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Wvsd pro d visual map2010


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Wvsd pro d visual map2010

  1. 1. Professional Development Quality Professional Development Core Values of PD in WVSD 1. Improves learning for all 1. Our primary learning focus is on improving student learning students 2. We work collaboratively on district, school and team goals 2. Deepens learning for teachers because teaching is too hard to do alone 3. Centered on teams within 3. Our work is supported by current research schools and embedded in teachers' work Dennis Sparks, Linda Darlington- Hammond, Fred Newmann, Peter Senge School Individual District -Connected to school plan and - Based on professional - WVSD goals are informed by corresponding school goals growth plans Ministry of Education and Board of Education directions -Development of a professional - WVTA, WVAA support learning culture structures to facilitate growth -WVSD works to align district - Planning for PD is based on opportunities and school goals long term and short term - Ideally there is a connection -WVSD supports school and school goals with school goals to facilitate collaborative goals learning opportunities Collaborative Teams - Entry Points •How does your school develop a focus for collaborative teams? (i.e. school goals? assessment results?) •What are your school's entry/focus points to support student learning? How were these entry/focus points decided upon? Collaborative Teams - Structures •What are your school's structures to support the collaborative process? • How are your collaborative teams formed? •How do you create time for learning teams to meet? Collaborative Teams - Student Learning •How do you know your professional learning focus has improved student learning? •What structures do you have in place to facilitate on-going and summative reflection of progress?