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  2. 2. about Karen Frye, Emmy Award winning producer, has always been inspired by film. As a child, Karen was mesmerized by her father’s Revere Eye-Matic camera that he used to make home videos. That same camera now sits beside her desk as inspiration and a reminder to continue pursuing her dream each and every day. After years as executive director of The Frye Family Foundation, a charity developed by Karen’s son, NBA player Channing Frye, she was ready to make art and film the highest priority in life. Her journey as a KAREN FRYE member of the NBA family and through life-changing(filmmaker / artist / advocate) decisions, she uses her experiences to inspire others through her artistic endeavors. In her spare time she is a captain on her dragon boat racing team.
  3. 3. aboutAn Oregon Corporation founded in 2011, Human NotHollywood, Inc. (HNH) is engaged in the business ofTV, film, and Internet content production. HNH is dedicated tocreating life changing, fun and creative media projects thatleverage the changing ways of monetization. HNH delivers real-world projects that focus on the human aspects oflife, engaging our audience as a diverse community and sharedexperience.Tony Bash and Chris Cardamone, the original founders ofHuman Not Hollywood wanted to capitalize on their skill setsand find members that would augment the overall company’sservice offering. Bash, as a Brand Marketing and strategyexpert, felt that with Cardamone, an expert in TelevisionProduction, Human Not Hollywood could create “stimulatingcontent that connects” not only to the human spirit butspecifically appeal to segmented demographics or affinitygroups and to advertisers interested in reaching these groups.
  4. 4. &The collaboration of Karen Frye Productions & Human Not HollywoodProductions is based on the premise that both are dedicated to creating lifechanging, stimulating, and creative content for TV, Film, and the Internet. Thesecompanies strive to create real world projects that focus on the Human aspectsof life, rather than what Hollywood thinks we should see.This collaboration also means that you probably won’t see us make theHousewives of anywhere doing anything! Our projects are created with peoplein mind; that is real people with real problems and from a diverse, honestperspective.
  5. 5. DOCUMENTARIES “When Cancer Returns 8x: The Mary Schnack Story” (Recently shown at the 2012 Sedona International Film Festival) The Mary Schnack Story tells of a warrior. One who led women in business... who raised a special needs child... who ran her own company... And who battled cancer eight times...SYNOPSIS“When Cancer Returns 8x: The Mary Schnack Story” is a documentary about asuccessful and strong woman who was diagnosed with cancer eight times. The filmfollows her through her reflections on the numerous battles with cancer and how shehas managed to cope with the trials and tribulations that were to follow. As a strong-willed woman, Mary continued to have faith that she could conquer her cancer, evenafter it returned a startling eight times. * Upcoming Documentary: “The Camisard”
  6. 6. TELEVISION SERIES The Sisterhood: Basketball Moms (Promotion in Progress) An in-depth docu-series about the untold struggles and successes of the mothers of the NBA’s finest. We find each NBA mom at a crossroads in her life, but the sisterhood is powerful. The women help each other to learn about themselves and grow into strong women ready to continue their journeys. Click to play PRESENTATION Click to play BACKSTORIES PROMOTIONS: - Sports in the City Events: Multi-City event to promote women’s health and fitness - NBA Support: Social media platform with #AskNBAMoms
  7. 7. SPORTS COMMENTARY BY WOMEN Girlfriends Talk Sports (GTS) is not your daddy’s sports talk show. Girlfriends are women who talk about sports the way women do. Statistics and play-by- plays won’t be found here. The girlfriends talk about the players, the drama, the news and, of course, the occasional gossip. Karen Frye, mother of NBA player Channing Frye, created GTS when she saw a missing link in the world of sports commentary – women talking about sports the way women do. NBA Support Webisodes Social
  8. 8. NBA SUPPORT & PARTNERSHIP PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES VIA THE NBA’S SOCIAL NETWORKING Activity: Include Girlfriends Talk Sports (GTS) with KFrye content on NBA sites •The NBA’s Facebook page currently boasts over 7.7 million fans and we have the ability to geo-target posts to certain fan demographics. The NBA could send out posts with GTS content targeted by gender to the NBA’s female fans on Facebook. •The NBA’s Twitter page currently boasts over 2.3 million followers. The NBA retweets GTS content relevant to our general fanbase. •As a way of generating interest in a female focused NBA site, GTS blogs reside on the NBA/WNBA sites in to develop a fanbase for it and then have it live on NBA.com or the NBA facebook page..
  9. 9. other projectsHalf/In Real MuddersIntervention meets Super Tracks the true life stories ofNanny for failing blended Tough Mudder particpants asand bi-racial step families. they take on the toughest 12 miles 25 event obstacle course on planet. Done When Its FunAiming High “The Office” meets videogamesMartial arts school reforms tracking the inter office wackyTeenage juvenile delinquents antics of PopCap Games theand bullies teaching them creates of Plants V. Zombies.discipline & acceptance.The Hostel Life Intl Champion of ChampionsMehdy Ghannad travels the The oldest ring sport,global on a budget staying Muay Thai, is coming to the USat hostels and seeking any in a bracket format to crowntype of adventure. Bourdain the undisputed Internationalmeets Rick Steves. Champion of Champions.
  10. 10. KARNE FRYE 602.451.0895 (C)karen@girlfriendstalksports.comANTHONY BASH 971.400.4964 (C)tonybash@humannothollywood.comCHRIS CARDAMONE 310.435.1963 (C)chriscardamone@humannothollywood.com