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Movie Business Plan


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CROWNING Ceremony for the winner of the Pageant titled: MISS senZasianalUSA 2009 will go through to our FINAL heat for Miss senZasianal2009 in Mumbai event to gain further work in Bollywoodas well as standing a chance to win a lead role in a Bollywoodfeature film.

Movie Business Plan

  1. 1. JMD CREATIONS PRESENTS’ Love and Alysha ~ A Heart Warming Romantic Comedy ~
  2. 2. OUR MISSION  To focus on socially relevant material that challenges the audience to explore new ideas, beliefs and analyses of society.  To create Entertaining Feature Films of incredible production value in an independent manner not limited by the studio development process.  To develop brilliant Cross-Cultural Films that can be targeted to multiple markets around the World.
  3. 3. SIMI VAN SCOY WRITER / DIRECTOR Simi graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2003. After intensive training with Bob Luke Studios in New York, the same studio that trained famous Hollywood stars such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, she pursued a career in acting. After a commendable performance and TV debut on The Gian Carlo Cooking Show- TBS, she discovered that her passion lied “behind the scenes”. Simi went on to become a volunteer acting coach for George Mason University and assisted on local theatrical productions such as Mamma Mia! and Grease. After several great experiences with theatre, Simi decided to direct her motivations toward the film industry. She was the production manager on short films such as Lost Pockets, and production assistant on feature film Ghosts Don’t Exist. Though she has worked on many memorable projects, she gained the most experience and knowledge working on Extrospection and When Kiran met Karan as the first assistant director with renowned director Manan Singh Katohora. Never forgetting her passion for writing, in the last two years, Simi has managed to complete two feature film screenplays- Control, and more recently Love & Alysha, which will be her directorial debut.
  4. 4. MANAN SINGH KATOHORA WRITER / PRODUCER / DIRECTOR Manan Singh Katohora, known for his famous blog "WhackyWed" - has always lived in 2 parallel worlds - reel world and real world. Manan studied Computer Engineering in Pune and this is where he came in close contact with the art of filmmaking. After his MBA from Pennsylvania-USA, he got himself scriptwriting diploma from NYC. His movie, as actor and assistant-director „Flavors‟, released theatrically July 16 2004 in North America. His directorial debut ARYA, a closed room psychological thriller released in spring 2005, and was nominated for 3 South Asian Media Awards. Lead Actress Shetal Shah won 2005 Best Actress SAMA for Manan's ARYA. Then he went on to make commercials for ZEE, NY1, CNN, ITV and Sony TV. Following which he directed a music video featuring Reggie Benjamin, Sukhbir and Brandie Roderick of Baywatch, Starsky & Hutch fame. Thanks to the success of „ARYA‟, he featured in the „TOP 50 Indian-Americans list‟, in 2005, at #39‟. 2009 was very productive. His second feature 'When Kiran Met Karen„(WKMK) is currently playing at festivals around the world. He directed two more shorts - a comedy "Amar Ash Anthony" featuring famous comedians Vidur Kapur and Dan Nainan, and a drama 'Extrospection" featuring real life mother and daughter actors Susham Bedi and Purva Bedi. He is one of the few independent South Asian filmmakers whose film has screened twice in Switzerland. He was recently on the cover of WASHINGTON POST – as the Producer of “E-Preeti” . Also, his film, When Kiran Met Karen, a big festival hit, has had 16 successful screenings in past 9 months around the world – more recently 4 screenings in Germany, and 2 screenings at the prestigious Penn State University. WKMK is represented by Echelon Entertainment (US). (NOTE: Please look at „Appendix A‟ for links on Manan and his work.)
  5. 5. DEVASISH RAY MEDIA ADVISORY Devasish Ray is the Bureau Chief for TV ASIA. Devasish Ray joined US Asian as Executive Director. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas of media relations, business relations and public relations outreach. Ray is a senior and print and television journalist who has been in the media business for over 15 years. He is also the CEO of Ray PR & Media- a media and public relations strategist firm. He has launched and implemented successful media campaigns and has advised several CEO's on media crisis management. Ray has an MBA which he utilizes to provide consultation to numerous companies and non-profit organizations. Ray is in charge of Development and Training at the Center for Social Change, an organization serving individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Ray is the recipient of the Governor of Maryland Award for outstanding journalism and is a regular contributor to NPR, FOX, VOA and BBC. Ray is the former Director of Communications, USINPAC. (NOTE: TV ASIA is North America's first coast-to-coast entertainment and information channel for the community from the Indian subcontinent. The network was founded in April-1993, by legendary Indian movie star Amitabh Bachchan )
  6. 6. “LOVE AND ALYSHA” - THE SYNOPSIS ALYSHA, an Indian American in her late 20's is a single mom. About 7 years ago, she went home to her old fashioned Indian parents to break the news to them that she was pregnant. Little did she know, that on that same day, they were arranging her marriage. The marriage, for obvious reasons, never happened. It's been 7 years and Alysha hasn't spoken to her parents. She really hasn't done much of anything except for take care of her adorable 7 years old son, RICK. Luckily though, she has had some good luck with making some great friends. BRIAN, her best friend, is always there for her and has an extremely good relationship with her son. KAREN, ADITI, and MARIA, Alysha's close girlfriends, have definitely helped her keep up with happy times. There is just one thing lacking in her life – a boyfriend. All of Alysha‟s girlfriends make a plan to help get Alysha back into the dating world. They set up an online profile for her which strikes many responses. Alysha goes on blind date, after blind date, after blind date but doesn't have any luck. The whole dating scene gets very exhausting after a while and Alysha is just about to give up, when she runs into JAY - a rich, sophisticated, and extremely handsome Indian American. Alysha almost immediately falls in love with Jay. Although everyone else around her realizes it, she doesn't even notice that her best friend Brian is jealous of this new man in her life. She also doesn't immediately realize what she has gotten herself into. Soon enough, she is torn between the happy life she has been living, and the cultural life she left behind years ago. And then...
  7. 7. “Love and Alysha” - The Film In the vein of coming of age comedies like “Bend it Like Bekham,” our lead examines her identity as a first generation American and the effect it has on her life, love, & family. Like the old classics, “Jerry Maguire,” our lead deals with the struggles of being and single mom and looking for love. • Budget: $850-900K, to be shot in Washington DC. • Status: Development • Out to LEAD Actresses : o Soha Ali Khan (Rang de Basanti) * o Esha Deol (Dhoom) # o Celine Jaitley (No Entry) # *Interested # Confirmed Confirmed Lead Actor PRITAM CHOPRA UK Bollywood Actor VJ/Model
  8. 8. Why “Love and Alysha”? • Examines the complexity of dating (especially for single parent) in America. • Universal appeal, especially in the post Slumdog Millionaire World, with the specificity of cultural heritage. •A great script with unique voice. •Film can be produced on a minimal budget. •Film has the makings of a breakout Hit. •A heartwarming comedic tale about dating, love and family.
  9. 9. Independent Comedies • My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Budget: $ 5M – Return: $369M • Garden State – Budget: $ 2.5M – Return: $ 34M
  10. 10. South Asian Films • "Monsoon Wedding“ – Budget: $ 7M – Return: $ 30 M “Flavors” Domestic $ 13M, Foreign $ 17M - Budget: 0.4 M - Return: 1.5 M • “Bend It Like Beckham” – Budget: $ 3.5M “American Desi” – Return: $ 77 M - Budget: 0.3 M Domestic $ 33, Foreign $44M - Return: 2 M • “Bride and Prejudice” – Budget: $ 7M – Return: $ 24 M Domestic $ 7M, Foreign $ 17M
  11. 11. Hollywood Box Office (films with similar subplots) • “Jerry Maguire” -Budget: $50 M -Box Office- $274 M • “Sex and the city” -Budget: 65 M -Box office: 401 M • “The Game Plan” - Budget: 22 M - Box office: 144 M
  12. 12. Pre-Production Production Post-Production Script Finalization Synch-Sound Editing Shooting Casting Weekly Progress Background Music Update with Composition Producers Location Selection Sound Design Rehearsals Set Design and Development Simultaneous Dubbing conversion for (If Necessary) Editing Rehearsals Synch-Sound Test Screening Shooting
  13. 13. PROJECT TIMELINE Timeline Phase/Weeks 1-4 5-8 8-12 13-16 17-20 25-32 21-24 33-40 Pre-Production Production Post-Production Marketing & Promotions
  14. 14. Theatrical Home Video (DVD, HDDVD, Blu Ray) Satellite, Cable PPV, On-Demand Online In-Flight rights and other centers MARKETS North America (USA, Canada) UK India Australia Middle East Other European Countries Other Asian Countries Africa Rest of the World
  15. 15. Revenue Structure • The Investment Vehicle will be an LLC. • Revenues from the FILM will be disbursed in the order set forth below: – Investors • First, all the revenue received will go to the investors. – Profits • 70% of the profits will go to the Investor. 30% will go to the creative team.
  16. 16. Marketing Plan - 1 • Release pattern – Plan a „Valentines Day‟ Release on Feb 14th (take advantage of „love in the air‟) – On next page is a list of successful movies released on „Valentines Day‟ (Same genre – Romantic Comedy) -We plan to release 2 CDs with the songs from the film + Romantic Compilations (This will also generate a decent revenue for us WorldWide) .
  17. 17. Marketing Plan – 1 FILMS RELEASED ON (AROUND)VALENTINES DAY Hitch Sony $179,495,555 - 2/11/05 50 First Dates Sony $120,908,074 - 2/13/04 How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days Par. $105,813,373 - 2/7/03 He's Just Not That Into You WB (NL) $93,836,028 - 2/6/09 The Wedding Singer NL $80,245,725 - 2/13/98 Groundhog Day Col. $70,906,973 - 2/12/93 Fool's Gold WB $70,231,041 - 2/8/08 The Wedding Planner Sony $60,400,856 -1/26/01 Music and Lyrics WB $50,572,589 - 2/14/07 Pretty in Pink Par. $40,471,663 - 2/28/86 Definitely, Maybe Uni. $32,241,649- 2/14/08 The Wedding Date Uni. $31,726,995 - 2/4/05 Fools Rush In Sony $29,481,428 - 2/14/97 Reality Bites Uni. $20,982,557 - 2/18/94 Deliver Us from Eva Focus $17,573,594 - 2/7/03 Something New Focus $11,468,568 - 2/3/06 He Said, She Said Par. $9,804,775 - 2/22/91
  18. 18. Marketing Plan - 2 Top Social Media Websites for Movie Marketing 1. Signup for and write about your movie summary and provide the casting members and the information about the production company of the movie. If you have external links than place a reputed link which provides more details about your movie. Update your page with the time by time as new activities and events happens with your film team and members. To have listed your website on will itself provide a good amount of traffic. 2. Submit trailer of your movie in YouTube and optimize the video in better manner as it rank in top of the results for the related category in videos this will definitely helps you to drive decent amount of traffic towards your website. 3. MySpace.Com: Having a account and connected with friends from the relevant industry in will help you to make good discussions about your upcoming movie and what I think it will be the best way to generate a successful buzz about your movie in online media. Always be consistent and keep the details updated. 4. works and helps in the similar manner what does does for your website. will helpful to generate good buzz about your movie in outside US as in US still holds the big market. 5. The great format of blogging which is defined as micro blog where you can express what are you doing. Still you must need a perfection to provide events and activities wisely which generates really hot topics discussions. Don’t over twitting. 6. List your Movie site in and see the difference. However it provides paid inclusion services but the most reliable source to get excellent movie targeted traffic. 7. Rotten Tomattos: The best movie forum available on the web to produce generous discussion about every thing about your movie. Place review of your website and stay connected all the time with the members gently and promote your website in the Rotten Tomattos Forum. 8. A very good website to submit your upcoming movie reviews. 9. Nice social networking websites which help you to interact with the people you are interested. And finally, 10. Your Website official Blog: Your Movie Blog is the best place to produce latest events and activities buzz about your movie. You must be consistent in blogging and write about the every one who is associated with the movie. Don’t write to promote your film only but keep your blog for your readers and let them read some interesting news and information around the film industry in which they are mostly interested.
  19. 19. Marketing Plan – 3 • We have registered the domain - • We will develop and use the website to promote the Movie. • Publicize online and in print media about our COMPETITION • Interested south-asian and non-south-asian males can go to the website, register, pay $25 registration fee (can send check, or online via credit cards), upload their headshots/pictures, and answer 3 dating questions. • Selected candidates will win „A date with Bollywood Star‟ – that will be filmed – and will be included in the Film/DVD. .
  20. 20. Marketing Plan - 4 Festivals - Pre-distribution buzz building among media • Berlin, Tribeca, Cannes, Toronto, Sundance • All important South asian Film Festivals in the world (IIFA, IFFLA, etc). (Note1: Check „Appendix C‟ for the list of major festivals in the World) (Note2: Filmmaker Manan Singh Katohora has great experience with festivals around the World)
  21. 21. Italy Motion Picture Distributors Australia - Eastern Eye 01 Distribution BIM Distribuzione - Roadshow Films Cecchi Gori Group De Laurentiis Entertainment Group United Kingdom Eagle Pictures 2 C Distribution Fandango 20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd. Lucky Red Distribuzione A. Balch Films Ltd. Mikado Film ABS-CBN Europe Ltd. Moviemax A.E. Hubsch and Co. Ltd. Aardman Animations Ace Distributors Ltd. Ace Films Ltd. Adelphi Films Ltd. Adlabs Films Ltd. United States Adventure Films Ltd. Abrams & Parisi Inc. Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution American Film Distributing Corp. Alliance-Atlantis Releasing American Film Institute (AFI) We have lists (A-Z) of Global Alliance-Electric Releasing Ltd. Alliance Films Ltd. Allied Artists Allied Internationnal Films Inc. DISTRIBUTORS – distribution Alliance Releasing Allied Alliance Ltd. American International Pictures Anchor Bay Entertainment Allied Artists Corporation Ltd. Angelika Pictures heads and their contact info!~ Alpha Films Ltd. Anywhere Road Anglo Guild Ltd. Aquarius Releasing Arrow Film Distributors Artkino Pictures Artificial Eye Associated Artists Productions Arts Alliance Ltd. AFRC Axiom Films Astor Pictures Ayngaran International (Tamil films only) Audubon Films Blue Dolphin Films Best Film Buena Vista International Biograph Studios Castle Pictures Ltd. Brandon Films (Audio-Brandon Films) Castle Premier Releasing Ltd. Brain Damage Films Cinefile Ltd. Cambist Films Cinema International Corporation (CIC) Cannon Releasing Corp. Columbia-EMI-Warner Distributors Capitol Film Exchange Inc. Columbia Pictures Cavalcade Pictures Inc. India Columbia TriStar Film Distributors Central Cinema Corp. Adlabs / Reliance BIG Columbia-Warner Distributors Chancellor Films Inc. Contender Entertainment Group Chevron Pictures AVM Productions D.A.T.A. Films Cine-Classics Inc. Eros Entertainment Diffusion Pictures Cine-Lux Inc. DLH 1 Cinema 16 PPC Documentary Technicians Alliance Cinexport Distributing Co. Pyramid International Dogwoof Pictures Cinema Service Corp. Electric Pictures 2 Ltd. Cinerama Releasing Corp. Red Chillies Entertainment Entertainment Film Distributors City Lights Pictures Shemaroo Eros International CJ Entertainment. Excel A.A. Films Ltd. Classic Pictures Inc. Studio 18 Film Alliance Ltd. Colony Pictures Inc. Yash Raj Films Film Producers Guild Columbia Pictures
  22. 22. Risk Considerations • Pros: – Low cost with great potential return – Universal appeal combined with social relevance - Clean family friendly film for all age groups – Language English - Easy sale, around the World – For traditional and new territories • Cons: – Requires high-level acting talent. – Requires great locations. – Requires excellent background score and melodious tracks.
  23. 23. Thank you for your interest For more interest in “Love and Alysha” and how to get involved, please contact: Simi VanScoy 571-292-6233 OR Manan Singh Katohora 347-409-2615
  25. 25. Appendix A (contd.) Links on Manan Singh Katohora and his films pnews,752365.shtml
  27. 27. APPENDIX C FILM FESTIVALS Significant or notable festivals "A" Festivals: The festivals in Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Shanghai, Moscow, San Sebastián, Montréal, Locarno (since 2002), Karlovy Vary, Mar del Plata, Cairo and Tokyo are listed as "A festivals", or "category one" by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF).[1] Independent films: In the US, Telluride Film Festival,[citation needed] Sundance Film Festival[2][3], New York City's Tribeca Film Festival,[citation needed], WorldFest-Houston (founded in 1961), the Sonoma Valley Film Festival, and the Vail Film Festival[citation needed] are all considered significant festivals for independent film. North American significance: Toronto is internationally renowned for its film festival, The Toronto International Film Festival. Begun in 1976, is now the major North American film festival and the most widely attended worldwide, while Toronto's Hot Docs is the leading North American documentary film festival. The largest festival, in terms of the number of features shown, is the Seattle International Film Festival, screening 270 features, and approximately 150 short films.[citation needed] Meanwhile, the New York Film Festival only shows a few films in each year, but it still has big impact in the United States.[citation needed]
  28. 28. FOR INFORMATION ONLY This memorandum is a business plan. It is not an offering for sale of any securities of the company. It is for your confidential use only and may not be reproduced, sold, or redistributed without the prior approval of JMD Creations LLC.