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What is your identity


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Mini-Lesson Plan ArtEd 303

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What is your identity

  1. 1. Grade Level: 3rdEstimated Time: 3 hr. 30 min.Lesson By:Vanessa Haney
  2. 2. OBJECTIVEStudents will be able to discover the concept of identity, such as influences upon it and the role of it in ones life, in relation to their own personal identity through an exploration of the fairytale Cinderella and art making.
  3. 3. MATERIALS• Individual Practice: (materials listed below x the number of students) • (1) 9” x 12” black construction paper • (1) 9” x 12” colored construction paper • (1) Scissors • (1) Glue Stick • Oil Pastels • Magazines/Newspapers (numerous) • Projector (used for tracing silhouette of student)• Guided Practice: • Cinderella DVD (Disney Movie) • (2) Images of William Wegman photography • (1) Large sheet of paper for “Cinderella” Acrostic Poem (post on board) • (1) Standard size notebook paper for personal name Acrostic Poem
  4. 4. INSPIRED RESOURCESArtist: William Wegman -uses Fay Ray, his Weimaraner to express identity through photography -has a set of childrens books inspired by the dogs various acting abilities: Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, ABC, Mother Goose, etc. -has created visual works for Nickelodeon, Sesame Street, Saturday Night Live, and many othersWebsite: Activity: show images of Polaroid’s, and guide children to see identity of each of the dogs beyond what meets the eye
  5. 5. FAY RAY
  6. 6. INSPIRED RESOURCESAcrostic Poem: is a very fun poem for kids. Each acrostic poem has a topic idea running down the left side of the poem. Each letter in the topic word has a new thought that runs off the side from left to right and is relevant to the topic word. The topic word is typically the title as well.Guided Activity: Brings in the idea of Cinderella’s identity throughout fairy tale, and also incorporates the aspects of language arts (descriptive words) -CINDERELLA (group) -STUDENTS NAME (individual)
  7. 7. Group Acrostic Poem Example: Individual Acrostic Poem Example:
  8. 8. INDIVIDUAL ACTIVITYSilhouette Collage -By working with students to create their own silhouette collage, they will be able to make connections to Cinderella, and William Wegman pieces through cutting out words to fill their profile silhouette. -This helps children to think deeper into what their personal identity is as well as holding them accountable for gaining and retaining new educational information. -Helps further knowledge in skills of reading, and word vocabulary, as well as listening to and following directions -Encourages creativity, not only with the collage, but also by having them matte their silhouette on their favorite color construction paper, and being able to draw a border with oil pastels. Estimated Time: 1hr. 30 min.
  9. 9. Individual Art Activity
  10. 10. EVALUATIONInformal: Not only by group discussion of Wegman photography, but also by creating two sets of Acrostic Poems, this will help teacher check for understanding. The idea of identity is a deeper process than seeing whats on the surface, so by challenging students with these guided assignments it will help them to grasp the true meaning which will show in their individual activity (Identity Silhouette)Formal: