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  • We are working with Jay Gusick to develop more such Care Stories in the Northwest region.
  • An example of the importance of combining our existing “old school” communications channels (eNewsletter) with social media tools to create surround sound … and, most importantly, results
  • Carlton
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    1. 1. Can You Hear Me Now? Thriving in the Digital World Laura Dunn, MA (@CUgirl481) Kaiser Permanente
    2. 2. About Kaiser Permanente • Largest integrated health care organization in the United States with more than 9.1 million members • Insurer and provider, offering health coverage and facilities/clinicians • Biggest non-governmental electronic health record system in the world
    3. 3. A Look at Kaiser Permanente’s Digital Media
    4. 4. Why Digital Media? • Protect and promote the brand • Extend the impact of traditional media • Improve organic search results • And ultimately, create brand champions
    5. 5.  Consumers have demonstrated the desire to engage with health care digitally: Consumers Are Ready 7,895 18,491HEALTH INFORMATION +134% 15,221 28, 537 6,250 11,356 13,056 23,480 13,789 24,358 11,794 20,570 19,992 34,859 16,971 29,164 13,908 23,675 9,803 16,593 ONLINE RETAIL MEN’S MAGAZINE CONTENT ELECTRONIC PAYMENT GAMING INFORMATION JOB LISTINGS GENERAL REFERENCE CLASSIFIEDS AUCTION SITES KIDS/FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT +87% +82% +80% +77% +74% +74% +72% +70% +69% Top Mobile Categories By Growth In Audience (In Thousands) December 2010 December 2011
    6. 6. Primary Social Media Platforms •News Center as the “hub” of public relations •45+ Twitter handles, 26,000 total followers • 100-plus doctors, execs, communicators on Twitter •Facebook KPThrive, 17,300 fans •YouTube channel – 500 videos, 800K views •Six topic-specific blogs, inc. Care Stories video blog
    7. 7. Agenda Every Body Walk! Weight of the Nation Customer Service and Twitter Care Stories Blog Healthy Chats
    8. 8. Every Body Walk!
    9. 9. Every Body Walk!  2010 World Economic Forum in Switzerland - Prevalence of diabetes discussion - Importance of walking in preventing and treating diseases  Create documentary on the benefits of walking - Air on broadcast and cable television
    10. 10. Health Care in the United States  Health conditions account for 80 percent of $2.5 trillion spend annually in the U.S.  Most chronic conditions can be prevented or treated through regular exercise  The most accessible exercise is walking
    11. 11. Amazing Benefits of Walking  Research shows dramatic effects of walking in primary and secondary prevention of: – Heart Disease – Diabetes – Strokes – Depression
    12. 12. The Magic Formula  30 minutes a day, five days a week  OR  Two 15-minute walks  Goal = 150 minutes of walking per week
    13. 13. Digital Recommendation  Create a campaign about walking to build up to a documentary  Develop an online hub for walking that becomes a destination on the topic  Integrate with social media  Produce video content that tells a story about the importance of walking  Make walking fun and easy
    14. 14. Creating the Every Body Walk! Movement
    15. 15. Make Walking The Easy Thing  Neighborhood factors can increase walking: – Physical features such as sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic controls – Perceived safety from traffic and crime – Places to walk: retail, jobs, schools, other services – Access to public open space, parks, and recreation areas – Locating dense housing close to walking areas – Access to public transit
    16. 16. Every Body Walk! A Public Awareness Campaign  Designed to start a national conversation about walking through series of short, compelling, inspiring videos  Online walking hub at with information to get people walking regularly – Introduction to walking groups across the country – Interactive maps featuring hundreds of safe walking routes – Calendar of organized walking events – Resources from partner organizations  A 30-minute documentary on the health benefits of walking
    17. 17. Every Body Walk! Website  Rich, interactive, shareable video content  Frequently refreshed content  Vast scientific and medical information  Interactive maps with walking safe routes  Calendar of organized walking events  Social media promotion
    18. 18. Take the Pledge The pledge for encourages people to walk 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. It captures contact information from visitors allowing us to build an online community of walkers.
    19. 19. Every Body Walk! Mobile App Free mobile app for iPhones, Androids and tablets. App tracks time and distance walked and calories burned; it is also integrated with social media and allows for video distribution.
    20. 20. Building Stakeholder Relationships  Identify like-minded community partners  Create opportunities to work together – Serve as venue for events – Showcase as community gather place, centerpiece  Seek access to subject-matter experts  Engage elected officials and community leaders  Involve traditional media and social media  Be creative
    21. 21. Promoting Partnerships  Leverage partner communication vehicles  Engage with local walking groups to share info about your park, trails, events, etc.  Tap into social media to spread the word about importance of walking and events  Walking vacations are becoming very popular  Fundraising events are a great way to engage people in walking
    22. 22. Digital Media In Action
    23. 23. Going Digital  Active and aggressive social media campaign that spans multiple platforms.  Join us: – – – – – –
    24. 24. Twitter
    25. 25. Facebook The power of online partnerships. The American Heart Association supports the campaign, sending a shout out to their online community. These mentions drive significant traffic to Every Body Walk! content.
    26. 26. YouTube Channel All Every Body Walk! videos are available on You Tube. This is yet another way to extend the reach of our message.
    27. 27. Physician Engagement
    28. 28. Walking Prescription
    29. 29. Bob Sallis page
    30. 30. Weight of the Nation
    31. 31. Partnerships for Common Good #WeightOfTheNation • 2M Twitter impressions driven by KP handles • Screenings in 20 cities • Live-streaming post- movie Q&As • PR/metrics support • Expert counsel •52M Twitter impressions in 60 days •42K Facebook likes since launch 3/30/12 •7.5K Twitter followers since 3/30/12 •20K GetGlue check-ins
    32. 32. @KPMemberService
    33. 33. Reaching Members on Twitter - @KPMemberService • Launched in May 2010 • Four-member team, M-F business hours • Actively monitor and triage member concerns on Twitter • Engage and take conversation offline • Share helpful hints with members • Trial Status With State Regulators
    34. 34. Reaching Members on Twitter - @KPMemberService
    35. 35. @KPMemberService – 26 Months and 16,000 Tweets Later • Team actively monitors Twitter and looks for opportunities to engage • Members are engaged offline (after initial contact) to protect PHI • Permanent status is pending with Calif. Department of Managed Health Care •Team shares issues with regional Member Services execs upon finding them • Nine percent of member service contacts become biz opportunities • Team also tweets helpful information about member benefits, etc.
    36. 36. Care Stories Blog
    37. 37. Care Stories – Using Social Media to Show, Not Tell  Challenge: – Overcome common misconceptions about Kaiser Permanente – Allow prospective members to experience the organization before joining  Solution: – Care Stories video blog – Members’ stories in their own words – Showcase our expert medicine/top docs – Show coordinated care in action – Uses the power of video
    38. 38. Care Stories • Promotes the benefits of Kaiser Permanente care via first-person stories from patients, physicians and staff • Updated monthly • Averages more then 2,000 visits per month
    39. 39. eNewsletter + Video Blog = Success 50-plus requests for colon cancer screening kits 4,500 views in four days 15,000 blog views 267,000 “opens” of emailed article
    40. 40. Care Stories Promotion Opportunities
    41. 41. Healthy Chats: #KPHealthyChat
    42. 42. Healthy Chats – Online, real-time chats with Kaiser Permanente physicians, #kphealthychat – Focused on specific health topics – Provides the public with an opportunity to meet and learn from Kaiser Permanente physicians – Hosted on the Care Stories blog (
    43. 43. Questions, Discussion, and Thank YOU Laura Dunn, MA Kaiser Permanente @CUgirl481