Professional Development Playshops for Organizations


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Personal and professional development playshops and corporate training on appearance, behaviour, and communication.

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Professional Development Playshops for Organizations

  1. 1. empowering individuals for personal and professional development workshops • personal sessions • keynoteskaren brunger, BHEc, AICI CIPinternational image consultant and trainerrecipient of award of excellencepast-president of Association of ImageConsultants Internationalsystems and products in over 65 countriesco-author of Executive Image Power andBushido Business tel: 905.303.8636 fax: 289.304.0558 toronto . canada
  2. 2. maximize yoursuccess quotient:optimize theappearance,behaviour, &communication skillsof the people in yourorganization corporate trainingInternational Image Institute, workshopsbased in the Toronto area inCanada, was founded by lunch ‘n learnsPresident Karen Brunger, aninternationally renowned Image keynotesConsultant and Trainer.With an ongoing commitment to Is your organization being, doing, orvalue and excellence, we at the having all that is possible?International Image Institute International Image Institute empowersbring in-depth knowledge, people to move beyond limitations tobroad experience and a holistic recognize potential, embraceapproach to our services and possibilities, and intensify personalproducts. power.We create a safe environmentthat promotes and inspires you www.imageinstitute.comto be your absolute best. For karenbrunger@imageinstitute.comthe individual and organization,the transformation can be 34 rachelle courtstunning, resulting in a stronger vaughan . ontariopositioning in the marketplace, L4L 1A6 . canadaa dramatic increase in goldenopportunities and a greatly tel. 905.303.8636expanded level of insight and fax. 289.304.0558.skills.
  3. 3. contentsabout our programs 1keynotes 2lunch ‘n learn menu 3executive image workshop 4 silver gold platinumprofessional development program 7 personal change for personal power the winning image the etiquette edge conscious communications power presentationsabout Karen 13client comments 14client list 15workbooks 16
  4. 4. about our programsIt would be our pleasure to serve your organization.Please feel free to complete our Organization Assessment, and contact us with yourrequirements. The outlines included are guidelines only; we will tailor a program tosatisfy your particular objectives. Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP, President INTERNATIONAL IMAGE INSTITUTE INCInternational Image Institute provides training that: Builds skills that are transferable to Is motivational, inspiring, and any situation. empowering. Produces results -- shifts in Is conducted in a relaxed, participants’ skills or attitudes are entertaining, and fun observable and measurable. environment. Develops positive attitudes and Incorporates advanced personal promotes personal growth. growth technology such as neuro- linguistic programming and Facilitates enlightened energetic shifting when communication and positive appropriate. relationships. Integrates logical left-brain with Enhances professional image creative right-brain strategies for appropriate for the individual and accelerated results. the organization. Has proven successful for almost Incorporates interaction, three decades. experiential exercises, and demonstrations. Is tailored to the needs of the organization and Programs page 1 of 16
  5. 5. keynotes with karen brunger mirror, mirror on the wall What does your reflection reveal about you?You are invited to step into the reflection of your own looking glass. Explore thedimensions of your image – what’s real, what’s possible, and what’s been stoppingyou from taking yourself to the next level. It’s time for your image to be a truereflection of all that you are – your power, charisma and potential! standing ovation: bring your clients to their feet every timeHave you felt uncomfortable being the centre of attention, or avoided opportunitiesto speak or present? Superior client service and communication skills involve morethan knowing what to say and what actions to take. Whether your audience is 1 or1,000, in this keynote you will acquire the tools to engage, captivate, and motivate.Discover what it takes for a positive, confident and powerful impact! mind your manners; mastering civilityGood manners go beyond knowing what fork to use. How weconduct ourselves with others and in the world is a measure ofour self-esteem, emotional awareness, and socialconsciousness. Discover how to neutralize negativity, controlconfrontations, and generate graciousness. In this keynote,discover how to master ethics, civility and manners to achieve higher levels ofawareness, success and Programs page 2 of 16
  6. 6. lunch ‘n learn menu find your wow colours fake it ‘till you make it orHave a mini-personal 3 steps for changecolour analysis, andidentify the palette A simple 3-step formula can assist inthat will always let you creating extraordinary relationships,appear your best. confidence, and outcomes. dress for who you can be how to be nice and what to do when others are not Dress with confidence knowing you are Having good manners and following appropriate and the rules of etiquette can help pave effective – for your your way through unknown territory. goals, your position, and yourself. the art of conversation & networking navigating the business lunch If you need to schmooze soWhen your you don’t lose,business lunch these tips cancan be a deal- help you flowmaker or deal- through the experience with ease andbreaker, you effectiveness.need to demonstrate your skills atpower Programs page 3 of 16
  7. 7. executive image workshop Executive Image covers the A, B, C of image: Appearance Behaviour Communications. Informative, motivational, and entertaining; the workshop is delivered in an upbeat, supportive environment that provides personal coaching and demonstration. Participants receive personal recommendations for an image with impact that will lead to greater professional success.The following packages, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, canbe further tailored to your requirements.An Organization Assessment, completed by themanager, will assist in establishing the outcomes. A self-assessment for participants is also recommended. Thecompleted assessment is sent directly to Karen, and iskept strictly Programs page 4 of 16
  8. 8. SILVER Duration: 1 day. Outcomes:Appearance (1/2 day) Treat others with courtesy and respect, with cultural and genderOptimize personal image awareness. Identify points of self-sabotage and Converse confidently in social-business ways to avoid them. interactions Choose appropriate and best styles Start, sustain, and finish a and colours for wardrobe, hair, and conversation. makeup. Choose appropriate topics andOptimize professional image avoid inappropriate topics. Dress appropriately for any Communication (1/4 day) professional situation. Identify the parameters and distinctions Communicate clout, confidence and between business, business casual, credibility and casual. Communicate confidence and Incorporate best personal image establish credibility non-verbally. into the image of the corporate culture. Use internal techniques for positive positioning.Behaviour (1/4 day) Communicate for a positive outcomeBehave with decorum and manners inany situation Use words, tonality, and mannerisms effectively and Use appropriate business manners. powerfully. Avoid social and business faux pas. Interpret and manage verbal and non-verbal Programs page 5 of 16
  9. 9. GOLD PLATINUMDescription: This includes everything in Description: This incorporatesthe silver package, but also includes a everything in the Silver and Goldhalf day of personal consultations. packages, and includes a PowerEach consultation is based on the Dining Tutorial, a “Mocktail” event, andparticipant’s required outcomes, training on business etiquette.allowing for more confidential orpersonal information to be shared. This event is ideally done over lunch,Participants are invited to bring but is not required. An additional costclothing for assessment. is required for lunch and mocktails. If lunch is not included, arrangementsDuration: Additional half-day: Total: 1 will be made for place settings.½ days Duration: Additional half-day: Total: 2Possible Outcomes: days Maintain a high and appropriate Outcomes: level of grooming and hygiene. Competently conduct a business Develop a positive body and self- lunch. image. Use appropriate host / guest Identify where and when to shop for behaviour. value in clothing and accessories. Use appropriate table manners and Identify what to look for in fit and etiquette. quality to achieve the highest impact. Use proper techniques for difficult- to-eat foods. Furnish or accessorize an outfit appropriately and elegantly. Apply the rules of etiquette for planning and attending meetings. Function effectively and act with decorum at social and business Use appropriate telephone and functions. electronic manners. Manage personal attitudes and business Programs page 6 of 16
  10. 10. professional development programAcquire executive polish. Let us handle yourcorporate training. Our 6 day training programcan be conducted over a time span of up to 18months, and for up to 12 people. Or, we wouldbe happy to tailor any of the following as aseminar or workshop for your group.The outlines that follow are presented for theperspective of the participants. Workshop in Australia Image Appearance Behaviour Programs page 7 of 16
  11. 11. day 1: personal change for personal power Transform possibilities into probabilities and struggle into ease. Move through limitations and create results beyond what seems possible. Enhance personal awareness, create the results you want, and achieve higher levels of productivity, success, satisfaction, and well-being. Non-traditional, experiential, supportive, this programincorporates personal awareness exercises and systems for transformation.Objectives: Identify personal beliefs and action tendencies. Acquire strategies to manage time and stress. Identify strategies to eliminate energy drainers, incorporate energy gainers, and support energy maintainers. Incorporate a 3 step formula for making change. Design a vision for the future and list steps to achieving the vision. Set action steps to achieve higher levels of self-esteem, charisma, and personal power. Expand awareness and insight in order to achieve more balance, fulfillment and joie de vivre. Identify at least 10 action steps for personal growth and professional development. Gain habits of top performers and high Programs page 8 of 16
  12. 12. day 2: the winning imageHow do you feel about your image? Totally confident? If yourimage is holding you back rather than propelling you forward,this is for you. You’ll receive personal recommendations for animage with impact that will lead to greater success in both thebusiness and social arenas.Informative, motivational, and entertaining; delivered in anupbeat, supportive environment that provides personal coachingand demonstration. This program may involve hair consultationsor shopping.Objectives: Identify the impact of image and ways to avoid self-sabotage. Identify what to do and what not to do to achieve a high level image. Choose appropriate and personal best colours for makeup, hair, and clothing. Choose appropriate and best personal styles in clothing, accessories, and hair. Dress appropriately for any professional situation, and incorporate best personal image into the image of the corporate culture. Achieve a pulled-together look that is credible, capable, trustworthy, and powerful. Manage your appearance and embrace a positive body image. Acquire strategies and a plan for an effective, efficient, and empowering wardrobe. Identify where and when to shop for value in clothing and accessories. Identify what to look for in fit and quality to achieve the highest impact. Furnish or accessorize an outfit appropriately and Programs page 9 of 16
  13. 13. day 3: the etiquette edge Are you a diamond in the rough? In this presentation, you’ll acquire the professional polish you need to increase your credibility and personal effectiveness as well as garner the respect you deserve. You’ll develop skills and confidence in introductions, power dining, diversity manners and compelling conversation. Knowledge-packed, experiential, and interactive, thisprogram is delivered in an upbeat, supportive environment that provides one-on-oneinteraction, demonstration, and role playing. We incorporate a power dining tutorial,and a mocktail “art of conversation” event.Objectives: Function effectively and act with civility and grace in business and social arenas. Competently network at a business function from entrance to exit and follow-up. Master the art of introductions and the effective use of spoken courtesies. Execute appropriate greetings with remembering names, the perfect handshake, and the exchange of business cards. Start, sustain, and finish a conversation with ease and competence. Converse on acceptable topics, avoid improper topics, and handle personal questions appropriately. Treat others with courtesy and respect, with cultural and gender awareness. Apply the rules of etiquette for meetings, telephone, and email. Employ appropriate host / guest behaviour. Competently conduct a business lunch with appropriate table manners and dining Programs page 10 of 16
  14. 14. day 4: conscious communications Bump your communication skills up to a leadership level. Dramatically improve your methods of communicating and develop strategies to always maintain control of your response, regardless of the challenge. This challenging and non-traditional program is laid out in a series of communication exercises that you complete as both a coach and a student. You’ll leave with much more confidence and clarityObjectives: Identify personal perspectives, and increase awareness of others’ perspectives. Identify sabotaging communication and reframe into empowering communication. Use words, tonality, mannerisms, and personal energy effectively for positive positioning and relationships. Build rapport and develop positive relationships with warmth, empathy, respect and courtesy. Convey confidence and competence and establish trust and credibility through verbal and non-verbal communication. Develop strategies to consistently maintain control of the response, regardless of the challenge. Somersault challenging situations and conflicts into peaceful solutions. Recognize personal communication style, and respond appropriately and confidently to each of the four key communication styles. Listen and read paralanguage effectively for appropriate Programs page 11 of 16
  15. 15. days 5 & 6: power presentations Do you have a burning desire to become a great speaker and truly inspire your audience? We’ll identify what separates the great speakers from the merely mediocre. You’ll master these powerful presentation tools that will heighten your performance, increase your personal power and absolutely transform you into a confident, riveting speaker.This experiential, empowering and intensive program incorporates advancedpresentation techniques and one-on-one coaching for immediate feedback andconstant improvement. Audio-visual recording may also be used for feedback.Objectives: Identify points of presentation sabotage and ways to avoid them. Follow an easy step-by-step system to develop a topic, objective, thesis, and outline for impact and clarity. Incorporate any of 20 tools to turn anxiety into exhilaration, and appear confident in any public speaking situation. Take charge of a room, project professionalism, and maintain composure and control at all times. Engage and hold an audience’s attention and close with power. Master disruptions, and competently handle questions from the audience. Move an audience to action and achieve the response you want. Think on your feet, and create a powerful verbal and non-verbal delivery. Develop and use visual aids professionally. Set up the environment to minimize distractions and optimize Programs page 12 of 16
  16. 16. karen brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP experience spans 28 years. As an image trainer, she has coached some of the top consultants in the industry, and her systems and products are in 68 countries. Karen has delivered presentations across the United States and Canada, as well as in Mexico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Australia. Karen’s corporate clients include manyKaren Brunger is Founder and President of Canada’s Fortune 500. Her privateof International Image Institute Inc. and clients have included executives,international Past-President of the entertainers, and politicians. She hasAssociation of Image Consultants collaborated with renowned leaders onInternational (AICI). She is a recipient of image programs.the international Award of Excellence.Karen served as AICI’s international VP As well as teaching at numerousEducation for four years, where she was colleges, Karen is responsible for theresponsible for the standards of image Image Consulting Programs at Georgetraining worldwide. She is also a Past- Brown College in Toronto and LangaraPresident of the Canada chapter of AICI. College in Vancouver. Karen is a graduate of the University of Manitoba,Media-trained, and a regular guest the Fashion Institute of Technology, andexpert, Karen has appeared in most the Seasons’ Academy of Colourmajor print and broadcast media in Analysis.Canada, as well as in internationalmedia. She is co-author of Executive Karen is known for her holistic,Power Image and Bushido Business and transformational, inspirational approach,is a contributing writer to Active her dynamic, entertaining, funMagazine. presentation style, and her open, sharing, encouraging nature.A pioneer in the industry, Karen’s in-depth knowledge and Programs page 13 of 16
  17. 17. client comments on presentations“Karen’s sessions are “We were more than “Karen helped me to seemotivational, inspirational, satisfied with the profes- ‘the other end’ and toenlightening and sional and high quality break the barrier whichempowering. She services you provided. stopped me from realizingchanges people’s lives.” – We found the session how I can really excel!A.N., College Instructor highly informative and will Karen is truly stunning and consider contracting your I strongly recommend“Your presentation awed services again in the her, because she simply isand educated, future.” – L.F., Richter a fabulous Image Expertentertained and & Coach.” R.B., Zurichchallenged – a rare “…What you gave us wascombination.” – A.B., much greater… You “The instructor wasCanadian Professional visually proved the power fabulous. MarvellousSales Association of what you were saying – sense of humour and a even to some potential really great speaker.“Professional, powerful. A skeptics in the room – and Thank you so much!!”‘must’ for any communi- in the most powerful andcator.” – Dr. D.M. positive manner.” – V.H., “Very motivating with Hear For Life hands-on training; I know“Interesting, educational, I have learnedand at the same time “Exceptional techniques that I will‘soooo’ exciting.” – I.G., presentation. Kept me benefit from career-wise.”The Toronto School of interested at all times.Business Informative and “Karen generated an enjoyable too.” – P.S., environment that“Thanks again for the promoted a relaxedgreat workshop. It was Ministry of Corrections learning situation andtruly the best presentation “That Karen Brunger is made people feelworkshop I have ever fantastic! Her enthusiasm comfortable enough toattended.” D.E., radiates from her and ask questions. Excellent!”Canadian Imperial Bank definitely inspires….Thisof Commerce course has been very “An interesting and motivating.” exciting day; the time just“Very well organized; seemed to have flownconcise information; “Karen is an energetic, by….Karen proved herselfhelped me to identify a dynamic speaker…makes to be a dynamic person-number of issues that I the topic seem more ality. I recommend thisneed to work on.” – Dr. reachable than similar course highly.”K.B., Chiropractor books, seminars.” Programs page 14 of 16
  18. 18. a select list of clientsAdvance Planning Government of Canada Price WaterhouseAllergan (Human Resources PricewaterhouseCoopersAssociation of Image Development) Professional Organizers in Consultants International Grafton-Fraser Inc. CanadaBayer Pharmaceuticals Halton and Peel Professional Promotional ProductBig Carrot Executive Network Professionals of CanadaBMO Harbinger Communications QDataBusiness & Industry Service Hawk Communications Red River Community College Centre Hear For Life Richmond Hill EmploymentCanada Deposit Insurance Herzing Institute Resource Center Corporation Hill & Knowlton RichterCanada Life Assurance House of Seasons Rotman School ofCanadian Federation of Human Resources Professionals Management University Women - Oakville Association of Ontario Roy Speed & RossCanadian Food Service Humber College of Applied Arts Ryerson UniversityCanadian Network of Makeup & Sciences School of Makeup Art Artists Humber College Conference & Schulich School of BusinessCanadian Professional Sales Seminar Services Scotiabank Association Imperial Optical Canada Scott’s & Sizzler Ltd.Canadian Society of Club Institute of Internal Auditors Seneca College of Applied Arts Managers L.A.A. Seminars & Tech.Career Development Institute Learning Annex Sheridan College of AppliedCedara Software Corp. Leo-Pharma Inc. Lexmark Arts & TechnologyCentennial College Marvel Beauty Schools Simcoe County Board of Conference & Seminar Match Fashion Centre Education Services Max Brown International SWET Advancement Centre,Certified General Accountants Microsoft Kuala Lumpur – Peel Chapter Muskoka Sands Resort The Federation of ImageCIBC Network For Learning Consultants, UnitedClub Tutto Mio, USA Office of the Superintendent of KingdomColours Financial Institutions Tops ‘n TrendsConstellation College of Ontario Bar Association Toronto Board of Education Hospitality Ontario Chiropractic Toronto School of BusinessEdith Serei International School Association Town of Collingwood of Esthetics Ontario Health Records United Church of CanadaElite-Minds Executive Solutions Association Universal FlavoursEnvironics Communications Ontario Home Economics University Women’s ClubFederation of Image Association Venus Beauty Supplies Consultants Ontario Hospital Association Village Park Retirement HomeFocus Management Group Ontario Institute of the Waterloo Board of EducationGenesys Purchasing Management Women in Capital MarketsGenworth Association of Canada Women in New RolesGeorge Brown College PartyLite York UniversityGirl Guides of Canada Patheon Pharmaceuticals Young Professionals Association Peel Board of Education of Canada Phizer Programs page 15 of 16
  19. 19. workbooksThe following workbooks are available for sale. Any workbook can be modified tothe organization’s requirements.These books are co-authored by Karen 1 – 9 copies: $30 CAD 10 – 24 copies: $25 CAD 25 + copies: $20 Programs page 16 of 16