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Linkedin Workshops testimonials

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Linkedin Workshop Testimonials

  1. 1. Sharon Hooton | Linkedin Trainer & Coach | RecommendationsSusan (Schlee) LewisBusiness Growth Advisor at Nigel Botterills Entrepreneurs Circle Sharon provided two training sessions for business owners on how to use LInkedin at the Stour Enterprise Centre in Shipton-on-Stour, Warwickshire. She ran an introduction to Linkedin and an advanced Linkedin course which has helped a number of local businesses to begin to use Linkedin much more successfully and started a number of businesses on their Linkedin journey. Her training was clear, well presented and had lots of useful tips and guidance for users. She also provide specific advice for number of businesses having researched them in advance which was also most helpful. The feedback on the courses was also good. I would happily use Sharon again for Linkedin training and advice.Mick (The Printer) WalpoleQuality Printing►Helping Derbyshire businesses grow with high impact, greatquality print sensibly priced►Design Service I have been on LinkedIn for a long time, connected with various people and had them connect to me not really knowing what I had in my hands as a marketing tool. I recently attended one of Sharons LinkedIn training sessions and have now realised what the full potential of LinkedIn can do for my business now I know how to use it! Sharon uses a very easy to understand hands on approach and within a short time its easy to tell just how much she knows about LinkedIn (and many other social medias). She has a genuine expertise in this area from her own practical, successful use of LinkedIn. I have now only just begun to realise the true potential of using LinkedIn through Sharons training session. If you want to know how to use LinkedIn effectively get in touch with Sharon I cant recommend you do so enough. I wish I had done this a couple of years ago. Thanks Sharon
  2. 2. Rob BanfieldBusiness Growth Advisor at Nigel Botterills Entrepreneurs Circle “Like a number of businesses I know I have been on LinkedIn for quite a while now and knew that I could be using it more effectively. Sharons course was an eye opener to me. I didnt know how powerful LinkedIn could be. Thank you Sharon for sharing your knowledge in an easy to understand format and making it so accessible, not only for me, but for everyone that was on your course. I have no hesitation in recommending Sharons social media courses particularly if you feel a bit daunted about using the social media platforms Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High IntegrityDavid PotterManaging Consultant at Edward & Associates I had previously attended a training course organised and run by Sharon and was impressed so I opted for her 30 min LinkedIn Introduction and was surprised at the amount of content she covered in the time. The presentation was excellent and in particular I liked the way she confirmed I had understood one item before moving on.and changed the content to provide what I needed. I would definitely recommend Sharon as a LinkedIn Trainer Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High IntegrityJudith BurtVirtual PA Services, Social Media Support and Marketing Support Services Sharon gave a workshop on getting the most out of linkedin and although Im a fairly experienced user, I came away with some really useful tips. Shes also a good presenter and clearly a people person.
  3. 3. Russell ClemenceCareer Management Coach ► helping students and professionals to achievetheir job search and career fulfilment goals “Sharon provided excellent advice on how to create an effective LinkedIn presence. Her methods were interactive and engaging and I have followed her advice closely and used it to update my Profile. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, ExpertHelen Taylor-BrownTeam Leader & Coach “Sharon is thorough and informative. Her workshop was easy to understand and on purpose. The subject was well covered and I came away with a much better understanding of the topic ready to put what I had learned into action” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity Paul Roache Interim Business Development Executive “Sharon’s LinkedIn workshop was both instructive and enjoyable. Her enthusiasm, command of hersubject and personable approach was inspirational. Sharon’s advice and guidance is tremendouslyhelpful in terms of reaching a more comprehensive understanding of the potential of the powerfulLinkedIn tool. I thoroughly recommend Sharon to anyone who is seeking a professional and absorbingapproach to their marketing and e-commerce requirements.”Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
  4. 4. Carol (Bowler) FieldhouseNatural Health Practitioner ►Unblock your energies and live life to the full -better health & less stress►Holistic►Safe “I attended a beginners course on Linked In run by Sharon. She provided a clear introduction to it with real life examples and enthusiasm. I found out a number of things I could do better and some I didnt know I could do! So the course was very useful and I would recommend it to others who wish to promote their businesses on Linked In Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good ValueSHIREEN DEWCommunicating brand values through creative thinking and engaging graphicdesign ► marketing material ► digital & print “Sharons introduction to Linked In not only provided me with the rudimentary tools to get started straight away, but helped me understand how the platform could connect me to a growing community and give my on-going networking activities a real boost. I am looking forward to advancing my knowledge in the next workshop and would recommend others to learn from Sharons up-to-date expertise with Linked In Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good ValueLynette BerryEffective Sales Trainer►Maximising Sales Opportunities►MotivationalTraining Workshops►Working With Teams ►1:1 Coaching Sharons workshop on LinkedIn for beginners was enormously helpful. I have used LinkedIn for my business and thought I was doing ok but Sharon showed me the light. I had no idea you could do so much on LinkedIn. It reinforced so much and taught me new aspects and because of Sharons enthusiasm, informative and approachable style, it was immediately practical and I can not wait to apply what she taught me. I would most definitely recommend going on Sharons LinkedIn workshops, even if you think like I did that you know how to use LinkedIn it will show you how to create a killer profile and stand out from the rest. I cant wait for part 2, thanks Sharon for showing me the light”