Pull (The Movie) Press Kit


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Pull (The Movie) Press Kit

  1. 1. PRESS KIT
  2. 2. PRESS KITContactsSales RepresentativesTBAFilmmaker/ProducersB.J. KingMarcus ReddDirectorDanielle L. RossPublic RelationsRanda Manning-Johnson | House of P.RPH: 619-600-6934 | Fax: 609-318-7401Randa@HouseofPR.comhttp://www.HouseofPR.comInternethttp://www.TheCureNetworkOnline.comGenreShort | Action | Drama | ThrillerTable Of ContentsSynopsisCastFilmmaker/Producer BioProducer/Dir. of Photography BioDirector BioCreditsGallery
  3. 3. PRESS KITSynopsis/CastA chance meeting sends high school All-Star, De’Jon, running for his life when hecrosses paths with Mac, an ex-con with a grudge, looking to settle a score andavenge his sisters good name.Keith Burke ... MacCharity Burton ... Yolonda (voice)Mariana Campos ... LisaCharo Cantrell ... YolondaBrandon George ... ThugMatt Grace ... CiscoJuhahn Jones ... DeJonAntonio Ramirez ... ThugChuck EduardoTaylor... Derty RobVincent M. Ward ...Chief (as VincentWard)
  4. 4. PRESS KITJohnny “BJ” King, (born March 8, 1968), is from Pasadena, California. Aformer student of John Muir high school which is known for a number ofnotable graduates such as baseball legend Jackie Robinson, Van Halenfront man David Lee Roth, Olympic Gold Medalist Inger Miller and NBAStars Stacey Augmon and Jacque Vaughn to name a few.After having been exposed to the fast life at a very young age he foundhimself placed in a position upon which he ultimately ended up spendingnearly four years in a state prison.A young father and determined to change his life, BJ decided to pursue hispassion for music. A chance meeting with American Mogul, Entrepreneurand Iconic Rap Producer Andre “Dr. Dre” Young was the headway to himbecoming Young’s right hand man.King, one of the founding members of Death Row Records, remained withthe company for nearly a decade. Which lead to him becominginstrumental in developing some of the artists and concepts that helpedWest Coast rap gain its notoriety?After a brief hiatus, BJ began his most prized endeavor to date which wasthe launch of The Cure Entertainment company, which has since beenrenamed The Cure Network, in addition to working as a consultant forthree of the more notable record labels in the United States.In 2011 BJ began his venture into the television and film industry afterdiscovering, while in the music industry, that he had an uncanny knack forstorytelling and an unsurpassed vision for movies and films.His first debut is a short feature film entitled “Pull”, which is based on atrue story and tells the tale of his own son. The story takes place in LosAngeles and chronicles the life events of a father who was well connected,respected and loved within his community, and his son who is being keptalive by the “Pull” of his father after being accused of a horrendous crime.BJ King believes that it is his responsibility to tell the stories that otherfilmmakers have not told. He plans to bridge the gap between the filmand music industry and produce new talent while inspiring others torealize that “success and all of the things you desire are not out of reach”.BJ King and The Cure Network intends to leave a huge legacy, and solidifya mark in the entertainment industry, fulfilling his life’s purpose by blazingthrough uncharted territories. Brace Yourself!!Filmmaker/Producer BiographyBJ King
  5. 5. PRESS KITProducer/Director of Photography BiographyMarcus ReddIn a world where image is everything, Photographer / Director of Photography Marcus Redd of MarcusRedd Media (MRM), captures the bare essence of it all. When it comes to conceptualizing marketingmasterpieces that will instantly capture the imagination and bolster brand identity to consumers, thevisionary direction of MRM is a necessity. An icon acclaimed for his pivotal branding, innovative styleand eye for beauty and fashion, has won him longevity in a business known for having a revolvingdoor. His reputation as a well-rounded photographer proceeds him. The integrity and professionalismof MRM has earned Marcus credible praise throughout the photography industry. With more thantwenty 20 years under his belt, Marcus has photographed various notable celebrities, events andcampaigns. His versatility as a photographer, graphic designer and constant love for the lens took histalent to the next level to become a Director of Photography.In line with Redds incredible business savvy and keen sense of art and visual impact has assures everypromotional piece that leaves his studio to become the ticket to stardom for many. Marcus amassedteam of stylists, designers, make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers, editors, and graphic artistssurpasses the expectation of every client while winning the notoriety, audience and envy of the leadingadvertising firms.Marcus believes that getting it all done is not enough but getting it done with the wow factor is a must.His work is a breath of fresh air, in an industry saturated by mediocrity and status quo. His motto, if youcan dream it, he can do it.
  6. 6. PRESS KITDirector BiographyDanielle L. RossDanielle L. Ross is a Pasadena, CA native. Outside of her dreams of wanting to become anAstronaut, she has always loved the cinema and after an impressive five feature films, her lovestill remains. Danielle paid her dues as a PA on a number of big budget studio films andtelevision shows which left her wanting more. Danielles desire to create lead her to decideearly in her career to take the independent route. In 2001 she opted to launch Southern PeachEntertainment along with her mother and business partner Stephanie Cunningham. Together in2003 they produced and financed the short film "Hindsight" which later on became the featurefilm "Voyeur In Hindsight". Danielle credits a willing group of young artists, determination, andthe "school of hard knocks" for her ability to achieve the seemingly impossible. In 2005,Danielle added the credit of Award-Winning Producer to her list of accomplishments with thesuccess of the comedy feature "Ganked". Her first two directorial debuts, "He Who Finds AWife" and "Voyeur In Hindsight", screened at the prestigious Pan African Film & Arts Festival inLos Angeles to sold out audiences in 2007. As a result, in 2010 she took on the challenge ofproducing the sequel to the fan favorite, "He Who Finds a Wife 2: Thou Shall Not Covet". In2011 she produced the action short film "Pull", and completed her fifth feature film, theromantic comedy "Back Then" which she wrote, directed, and produced about growing up inher hometown of Pasadena.
  7. 7. PRESS KITCreditsProduced byB.J. KingExecutive producerMarcus ReddExecutive producerMarcus ReddProducerOriginal Music byKhalel DumazCinematography byMarcus ReddFilm Editing byMarcus ReddCasting byKeisha RichardsonCostume Design byOphelia HarperMakeup DepartmentKatie MiddletonMakeup artistSecond Unit Director or AssistantDirectorRhonda MormanAssistant directorSound DepartmentRaul GuzmanSound mixer
  8. 8. PRESS KITCamera and Electrical DepartmentLaSalle BarnesCamera operatorStephanie CunninghamAdditional photographyClyde GillettAdditional photographySteven Bolo GinyardSteadicam operatorJohnel LangerstonAssistant cameraLeonard ThompsonCamera operatorOther crewCharo CantrellProduction coordinatorLawrence DavyLocation manager
  9. 9. PRESS KITGallery
  10. 10. PRESS KIT