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NoWAL: Why Technology Matters


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Published in: Education, Business
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NoWAL: Why Technology Matters

  1. 1. Why technology matters... Lisa Jeskins Promotions & Outreach: Library & Archival Services
  2. 2. Why does technology matter to me?
  3. 3. Why does technology matter to you? Saves me time Helps me keep in touch with friends and relatives living abroad Hate it! Makes things harder for me It’s fun. I like trying out new stuff - I use Facebook to organise nights out. Doesn’t matter – I don’t have a computer... Don’t use one at work. What type of librarian are you going to be? Makes my research more efficient Gives me choices
  4. 4. Any questions? [email_address] Twitter: @LisaJeskins @archiveshub @copac @lilac_2010