circular queue computer science quiz logistic regression perceptron answer data science using python note currentthread().getname() run() setpriority() synchronization in java thread priorities interruptedexception sleep() join() yield() calculator program in java do while loop infinte loop menu driven programs in java recursion stack of factorial of 3 recursion stack write a program in c to convert a decimal number t c program to displays integers 100 through 1 using recursive program to check whether a given number write a program in c to count number of divisors o write c program to calculate length of the string write a c program to find the first upper case let c program to find out the gcd (greatest common div write a c program to find nth term in fibonacci se c program to print sum of digits of a given number write a c program to find sum of first n natural n write a c program to count digits of a number usin calculate power of a number program in c using rec c program to find factorial of number using recurs simple questions on structures concept common errors encountered in competitive programmi design thinking in programming teaching programming as design based course functions in c design thinking in c relational operators in c recursive functions in c function pointer in c memory allocation in functions categories of functions types of functions elements of user defined functions why to use functions in c string buffer functions string fuctions gui in java static keyword in java oop material klu klu abstract classes inheritance dynamic method dispatch thread algorithm to insert a node in position in sll algorithm to insert a node at begin in sll display in sll algorithm to delete a node in sll algorithm to insert a node in sll algorithm to display single linked list algorithm to delete a node in single linked list algorithm to insert a node in single linked list topological sort ppt prims minimum spanning tree ppt minimum spanning tree krushkal minimum spanning tree ppt introduction to graphs graph traversals graph representations dfs ppt bfs ppt adjacency matrix ppt b tree with simple examle btree simple example insertion into btree btree scope of variable python3 global and local variables in python3 types of functions in python3 functions in python3 dictionaries in python3 sets in python3 map in lists reverse the list remove elements from lists add elements in lists create lists filter in lists slice in lists comarator function in lists sort lists reading list values from user python3 python3 lists sum of array elements using recursion removing negatives values from queue josephus problem implementing queue using linked list priority queue implementing stack using linked list applications of stacks applications of queue double ended queue elfish using recursion recursion infix to postfix conversion elfish remove negative values from array recursive sum of array elements evaluating postfix expression maximum sum of non adjacent elements ascending priority queue data cleaning data reduction • discretization and concept hierarchy generatio data integration and transformation dbms notes sql commands notes advanced sql commands complete dbms notes transaction management acid properties 8085 pin diagram 8085 architecture two address instructions decreasing stack addition of 16 bit numbers three address instructions stack organization one address instructions addition of two 8 bit number 8085 timing diagram control signals addressing modes instruction formats reverse polish notation zero address instructions register organization multiplication of two 8 bit numbers instruction cycle memory stack 8085 simple programming notes process termination cascading termination process creation pcb simple batch system process states what is process multi- programmed batch system two modes of cpu execution difference between batch multi-programming and tim time sharing system inter process communication context switch structure of process in memory opearing system galvin notes operating system notes keywords: os exam notes operations on processes os notes computer science quiz for ug simple quiz written quiz d channel b channel subscriber access to isdn gateways networking and internetworking devices differences between broad band and narrow band isd h channel packet lifetime adaptive routing link state least cost routing algorithm dqdb pri ieee 802.6 types of bridges bridges repeaters transparent bridge (or) learning bridge non adaptive routing bri routers arrays of structures use of functions arrays of strings nested structures dynamic memory allocation in c functions to read data form files arrays and functions streams in c string manipulation functions generic pointers storage classes in c scope of a variable difference between structures and unions model based face detection point clouds stereo 3d face model matlab simple example pca principal component analysis matlab simple example principal conponent analysis pca bluetooth homerf manet narrowband microwave lans mobile adhoc network enabling technologies direct beam configuration omni directional configuration diffused configuration wireless lan standards different 802.11standards challenges in wireless networks future research areas in wlans ieee 802.11 wireless standard: spread spectrum lans hiperlan ½ operation modes of 802.11 history of mobile networks challenges in manet mobile networks cellular networks versus mobile adhoc networks cv2.imshow cv2.absdiff cv2.threshold cv2.resize cv2.bitwise_not cv2.rectangle cv2.line cv2.destroyallwindows cv2.flip cv2.findcontours cv2.thresh_otsu cv2.thresh_binary cv2.waitkey cv2.add cv2.puttext cv2.ellipse cv2.destroywindow cv2.canny cv2.imread cv2.cvtcolor facial deformable models list of 3d face databases containing 3d static exp active shape models 3d face reconstruction methods part based models combined appearance models eigenfaces shape from motion models cylindrical model comparison of 3d facial features planar model ellipsoidal model face models deformable facial model construction for non-rigid holistic models stereo methods geometry-based methods program that displays the data in the user table t 3-may-2013 java script program that uses onmouseover and onmo applet program that implements itemlistener applet program that allows parameter passing a servlet program that creates a new user entry in applet program that implements adjustmentlistener gui application using swings that has a button tha web application using different types of css applet with ‘n’ labels with ‘n’ different database using xml and display the content using x program in java script for displaying the current java program to display the details of a particula iris recognition system data flow diagrams mapping embedded system design software design epic electric potential integrated circuit ecg real-time drowsiness wiener medfilt2 imcrop imfilter imread imlincomb imdivide imfinfo im2bw ordfilt2 imsubtract imadjust imnoise matlab imtranslate graythresh fspecial imcomplement imadd imrotate speech facial expressions emotion recognition
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