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Bring Back the Funny: Humor in the Library


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A look at using humor as a public service and marketing tool in libraries.

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Bring Back the Funny: Humor in the Library

  1. Bring Back the Funny!Humor in the Library
  2. Let’s Get Physical
  3. Canton Public LibraryCanton, MIvia
  4. Buckham Public LibraryFaribault, MN
  5. Bowman RegionalPublic Library, ND
  7. Hillsdale Public LibraryHillsdale,
  8. Hillsdale Public LibraryHillsdale,
  9. Craighead/JonesboroCounty Library,
  10. Rockville Public Library,Rockville Centre, NY Public Library
  11. Hooksett Public Library, Hooksett,
  12. On Your Website
  15. Arrr, Mateys
  17. April Fools!
  19. April Fool’s Day website
  20. April Fool’s Day
  21. April Fool’s Day websiteApril Fool’s Day website20122012
  22. April Fool’sApril Fool’sDay websiteDay
  23. April Fool’s Day websiteApril Fool’s Day
  24. April Fool’s Day websiteApril Fool’s Day
  25. April Fool’s Day websiteApril Fool’s Day
  27. Those Moving Pictures
  28. Craighead County / Jonesboro PL
  29. NYPL, Milstein Division, US History
  30. New Spice video, Harold B Lee Library
  31. Library “Gangnam Style” video,UMD McKeldin Library
  32. Laugh at Yourself, Too
  33. Good party,Good party,Mr. Sparks?Mr. Sparks?Boston PublicBoston PublicLibrary,Library,Fall 2012Fall 2012
  34. AnimeBoston attendees on aAnimeBoston attendees on aphoto shootphoto shootBoston Public Library, 2012Boston Public Library, 2012
  35. A last word of caution
  36. Your turn: bring the funny!Jennifer