How Your Brand Can Effectively Gain Loyalty


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Usurp loyalty share from competitors by rewarding your early adopters, making improvements through customer feedback, and remaining true to the core pillars that fueled your initial successes.

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How Your Brand Can Effectively Gain Loyalty

  2. 2. Myth #1: you need to acquire as many customers as possible to truly make it.
  3. 3. Truth: generating and retaining customer loyalty is not an all or nothing endeavor.
  4. 4. You do not need every customer to achieve a high level of success.
  5. 5. Seizing customer loyalty is about winning who you can.
  6. 6. Focus on customers who adopt early.
  7. 7. Furthermore, work to understand why your first customers became your first customers.
  8. 8. What did they see in your brand?
  9. 9. Ask for their insights, and revise your messaging to target the right segments.
  10. 10. When you target the appropriate demographics, you will notice a positive shift in customer loyalty and retention.
  11. 11. But do not just take their opinions and run.
  12. 12. Thank them with a personal, hand-written note.
  13. 13. Or send them a thoughtful, relevant gift.
  14. 14. Customers that perceive meaningful brand engagements will do wonders for your brand.
  15. 15. Myth #2: your product is the offering.
  16. 16. Truth: your product is just part of the offering.
  17. 17. If you treat your first customers right…
  18. 18. they will perceive your brand in a positive light, regardless of the product’s quality.
  19. 19. they are more likely to be patient with your iterations. If the customers took a chance on your brand to begin with,
  20. 20. keep them up to speed regarding product updates and brand messaging. Do not take their patience for granted;
  21. 21. The other piece of the offering arises from…
  22. 22. word-of-mouth recommendations, referrals, and testimonials.
  23. 23. When you convert you first customers into patrons of the brand…
  24. 24. they will naturally sell for you.
  25. 25. Since we are highly influenced by our friends…
  26. 26. we often take their advice without thinking twice.
  27. 27. The referral process assumes a cyclical form, and soon a brand builds a loyal contingency from its original customers.
  28. 28. So what happens when your brand starts to grow a sizeable customer base?
  29. 29. Nothing!
  30. 30. You should continue to do what got you there, to the best possible extent, of course.
  31. 31. Far too often, companies become content with their respective brands.
  32. 32. Complacency is a death sentence in the competitive markets.
  33. 33. While satisfied companies ride the wave, newcomers work tirelessly to usurp loyalty share.
  34. 34. It does not matter if these complacent companies are Apple or Google.
  35. 35. They will eventually lose the battle.
  36. 36. Just remember, customers may leave a brand as quickly as they joined.
  37. 37. Most industries are incredibly competitive, with countless competitors worthy of someone’s business.
  38. 38. So to stay on top….
  39. 39. you must prioritize customer experience and engagement.
  40. 40. This may seem like a scary process.
  41. 41. After all, maintaining loyalty share is a marathon, not a sprint.
  42. 42. Yet loyal customers understand that there may be bumps in the road.
  43. 43. If you make the effort to do things the right way…
  44. 44. they will stick with you for the ride!
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  46. 46. If you’re a B2C marketer ready to take your customer experience to the next level please contact us on the next page.