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  1. 1. F-Commerce
  2. 2. Who here’s on Facebook?
  3. 3. Who’s ever bought anything on Facebook?
  4. 4. This slide relies heavily on people having notbought stuff on Facebook….
  5. 5. Doesn’t this tell us something?
  6. 6. We’re meant to be digital nativesThe Digital VanguardWe’ve spent day’s and weeks and months within Facebook.We’ve organised our lives, shared parties, photos, relationships.We’ve really invested in Facebook.In fact US, citizens now spend 16% of their online time on Facebook.Yet, people in the room have signed up to a (possibly) over-hyped new platform than have made a transactionon a the one platform they probably spend the most time
  7. 7. “But that’s not why I go on Facebook”
  8. 8. “I go on Facebook to:” Share the Post pictures trainers you of Peckham want to buy in the snow Save the Look at plight of a pictures of native Dogs American tribe
  9. 9. Last year, these brand’s had F-commercesolutions Max Ted Baker W Hotels Factor Super Penguin Pizza Hut Dry Books UK
  10. 10. Now they don’t Max Ted Baker W Hotels Factor Super Penguin Pizza Hut Dry Books UK
  11. 11. Commerce on Facebook is largelycrap
  12. 12. See…
  13. 13. Brand’s have shoehorned their commercesites onto Facebook
  14. 14. It’s not adding anything to your shoppingexperience…
  15. 15. So who’s doing it well?
  16. 16. Heinz - get well soup Allows users to personalise packaging And send to friends
  17. 17. Odeon - cinema organiser Allows users to see which film is playing where And create a Facebook event to invite their friends to
  18. 18. Heinz - balsamic ketchup trialing Rewards Facebook Fans
  19. 19. And brands are socialising their sites
  20. 20. Ticketmaster – find where your friends aresat Allows users to see who’s attending the gig And see where they’re sat
  21. 21. ASOS – You choose Used a social mechanic to decide what items when on sale
  22. 22. Etsy - gift recommendations Allow you to sign in with Facebook and receive gift information for friends.
  23. 23. There’s a huge difference
  24. 24. There’s a huge difference This is inherently social
  25. 25. There’s a huge difference This is shoehorn
  26. 26. Why do these examples work?
  27. 27. These commerce examples were born frombrand benefits
  28. 28. Commerce on Facebook? Don’t shoehorn your ecommerce1 platform into Facebook – make it a unique experience Make it easier for consumers 2 Make it fun 3