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Leadership by Example


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Some support for the concept of Walking the Talk

Published in: Education
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Leadership by Example

  1. 1. “The literature . . . asserts that principals should learn how to operate technology and use it whenever possible for carrying out their own duties . . . “ –Ronald E. Anderson and Sara Dexter “School Technology Leadership:An Empirical Investigation of Prevalence and Impact”
  2. 2. “Your staff will watch very carefully. If they see that you are unwilling to “walk the talk” about integrating technology. . . it is all but certain there will be less willingness. . .to do the extra work required to learn about implementing and integrating technology.” – Principal Chris Toy “Leadership and Effectively Integrating Educational Technology”
  3. 3. “Leaders who successfully model their school’s values and practices . . . . Demonstrate the importance of continuous learning through visible engagement in their own professional learning . . . . “ –Kenneth Leithwood, et. al National College of School Leadership Research Report RR800
  4. 4. “Have you ever seen a PowerPoint on ‘21st Century Change’ from an administrator who does not exhibit any of the learning that is being discussed in the presentation? Me too. People will feel more comfortable taking a journey to an unknown place if they know that the first steps have been taken by someone else.” –George Couros “School Technology Leadership:An Empirical Investigation of Prevalence and Impact”