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Timeline and script


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Timeline and script

  1. 1. Timeline and Script0 – 1.17 = long intro7sec - Stairs IPod on the floor playing the song (could just be the Bassline)4 sec s -(Shoes at the bottom of stairs) tracks up the stairs, gradually more clothes on the floor (trail) and thetransitions into the bedroom3 secs -To find a couple asleep in bed (They wake up, stare at each other.Showing signs of regret )5 secs – girls singing intro of the songPause ( 4secs )4secs- boy sings5 secs- cuts to the girl downstairs getting a drink, gets milk to drink Median Close up of the girl, graphic match5secs the milk turns to boy holding vodka bottle in a graphic match (flashback transition) puts down bottle and picksup control pad , playing ps3.0.37secs - performance shot of main guy11 secs her getting ready in mirror with friends, performing0.54 – boys get up and leave the house , still performing0.59 – (“then again”at the train station cut to the girls leaving in a cab1.02 = Bassline kicks in – journey to pub + montage of them meeting , and leaving there friends1.17 – on the street hugging and looking into each others eyes ,”can i take you home” {beat drops }Montage – messing around in the street , parks , stumbled journey home1.31- boys sings1.39 – girl sings1.54 – boys sings2.03 – (softly) changes the mood because the tone of her voice – talking in the boys ear2.17- burst into the door , drunk . all up on each otherFalling around , kissing each other , messing about Jump cut to them kissing, getting passionate and heated. Go tothe stairs take their clothes off leaving a trail2.49 – Changes mood again more intimate by the tone in the singers voice { outro} plays off . in bed , gets friskyand fades black