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MACUL Presentation


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MACUL presentation on Technology in Art Centers, March 2009

Published in: Education
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MACUL Presentation

  1. 1. Using Technology in Art Centers Exploring Art Elements in Multicultural Units
  2. 2. Overview of Centers Each art element is explored in choice centers. ❖ Center themes based on art from each of the Olympic flag’s ❖ color continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, Americas, Australia). Students fill out a passport (ArtPort) as they complete each ❖ center. I usually do the centers for two or three hours so students ❖ can do at least three of the five choices.
  3. 3. Use of technology in centers: CDs, DVDs iPODs and earphones, speakers Discovery Education videos, images Student produced podcasts Imported podcasts iMovie instructions iMovie/Frame student productions SmartBoard interactive games, tools Paint programs, online plus KidPix, Pixie Online resources Clicker games
  4. 4. LINE DEFINES Looking at line as the basic art element iPod centers/TV-DVD: Discovery Education video segments YouTube segments DVD on boom box SmartBoard game quot;om online art source
  5. 5. African Mudcloth YouTube demos: ❖ v=a0eMjH6SM14
  6. 6. Calligraphy symbols of the Olympics Students review movies on ❖ IPod before painting
  7. 7. European drawing: daVinci as inventor Game on SmartBoard ❖ introduces invention drawings by daVinci
  8. 8. Game found on internet ❖ Museums have excellent ❖ educational components National Gallery of Art ❖ has exceptional activities
  9. 9. Mandalas, Americas Line designs starting at a center point Use mirror feature in Pixie
  10. 10. Australia traditional painting with dots, dotted lines CD with ❖ Australian photos and music inspired these artworks
  11. 11. SHAPE UNITES FORM INSPIRES Three major units: ❖ Musical instruments incorporating shapes in decoration and ❖ structure Technology: iMovie production Masks and animal sculptures: Taking shapes into a three- ❖ dimensional form Technology: use Discovery Ed images Circles in many cultures Technology: Kaleidoscope soware, ❖ KidPix, Pixie
  12. 12. Shapes and Forms in Musical Instruments
  13. 13. 5th Grade Multi-Country Music Video
  14. 14. Masquerade Travel to Italy and Venice: DE video segment
  15. 15. African masks Wooden masks imitated in clay and plaster
  16. 16. SmartBoard Notebook 10 Map of Africa used to learn countries. Students then matched mask images from DE to country.
  17. 17. Mask by Picasso Picasso inspirations Hot/cold emotions based on African design Modigliani elongation
  18. 18. Inuit masks Paint from images found in DE collection as well as photos from the DIA; live podcasts from the DIA
  19. 19. Masks from recycled supplies These were used with Frames to make movies
  20. 20. “Frames” Puppet Productions-- A Museum Walk 1) Students created mask or puppet on old CD 2) Students took at least four digital photos, moving mouth, eye, brows to show comment on background artwork 3) Students used “Frames” green screen to add audio, artwork
  21. 21. Shapes/Forms inspired by Oaxaca, Shapiro, Miro and Kandinsky
  22. 22. DE video clip on Oaxaca
  23. 23. Paisley introduced with clicker questions Where did the “paisley” shape originate? Shapes: Beyond Circles Study of paisley, fractals, weaving rectangles
  24. 24. Shape to form relationship explored in National Gallery online activity
  25. 25. COLOR IGNITES Flowers and plants as ❖ the subject Color as the art ❖ element “All the Colors of the ❖ Earth” DE video to introduce color to younger students
  26. 26. SmartBoard Notebook 10 presentation on color used at one center
  27. 27. Teacher produced podcast for instruction, using student artwork. This podcast was shown on a large screen. Students then watched the enhanced student feature on VanGogh before painting their complementary landscape or sti' life in V Gogh’s style. an Some students then produced their own podcasts using step by step digital photos of their work.
  28. 28. Student enhanced podcasts about artists: based on Art in Story by Marianne Saccardi Garage band sounds as well as nature sounds from Soundboard
  29. 29. Students narrate podcasts on complementary colors as they paint like Van Gogh.
  30. 30. LIGHT ILLUMINATES Exploring how artists use shadows ❖ and light: DE video on science Research artists: Student podcasts ❖ Paint/draw in the style of the artist, ❖ demonstrating understanding of use of shadows and light Dress up as an artist/character in a ❖ painting to present findings
  31. 31. TEXTURE EXCITES Creatures: Fur, Feathers, and Fins ❖
  32. 32. SPACE EXPANDS Art Happenings: Artists ❖ Christo and Jeanne-Claude Bubbles, Enclosures, Mobiles ❖
  33. 33. Angel Unit Inspired by European ART Students viewed PowerPoint on angels in European art. They came up with questions to be used in a Clicker Game the following week, for review of concepts. Artwork Angels in glue glass and fabric dipped in thinned white glue
  34. 34. REcycled Art: Using junk, 100 ways to use a CDrom Younger grades worked in two or three centers. Line defined with leftover beads, yarn and felt. Shapes explored in “Snow Text Globes” with CDs, felt, glitter, contact paper. Go to ArtSonia: Southfield Christian School to see lesson plans and artwork
  35. 35. How do you keep track of it? Delicious ❖ bookmarks DE my ❖ content for video clips and images
  36. 36. Learning Links ❖ ART section ❖