Unit: Myself Topic: Occupation


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Unit: Myself Topic: Occupation

  1. 1. Unit : Myself Topic : Occupation Mattayomsuksa 5
  2. 3. What did you see in the VDO? Are there ten occupations in the VDO?
  3. 4. astronaut (n.) Vocabulary
  4. 5. plumber (n.)
  5. 6. authority (n.)
  6. 7. abide (vi.)
  7. 8. profession (n.)
  8. 9. cure (v.)
  9. 10. option(n.)
  10. 11. A person trained to pilot, navigate, or otherwise participate as a crew member of a spacecraft. astronaut The power derived from opinion, respect, or esteem; influence of character, office, or station authority 1 2 An occupation or career 3 profession
  11. 12. Structure If-clause If + present simple + future simple If-clause – type 1
  12. 13. -For possible condition, if-clause (present simple) and main-clause (future simple) if-clause (present simple) ==> v.1 main-clause (future simple) ==> will, shall, can, may + v.1 If-clause – type 1
  13. 14. Example - If you like sharing your knowledge with others, you can become a teacher. - If someone breaks the law , you can arrest him or her. if-clause v.1 main-clause will, shall, can, may + v.1
  14. 16. <ul><li>likes, become b. like, become </li></ul><ul><li>c. likes, became d. like, became </li></ul>Choose the correct answer Review structure If you do not ______ that one, you can ________a police officer. 1 b. like, become like become
  15. 17. <ul><li>a. does not likes, you could became </li></ul><ul><li>b. does not like, you could become </li></ul><ul><li>c. do not like, you can became </li></ul><ul><li>d. do not like, you can become </li></ul>If you_____________ this profession, ________________a dentist. 2 do not like you can become
  16. 18. The Different Occupations Nowadays, there are many different occupations that one can choose. For example, if you like sharing your knowledge with others, you can become a teacher.
  17. 19. This job is not easy, but at least you will get summer vacation like all the students do. If you do not like that one, you can become a police officer. This occupation is excellent for those who have a good sense of authority, since you will have to make sure people abide by the law.
  18. 20. If someone breaks the law, you can arrest him or her. But if what you want is to help people, why not become a doctor? That way, when people get sick, you can help them feel better. If you do not like this profession, you can become a dentist. That occupation requires knowing medicine, but you would only work on people’s dental health.
  19. 21. If you like medicine, but you do not want to cure people, you can also help animals, and you can become a vet. Another good job if you want to help people is that of a firefighter. But this is a dangerous job, since you would have to be very close to fire all the time, trying to put them out. If you want to work in something safer, there are many other options. Would you like to go to the moon? Maybe you can work as an astronaut.
  20. 22. Or maybe you can work as a mail carrier, delivering mail. If that still does not suit you, you can also consider working as a flight attendant. It may be boring to serve food to people, but at least you will be doing it on a plane. That way, you would be able to travel more.
  21. 23. The last option I can tell you about is an interesting job in which you must fix pipes. If you do not mind doing that, you can become a plumber. I hope you have found an occupation that you like. If not, keep looking. You will find one that is just perfect for you!
  22. 24. How many occupations are there in the text? Which occupation that have to sharing knowledge with others?
  23. 25. Activity 1 – Task 1: “My best occupation” Find your partners and choose six words from text 3. After, you have to make the short story on this topic “My best occupation” Remark: - Try to make sentence from the words to compose the short story that are relation
  24. 26. Example
  25. 27. Example
  26. 28. Activity 2 – Task 2: “One or two” Compare and contrast. What are the similarities and differences about two occupations that you choose from the box below. Which one is an occupation that you like the most? Why?
  27. 29. Example
  28. 30. Example
  29. 31. Activity 3 – Perfect Definition Make a group of 4 peoples. Try to think what do you understand the word “Teacher.” What do you think should be its limitations?
  30. 32. Activity 3 – Perfect Definition
  31. 33. Activity 4 – Task 3: I want to be Write the essay on this topic “I want to be”. What is an occupation that you want to be in the future the most? Why? Discuss and explain.
  32. 34. Activity 4 – Task 3: I want to be