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Future of Learning Forecast 3.0: Recombinant Education


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This forecast previews five disruptions that will reshape learning over the next decade. Responding to them with creativity rather than fear will be critical to preparing all learners for an uncertain future. #Education #FutureofEducation

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Future of Learning Forecast 3.0: Recombinant Education

  1. 1. Katherine Prince • October 17, 2013
  2. 2. Looking Ahead The future is not a fixed point. It is ours to create.
  3. 3. What if…
  4. 4. Reinventing Education
  5. 5. An Expanded Learning Ecosystem
  6. 6. What if... W could we could reinvent learning e for today’s needs?
  7. 7. Learning Organization(s) “School” will take many forms. Sometimes it will be self-organized.
  8. 8. Unbounded Learning Learning will no longer be defined by time and place – unless a learner wants to learn at a particular time and in a particular place.
  9. 9. Learning Playlists Learners and their families will create individualized learning playlists reflecting their particular interests, goals, and values.
  10. 10. Radical Personalization W hatever the path, radical personalization will become the norm, with learning approaches and supports tailored to each learner.
  11. 11. What if... W had new ways of supporting e learning?
  12. 12. New Learning Agent Roles Educators’ jobs will diversify as many new learning agent roles emerge to support learning. •Student Mentors •Course Mentors •Program Faculty •Program Councils •Program Managers •Curriculum Developers •Evaluators •Success Coach •Interdisciplinary Learning Designer •Teaching Assistant
  13. 13. Brokering and Curation A wide variety of digital networks, platforms, and content resources will help learners and learning agents connect and learn.
  14. 14. Learning Analytics Some of those tools will use rich data to provide insight into learning and suggest strategies for success.
  15. 15. What if... The contexts surrounding learning changed dramatically?
  16. 16. New Learning Landscapes At the same time, geographic and virtual communities will take ownership of learning in new ways, blending it with other kinds of activity.
  17. 17. Shared Solutions As more people take it upon themselves to find solutions, a new wave of social innovation will help address resource constraints and other challenges.
  18. 18. DIY Credentialing Diverse forms of credentials, certificates, and reputation markers will reflect the many ways in which people learn and demonstrate mastery.
  19. 19. Ad Hoc Employment Networks W ork will evolve so rapidly that continuous career readiness will become the norm.
  20. 20. Key Skills for Future Employment • • • • • • • Continuous learning Multitasking Managing disruptions Ability to embrace change Experimentation Problem-solving Quick analysis of information
  21. 21. What if… Learning adapted to each child instead of each child trying to adapt to school?
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