Overlooked, Underloved & Unknown Analytics - SMX London 2012


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http://www.koozai.com - A summary of some of the best features of Google Analytics that are often ignored. Including the new social media tracking features that will prove the ROI of Social media.

For more information visit http://www.koozai.com

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  • DATA: Shared URL with visit statisticsBENEFITS: Score the interactivity and value each link has brought sociallyACTION: Understand which URLs work well socially and which aren’t worth the time sharingRETURN: Improve interactivity and social sharing success by utilising what works well
  • DATA: Shared url visits compared to site averageBENEFITS: See quickly and easily which pages have been successful in bringing visits to the site via social mediaACTION: Share these more, identify pages which haven’t worked so wellRETURN: Share successes with people who don’t understand tables of numbers, identify areas to push more
  • DATA: See what activity has happened on social networks for specific URLsBENEFITS: See how well each URL has been engaged with in different waysACTION: Identify where to promote this URL further and what will work for future URLs similar to this oneRETURN: Get the best results from each URL and stop wasting time promoting activity that doesn’t work
  • DATA: See what activity that has happened on social data hubs for your site’s URLsBENEFITS: See how users have interacted with your content off site on social networks, see which platforms work for youACTION: Invest more in social platforms that are seeing good levels of user engagementRETURN: Encourage more activity in the platforms that show potential, stop investing in platforms that do not work as well, improve your social return
  • DATA: Social actions per page sharedBENEFITS: Quickly see which pages have encouraged social actionsACTION: Pushsuccessful pages more and push lower performing pages to see if they can improveRETURN: Know which pages do and don’t work, move to making sure every page shared creates a good volume of social interactions
  • DATA: Know what you invest, keep a log of your hours/bills and you can work out your social ROI using the social conversion reportsBENEFITS: Knowing whether social media is making or losing you moneyACTION: Invest more or lessRETURN: Track and improve ROI
  • DATA: Last interaction was social and led to these conversions and conversion valueBENEFITS: See which social networks are most valuableACTION: Identify what is working, what’s not working and what needs to improveRETURN: By knowing what’s working and what’s not, you can increase ROI by focussing your effortsALSO: Show your boss what % of conversions happen through social media to convince them of the value of social mediaYou currently can’t export and can’t use in API 
  • DATA: Conversions by social network, shown as a pie chartBENEFITS: Quickly and visually shows what amount of conversions are social ACTION: You can easily see whether social has a big impact on your conversionsRETURN: Use this to convinceyour boss to invest in social
  • DATA: Conversion values by social network, shown as a pie chartBENEFITS: Quickly and visually shows what amount of conversion total value is social ACTION: You can easily see whether social has a big impact on your conversion valueRETURN: Use to convince boss to invest in social media
  • DATA: Social Media visits that assisted conversions, which have assisted more than being the last touch (over 1 in final column)BENEFITS: Identify hidden value of social media and what to continue investing in if something has low last touch conversionsACTIONS: Push some networks more, give up on ones which are not working for assists or last conversionsRETURN: Know where your money is giving a good return and where it isn’t so you can make more money
  • DATA: Assisted vs. Last Interaction Analysis (instead of just last click) to see how social has helped conversions before the end of the journeyBENEFITS: This shows the hidden value of social mediaACTION: If last click conversions from social were not enough to convince your boss, this should be!RETURN: Identify which networks assist and how much value social media adds to your conversions
  • DATA: Full path containing social network, keyword and source/medium information alongside conversion dataBENEFITS: Understand userjourneysACTION: Usechannels in combination to encourage repeat visits and conversionsRETURN: Optimise multi channel marketing more effectively
  • DATA: About Anna LewisBENEFITS: I can help you improve your website analyticsACTION: Email or tweet me!RETURN: Get in touch and I’ll get in touch with you
  • Overlooked, Underloved & Unknown Analytics - SMX London 2012

    1. 1. Overlooked, Underloved & Unknown Analytics Anna Lewis
    2. 2. New Google Analytics Features (2011-2012) Multi Channel Funnels Real Time Reporting Flow Visualisation (Visitor, Goal, Social) Site Speed Webmaster Tools Integration (SEO) Social Reports http://kooz.ai/gafeatures
    3. 3. 1. How to find social2. Social Reports3. Sub-Reports4. Dimension details (URL/Network)5. More Metrics for analysis6. Extra Reports7. Breadcrumb8. Data and Graph choices
    4. 4. Social SummarySocial > Overview
    5. 5. Stats Per Socially Shared URLSocial > Pages
    6. 6. Which Shared Pages Are Successful?Social > Pages > Compared to site average
    7. 7. Off Site Social And Link Activity Per URLSocial > Pages > URL > Social Network and Action
    8. 8. On Page Social ActivityWhat social buttons are clicked?
    9. 9. On Page Social ActivitySocial > Social Plugins > Social Source and Action
    10. 10. Which Pages Have Good Social Interaction?Social > Social Plugins > Compare to site average
    11. 11. Social Media ROI?(Conversion Value – Costs) x 100 Costs
    12. 12. Which Social Networks Convert?Social > Conversions
    13. 13. Social Media’s Share Of ConversionsSocial > Conversions > Percentage Pie
    14. 14. Social Media’s Share Of Conversion ValueSocial > Conversions > Percentage Pie > Select value from drop down
    15. 15. How Social Media Assists ConversionsSocial > Conversions > Assisted vs. Last Interaction Analysis
    16. 16. How Social Media Assists ConversionsSocial > Conversions > Assisted vs. Last Interaction Analysis
    17. 17. Digging Deeper Into Social Journeys What other visits have social users made? Where in the journey does social fit? How valuable are your social media visits? Are you attracting quality users? Utilise Secondary Dimensions
    18. 18. How Social Fits In To Conversion JourneySocial > Conversions > Secondary Dimension = Keyword (Or Source/Medium) Path
    19. 19. Social Reports for Outreach & Brand MonitoringWho’s been interacting with your content?
    20. 20. Track Mentions Of Your ContentSocial > Pages > URL > Activity Stream
    21. 21. Links, Bookmarks And +1s Of Your SiteSocial > Pages > Any URL > Activity Stream > Breadcrumb ALL > Events
    22. 22. +1s Of Your ContentSocial > Pages > Any URL > Activity Stream > Breadcrumb ALL > Events > G+ icon
    23. 23. Social Dashboard http://kooz.ai/socialdash
    24. 24. Social Monitoring Dashboard Visits from Social Networks Visits and Conversions Goal Value by Social Network Data Hub Activities Data Hub Activities by Social Network and Action Social Visitor Loyalty (Visits Count) Interaction by Day of the Week Visits and Pageview by Social Network Data Hub Activities and Visits by Shared URL Social Actions by Shared URL
    25. 25. What To Do With The Data? Calculate ROI Understand users Capitalise on what works Stop or improve low ROI methods Identify and outreach to users Increase profit
    26. 26. Anna Lewis @Koozai_Anna Anna.Lewis@koozai.com www.koozai.com/TV facebook.com/koozai
    27. 27. Further Reading, Custom Reports & Dashboard Social Reports Explored http://kooz.ai/socialga Social Interactions by Day of the Week http://kooz.ai/socialbyday Social Visitor Loyalty http://kooz.ai/socialloyal Social Media Dashboard http://kooz.ai/socialdash