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(S)mar(t)keting se01 ep04


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Last lesson of (s)mar(t)keting with a guest, Chiara Gius, from Canada, with a speech titled "When “going” echoes “being”: trends in contemporary tourism", 2 case histories #mydestination140 and Turismo Emilia Romagna and instructions for the final hypertext.

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(S)mar(t)keting se01 ep04

  1. 1. (S)mar(T)keting Se01 Ep04 - “When going echoes being: trends in contemporary tourism”- Chiara Gius is ON AIR from Canada - Case histories of social media marketing aimed to promote tourism - Students' final project Rimini 28/10/2013
  2. 2. Chiara Gius - post doctoral fellow
  3. 3. When “going” echoes “being”: trends in contemporary tourism utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy
  4. 4. Question time - Twitter
  5. 5. Being an evil tourist means... ?
  6. 6. Case Histories Social media marketing aimed to promote tourism - #Mydestination140 - Emilia Romagna Tourism
  7. 7. Emilia Romagna Turismo
  8. 8. #mydestination140
  9. 9. Final project Students should attend at least 5 out of the 8 seminars offered in 2013-14. Attendance will be checked through identification and signature. To gain the 3 ECTS students should write a short essay on one of the topics covered in the seminars, under the guidance of one of the invited speakers. Evaluation will be on a PASS / FAIL basis.
  10. 10. Final paper First 20 students booked using #smartketing and #finalpaper in a tweet to @vbazzarin Two possible topics: #myjobintourism or #rewindmarketing Style: hypertext no more than 1,000 words Structure: framework analysis (open data / blogs ), thesis, counter thesis, synthesis, conclusion Dissemination: email me or post it and tag us Deadline: 20th December 2013
  11. 11.
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Students booked are...
  14. 14. Students booked are...
  15. 15. Contacts Twitter: @vbazzarin #smartketing mailto: