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From Zero To WordPress

  1. From Zero To WordPress Build a site easy and securely Michele Butcher @michele_butcher
  2. MICHELE BUTCHER • WordPress Specialist at WP Security Lock
 • Instructor at John A Logan College
 • Lead Organizer of Southern Illinois WordPress Meetup
 • Crazy woman behind Can’t Speak Geek
 • Hostess of Safe WP Weekly Security Webinar
 • Photographer
 • Mother to the next gen WordPress user
  3. Get ready for the ride to WordPress
  4. The most important step is the first step What will your website be about? Once you have this figured out the rest is a cake walk
  5. Now lets pick a domain name You have lots of choices here!
  6. .com .co .net .club .io .de .org .website .gov .me .pw .nyc .pw .us .tv .ca .link .eu .edu .es .in .info .mobi .consulting .click .help .dentist .rehab .auction .software .business .network .forsale .pizza .paris .property .hosting .diet .rocks .website .guru .loans .healthcare .restaurant .gifts .egineer .sarl .airforce .army .navy .market .mortage .vet .deals .direct .soy .okinawa .attorney .lawyer .desi .surf .press .place .life .beer .uk .au .ninja .city .guide .country .cooking 
 And many many more!!!
  7. Plus the places to buy a domain are endless • Go Daddy • Namecheap • SiteGround • HostGator • 1 and 1 • • Media Temple • Network Solutions • • • And many more

  8. Once you have your name picked out and what you want to do for your site, it is now time to talk hosting
  9. Hosting is like a hard drive for you website. It is where all the files live. It is typically called a server. There re different types of hosting and many different hosting companies.
  10. Types of Hosting • Shared- (Typically the cheapest) You and many others on the same server • Cloud Hosting or VPS- Virtual Machines • Dedicated Hosting- You are on your own server and you do not have to share • When going with any server, make sure it is a managed server unless you know how to set up a server!
  11. Hosting Companies (There are many and some are here!) • SiteGround • GoDaddy • WP Engine • HostGator • InMotion • Site5 • Media Temple • Liquid Web • 1 and 1 • Blue Host • RackSpace • FlyWheel • DreamHost • Linode • WiredTree • Pantheon • Green Geeks • NameCheap
  12. Your hosting company will give you an IP address and nameservers for your domain. You will enter the IP or the nameservers where you purchased your domain. There are 2 ways this can be done. 1. Use the IP 2. Use the Nameservers Example taken from
  13. So now you have purchased your domain and your site hosting, plus you have the domain pointed in the right direction…
 Time to build you a website!!!!
  14. download/
  15. First you will need to make a database for your website. You will got to the “MySQL Database Wizard”.
  16. Once there follow the directions on how to make the database. Remember to write down or copy/paste your database name, database user name, and the passwords. You will need these later! Give the user full admin roles. If not the site will not work properly.
  17. Once the WordPress files are downloaded to your computer, you now need to go into your file manager that lives in your server’s cPanel.
  18. Once in the file manager, upload your WordPress zip file to your server. Your upload screen will look like this. Do not navigate off this screen until the gray box in the bottom right states the upload is complete.
  19. Once uploaded you will extract the zip file. Then click the reload button. If your file manager now looks like this, you may delete the zip file.
  20. This step is the trickiest step of them all. We must move all the files from the WordPress folder into the .public_html folder 1. Highlight all of the folders within the WordPress folder
 2. Click the move file button
 3. Delete out the “wordpress”
 4. Click “move files” 5. Click the “Up One Level” button
 6. Delete the “wordpress” folder since it is now empty
 7. Click the reload button
  21. The 5 Minute Install 1. Go to you site 2. Pick you language 3. Click “Let’s go” The first time you go to your new website, this is what you should see.
  22. Remember when I said to keep your database information close? We now will use it! 1. Leave localhost unless instructed by your hosting company to change. 2. Change your Table Prefix to anything but wp_ but make sure there is a “_” at the end.
  23. Next step Sparky is to run that install!
  24. The important information. Site name, login, password, and email. Remember to save your login information and use a strong password. Uncheck the “allow search engines to index this site until you have your site built.
  25. Congratulations! You now have a website!
  26. To log in to your dashboard you will use the login login.php
  27. Now to look around the dashboard
  28. Questions?
  29. Thank you! Slides can be found at: @michele_butcher