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Project meeting in koszalin,


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Project meeting in koszalin,

  2. 2. The Workshop in Poland During the visit in Poland each international group is going to practice the writing process in creating an original “My Box” story, design an e-book with their own songs, poems and plays, prepare their stage version of their product, make a scenography and stage props, show their final products in public.
  3. 3. STEP ONE - “My Box” story in Flash Page Flip Students practice the writing process in creating an original “My Box” story. Each group of students should use the writing process to: plan, draft, edit, revise and create a final draft of the original story, poem, song or a short play. They create an illustration of the box , using the variety of media. Create a final product e-book in Flash Page Flip
  4. 4. STEP TWO – WORKING ON THE SHOW Students work in groups over the poems, songs and short plays, prepare a stage show for their own „My Box”, brainstorm and talk how to present their songs, poems or plays. Get as many ideas as possible. Decide on the roles and tasks for all the team’s members. In international groups they rehearse (songs, poems, short plays) and make a scenography and the stage props.
  5. 5. STEP THREE – THE REHEARSAL The last day of meeting team’s work on their performances in the ballet and fitness rooms. During the rehearsals our teacher experts on music, drama and costumes come round to give some advice, also each group takes part in breathing and articulation exercises with school’s speech therapist.
  6. 6. STEP FOUR- THE SHOW TIME On Thursday afternoon, the teams present their masterpieces during the Evening of Freedom on stage. THE BEST PERFORMANCES WILL BE REWARDED. After the show, it is time for awarding the best products made by students during the second part of our THE 4C’S project.