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Local history online


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A presentation regarding online resources for loacal history research, with a case study for researching the removal of Indians from Spokane, Washington.

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Local history online

  1. 1. A Northwest Historian’s Tour of the Internet Larry Cebula Washington State Digital Archives Eastern Washington UniversitySpokane Mayor Burch with "Biggest Indian" Contest Winner Charles Libby, 1909.
  2. 2.
  3. 3. American Journeys
  4. 4. Documenting the American South
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Google Book Search
  7. 7. Washington State Digital Archives
  8. 8. LOC Digital Collections
  9. 9. LOC Chronicling America Historic Newspapers Project
  10. 10. Northwest Digital Archives
  11. 11. Digital Collections from WSU
  12. 12. Case Study:Indians and the City Beautiful in Spokane, 1880-1910 •What online resources are available? •Where do we look? •What necessary resources are not available? •Do we find things that we would have overlooked in traditional research?
  13. 13. Google Book Search for keyword “Spokane” limited to full text
  14. 14. C. B. Carlisle,Spokane Countyas it Is: SolidFacts and ActualResults(Spokane, 1883)42-43.
  15. 15. Matsura Collection Images matching the keyword “Spokane.”
  16. 16. Historical Newspapers in Washington from the Secretary of State
  17. 17. Advanced Searching of Historical Newspapers in Washington
  18. 18. Spokane Falls Review» 6/16/1883 » Page 2» Column 2
  19. 19. To Be RemovedSpokane FallsReview » 1/19/1884»Page 3 » Column 4
  20. 20. Two Articles from Page 1 of the Spokane Falls Review: “Somewhat Tough” and “An Indian Ishmaelite”
  21. 21. The Making of America database has asophisticated search engine.
  22. 22. Washington State Digital Archives
  23. 23. Death Certificatefor Spokane Garry, Jan. 14, 1892
  24. 24. Jeremiah Indian, 11/20/1904
  25. 25. UVA Historical Census Browser
  26. 26. Univ. of OK:Indian Claims Commission Records
  27. 27. PDF versus Scanned Text!
  28. 28. Additional Possible Online SourcesCensus DataAdditional Historical Image collectionsDigitized Oral historiesA good starting point for Spokane historyis this page at the MAC:
  29. 29. What are We Missing?Modern Secondary Sources– Ruby and Brown, Children of the Sun– Youngs, Fair and FallsMost Archival RecordsNewspapers not DigitizedHolding of Small Historical SocietiesEtc. etc.
  30. 30. Needs and ProspectsDigital primary sources have a place in theclassroomDigital primary sources have a place inpublished scholarshipHistorians need to keep up!We need a centralized resource page for“deep” digital archives
  31. 31.