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The loyalty is a complex issue


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In the end the most expensive brands are those that know woo customers. Kindness and good deal on the price premium. Human interaction is the lifeblood that catches customers. You can have a giant business, but if your business does not have “A Soul" or very special person who is magnet for your customers, your entire investment will founder.
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The loyalty is a complex issue

  1. 1. The Loyalty is a complex issue, and ultimately depends not only on the actions of a company, but the interaction of the whole environment. All competitors make their effort to retain, but consumers are not true essence, as often happens in the love camp. If your active a new action to improve your loyalty system, rest assured that competition not only follow your movements, but you could generate ideas faster than your! So the more flexible but thinking always wins. Create a Loyalty card. If your company has a sufficient collection, you can create a loyalty card. I remember as a child (I'm Alvaro April Dineroclub CEO) and loyalty cards were still inadequate, a signature toy Colombia, offered a card Nacoralito Club (Nacoral was the company) and I came a cardboard card mail to you. That caught the attention of thousands of children who felt special in Nacoralito Club. Today all major companies have their loyalty card (no longer new) and fat wallet with so much plastic. People are saturated cards in supermarkets, clubs, plastic money (credit or debit cards, etc.). That's why your card has to be the winner, the most profitable (or illusions provides) to your client prefers to expel from its loyalty card wallet from your competitors. And how to feed that card? You have to create miles or points, which are proportional to the volume of purchases. Connecting hearts. The customer loyalty stems from a shopping experience that creates strong psychological connections. “The attachment to a business is a question of emotions through links that cannot be measured." Are circumstances that have come in many forms: family tradition, by the scent and ambience of its stores because you learn your full name, they know your tastes, because they make discounts to meet you. But be careful, because when that connection is broken come heartbreak that as in the romantic world would have strong repercussions against your brand. You should always remember that this connection should be mutual: The customer will love you only if you show him your love to him (as a company, but this is reflected in the eyes and attention of your employees). You gain nothing by giving the best prizes redeem points if staff did not smile with your customers and not know their names. faithful The " element of surprise " It's good to develop a campaign that captures the attention of your customer. For these cases the BTL (below the line or street marketing campaign) plays a very important role. Many times Humor, a unique show, make a different experience to the user causes it to surprise you with the way your brand and attract you will first top of the mind (your mind). These surprises make it much more difficult for your competitors to imitate you. The most flexible always win market share (market share).
  2. 2. Chess Plays great, no shrapnel shots Usually companies do not care about a thousand things and activities to win customers, but really the winners are those who know how to play with a cool head and make plays chess master and not a multitude of activities you will not differentiate from competitors. The two-way communication We must establish a continuous communication channel. Today internet makes things much. Before it was done by mail or online customer, but not all are encouraged to call. Today internet is at your fingertips and allows you to connect bidirectional. mujeresfieles Provide added value It is always good to offer something more. Any value added will make customers feel important. The added value goes from a back rub when on a plane, spend one delicious cake in a store, and show videos which teach to make up when you sell cosmetics or something crazy idea that you can think as an entrepreneur. Benefit Segmentation and Stratification What you must do is separate levels to customers, and perhaps even provide loyalty cards of different colors for all to see why treat them with better conditions. We must be fair, though. Customers with more privileges must always be the most profitable for your company, without any cronyism. Today a company can choose their preferred customers in the same way that customers select their own flagship products. If a client profile is not yours, let it go to competition. REWARDS Acting in Time You have to be very attentive to the sales curves. If you notice that the curve goes up, you should intensify the good you're doing and if low, you must change these details out of love to your client and add new elements that differentiate you from competitors. Reactivation of your VIP clients Do not allow good clients stop using. You should never let your strong decrease portfolio of clients; according to the Pareto curve are 20% of your customers, who make 80 % of your earnings.
  3. 3. This principle was empirically suggested by Vilfredo Pareto in 1895, says roughly that if we take a population, we can see that there are two groups of individuals. A group of about 20% of all people accumulates 80% of something, while the remaining 80% of individuals will have only 20% of that same something. Since Pareto reached this result empirically, through observation and analysis of the data taking, these results are not analytical, and will vary accordingly. generate emotions Should surround the products and services that make emotional variables competitive, although not the best. A typical fragrance with a fabulous package is very valuable and can be your differential against your competitors. competition It is important to strengthen the relationship with customers and try to catch the competition: first come always wins. Easiest thing in the world will always be looking for the type of client and consume your product. When you're a leader, you are strong, but very vulnerable because all the competitors go after your customers. When you are average or small business have the advantage to try and differentiate your customers, giving them a more personalized experience. Today’s technology makes it possible to turn your business that your customers know more. espionage Do not rest on your laurels. Always be valid monitor your competitors and glad to be able to learn from your competitors. If there are good competitors, your job will be fun and full of setbacks. Of those shocks feed our spirit “marketers”. Never stop making detailed knowledge of your competitors to keep your market! The price is not negotiable If orecio is sales, your customers will buy more temporarily, but when you go to raise your price, no one will buy the new value. Lowering the price is a symptom of declining business. So if you reduce your prices is the market value, but not by desperation to increase your sales. Your gifts are useless, what they want is your smile In the end the most expensive brands are those that know woo customers. Kindness and good deal on the price premium. Human interaction is the lifeblood that catches customers. You can have a giant business, but if your business does not have “A Soul" or very special person who is magnet for your customers, your entire investment will founder. See more about loyalty cards UK
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