who request it. The sessions are telephone based, are 45 min and SPECIFIC to you and the projects you are working on in your life.
  9. 9. What For?This program is meant to generate access to the greatness in yourself and begin seeing it others. WHY SIGN UP FOR THIS PROGRAM? SO WHY BE GREAT?
  10. 10. Why Be Great?Sure it takes effort/discipline and gigantic focus to get to world-class (and live your greatest life). Sure leadership is about doing what’s right versus easy. And I agree that success requires sacrifices. So WHY DO IT? Because it will make you feel good. Which makes it all worth it. THE BIG IDEA: PLAYING BELOW YOUR POTENTIAL MAKES YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. OPERATING BELOW YOUR POTENTIAL DIMINISHES YOUR SELF-RESPECT. LIMITING WHAT YOU CAN DO/BE/HAVE SUCKS THE ENERGY OUT OF YOUR SPIRIT AND KNOCKS THE PASSION OUT OF YOUR HEART. Climbing your personal and professional mountain top makes you feel good about yourself. Boost your self respect. Heighten your self image. Fills you with energy and faith. And Joy.Achievement and getting superb things done with the gifts within you is one of the best ways tofill your life with more happiness. Being great – even when it’s not easy to do so – is a brilliant move. That yields handsome rewards. ROBIN SHARMA –”Little Black Book for Stunning Success”
  11. 11. Lets Get You Signed Up? It is important to me to have personal contact with my clients. Therefore, I register everyone over the telephone.The deadline for registration is June 7th and the first day of camp (the first audio release) is June 8th. Each program will be released every 10 days.Please contact me at 317.710.6998 or to set up a time to register. Credit Card Only. I will provide invoices and receipts upon request.