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choices part 2


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A2 documentary pitch presentation

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choices part 2

  1. 1. Questionnaire 1• We asked the students a general questionnaire about their favourite types of documentaries and why, we also asked them about their gender and their age.
  2. 2. Results• 30% female 70% male• 95% aged between 16-25 5% aged between 11-15
  3. 3. Questionnaire 2• Our group could not think of what to call our documentary, so we decided to do another questionnaire about the name of our programme.
  4. 4. Results
  5. 5. Questionnaire 3• We asked the people who done the questionnaire a product specific questionnaire.
  6. 6. Results
  7. 7. Radio Results andQuestionnaire
  8. 8. Target Audience• Our target audience are students in year 11 .• The reason for this is because they are the students who will be thinking about the transition from year 11, to sixth form or college.• Some students do not know whether it is better for them to stay at school or go to college (everybody is different)• Our aim is to try and help students, in a non-bias way, on making their decision for sixth form or college, BTEC or A Levels.