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Top 40 Facebook Fan Pages as voted by Likeable

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  • -travel target audience
  • Vin Diesel has 21,792,297 fans on FB
  • Facebook top 40 Fan Pages

    1. 2. This is Likeable Media.
    2. 3. Our Story. Our Story
    3. 4. Our Mission. To leverage social media and word of mouth marketing to create more transparent, responsive, likeable companies, organizations and governments.
    4. 5. Making companies more likeable – in every sense of the word <ul><li>“ Like”able </li></ul>Our Passion.
    5. 6. The Shocking Truth. If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world. 500 billion minutes are spent on Facebook per month. 25 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook per month. Facebook has more traffic on their site than Google.
    6. 7. <ul><ul><li>Word of Mouth will always be the best form of advertising for your organization. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Friends will always take advice from friends… </li></ul></ul>What Does This Mean For You?
    7. 8. But With Social Media, The Definition Of Friends Has Changes Drastically.
    8. 9. Facebook’s natural virality allows users to endorse your center with the click of a button to hundreds of their friends.
    9. 10. The Top 25 Client Pages on Facebook as voted by Likeable Disclosure: These are all current or former clients of Likeable . We didn’t allow clients to be eligible for our Top 40, but we wanted to showcase some of our favorites. Introducing…
    10. 11. Ritani Contest brought in 5,634 ‘likes’ in one day.
    11. 12. Boston sexED The BPHC acquired over 2000 ‘ likes’ through this campaign.
    12. 13. Stride Rite Over 57,000 interactions with the online moments book since the November 2010 launch.
    13. 14. Our Jewish Community Has an engaged community of 7,196 ‘likers’ from 26 countries
    14. 15. Cumberland Farms Fan call-to-action led the page to over 140,000 ‘likers’ and “Free Chill Zone Days!”
    15. 16. Uno Chicago Grill App allowed fans to create their own pizza and ultimately impact change within the organization.
    16. 17. The Pampered Chef Ad Stats : Average rate of $0.11 and $0.06 per new Like Lowest cost per fan rate in Likeable history and likely in the industry
    17. 18. Shop for flowers without ever leaving their Facebook page. 1-800-Flowers.com
    18. 19. Entenmann’s Special Fan Offers- ‘like’ and be rewarded!
    19. 20. Visit Salt Lake App allows traveler to organize their perfect vacation.
    20. 21. Neutrogena Offering fans special offers and coupons!
    21. 22. Beverly Hospital Customizable apps to fit the needs of the specific page.
    22. 23. PopCorners Raves allows the fans to get involved on the page and have their voice heard in a BIG way!
    23. 24. Voices Against Brain Cancer Campaign that encourages engagement for charity!
    24. 25. The Crime Scene (Penguin Books) Using Facebook questions to create conversation and engagement on the page.
    25. 26. Hayneedle Creative promotion that allows the user to build their own dream backyard using Hayneedle products.
    26. 27. Verizon Fios Personalized responses gives this company a human touch!
    27. 28. Golden Malted Offers shareable recipes they know their fans will love!
    28. 29. Restaurant.com Different content posted everyday with great fan interaction.
    29. 30. Galveston Island Tourism Photos help the island come alive.
    30. 31. Turnstone YouTube integration helps combine their social networks and provides valuable content
    31. 32. Extra Space Reaching out to fans on a welcome tab that gives Facebook fans one free month of storage!
    32. 33. iChoose600 (NY DOH) The Calorie Counter is a fun, user-friendly way to promote their campaign.
    33. 34. Pendaflex Welcome tab showcasing their current promotion and easy links to other social networks.
    34. 35. Venus on Fire Mars on Ice Links to different ways you can buy the best selling book with a special message from the author.
    35. 36. The Top 40 Pages on Facebook as voted by Likeable Introducing…
    36. 37. True Religion Brand Jeans Exclusive fan content.
    37. 38. Their welcome page is up to date with current media. Armani Exchange
    38. 39. The Contradictionary wall allows users to submit and share. Starburst
    39. 40. Seinfeld The Nothing! Tab has games, trivia, and quotes for true fans.
    40. 41. Hilton Hotels It has rewards program information and levels.
    41. 42. Shop & Share gives you the ability to ask your friends about what you’re looking for. Best Buy
    42. 43. Toy Story The Toy Creator and exclusive content gives fans a way to extend the Toy Story experience.
    43. 44. Lady Gaga Offers music directly on the page and leaves a place for fans to leave comments.
    44. 45. Nikon Has contests, information, questions, and photos taken by customers.
    45. 46. Vans Offthewall.tv allows users to watch exclusive videos
    46. 47. Skittles The Rainbow Tab is bright and colorful, drawing the eye. PLUS it is filled with tons of interesting content.
    47. 48. Family Guy Welcome Page has full episodes for viewers!
    48. 49. Cheesecake Factory This page utilizes photo contests, and apps like ‘find your cheesecake match’.
    49. 50. McDonalds Optimized profile pictures and welcome tab that contains featured new products.
    50. 51. Mercedes-Benz Frequently updated and showcases the newest models
    51. 52. Member privileges: Shop Your Way Rewards. Sears
    52. 53. Macy’s Connecting with their fans by using ‘Trend Report’ to show users how to wear the latest styles.
    53. 54. Constant updating of news in the music world. Alternative Press
    54. 55. Despicable Me Great interactive page with games and photos.
    55. 56. Brooklyn Museum The art share app lets you preview art on display.
    56. 57. Welcome Tab with the ability to watch a full fashion show. Louis Vuitton
    57. 58. Has a virtual garage and a blogosphere Chevy
    58. 59. Featured Tab is very interactive and integrates other social networks. iTunes
    59. 60. Buffalo Wild Wings Active discussion board & Wing Trivia Contest.
    60. 61. Youtube Life in a Day Tab shows over 80,000 submitted videos
    61. 62. Integrated Flickr stream with videos and photos Audi
    62. 63. Harley Davidson Has over 17,000 photos and short videos
    63. 64. Stay up to date with the news stream. CNN
    64. 65. Chuck Palahniuk Updates often and with a variety of content.
    65. 66. Fun, interactive game gives users a chance to win discount cards. Forever 21
    66. 67. One of the only airlines that allows you to buy tickets right from Facebook. Delta
    67. 68. Subaru of America Attracting a niche market- Dog Owners!
    68. 69. Chipotle Wrap What You Love allows you to vote and Chipotle will donate to the cause of your choice
    69. 70. Starbucks Around The World shows fans just how global their brand is. Starbucks
    70. 71. Tab changes for each program they are promoting and it always stays up to date. Fuse TV
    71. 72. Page gives users great recipes they can use with their bagels! Brueggers
    72. 73. Get to know your dentist with their blog! 1-800-Dentist
    73. 74. The &quot;Fans Only&quot; and &quot;LUMIX Support&quot; tabs on the site give people a reason to ‘like’ this page. Panasonic
    74. 75. Stories, tips, and testimonials help people get inspired! Gold’s Gym
    75. 76. Great product information can help you decide on right product for you. Sennheiser
    76. 77. So much fan interaction on their wall! Sephora
    77. 78. Sprint They update frequently with information that their audience finds relevant and interesting.
    78. 79. Top 10 Recommendations to Make Your Organization More Likeable on Facebook
    79. 80. 1. way beyond women 25-54: define your target audience better than ever
    80. 82. 2. think – and act – like your customer
    81. 85. 3. compel your customers to be your first fans
    82. 87. 4. respond quickly to all bad comments
    83. 90. 5. respond to good comments too
    84. 92. online influencers… the new celebrities?
    85. 93. 6. be authentic
    86. 95. 7. be honest & transparent
    87. 97. 8. should you ask a lot of questions?
    88. 98. 1. Pose a question or challenge directly to fans 2. Ask fans to “like” it 3. Announce winners of a Facebook-hosted contest or sweepstakes 4. Include “everything else” – all remaining status updates that didn’t fit any of the above categories in a recent study, Likeable Media looked at status updates that…
    89. 99. • In 100% of cases, engagement rates for posts that asked fans to “‘Like’ this” were up to 5.5 times (on average 2.7x) higher than those for “other updates”.* • In 9 out of 10 cases, status updates that posed a question directly to fans were 2-6 times as engaging as “other updates”. Likeable Media found the following…
    90. 101. 9. inspire your customers to share stories
    91. 104. 10. consistently deliver excitement, surprise, & delight
    92. 105. free chillzones
    93. 106. like us! http:// likelikeable.com /
    94. 107. Likeable.com Engage with us @LikeableMedia on Twitter Ask us questions @ Facebook.com/LikeableMedia Or, email me anytime dave@likeable.com Get the Likeable! (The Book) http:// buylikeable.com thank you/grand prize/ I love feedback