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Linkedin Tutorial


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Linkedin Tutorial

  1. 1. LinkedIn Tutorial
  2. 2. This tutorial will teach you how to join the CLMA group on LinkedIn First visit Click on the “button” to view the CLMA LinkedIn Group
  3. 3. If you are already a LinkedIn member Sign In If not, click “Join Today” Once you login click the “Join Group” button at the bottom of the page
  4. 4. The rest of the tutorial will teach you how to sign up for your own LinkedIn profile Fill in your first name, last name, email and password Click “Join LinkedIn” button
  5. 5. Fill in your information to help build your professional profile Click the “Continue” button
  6. 6. This step imports your email Fill in info to search for contacts to help you connect with friends OR SKIP STEP. people you already know You can chose which friends you would like to add
  7. 7. Confirm your account by checking your email that you used to sign up with
  8. 8. Sign In
  9. 9. Check boxes to add friends with similar information OR SKIP STEP.
  10. 10. Enter email to anyone you not using LinkedIn that you wish to invite OR SKIP STEP
  11. 11. Indicate whether or not you would like to upgrade your LinkedIn account or use a free version OR SKIP STEP
  12. 12. Use the search bar to Search GROUPS and the Clinical Laboratory Management Association
  13. 13. Select “Join this group”
  14. 14. You have the option to edit your group notifications and visibility
  15. 15. You can now participate in group discussions, submit news and post jobs
  16. 16. You can edit your personal profile by selecting Edit Profile
  17. 17. You can add a photo, edit your position, education and add a Web site.
  18. 18. You can edit your privacy settings by selecting “Edit Public Profile Settings”
  19. 19. Here you can select what you want visible on your profile
  20. 20. Contact Liz Catalano 312/673-4876 for any social media-related questions.