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Karl Lee


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Published in: Design, Business
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Karl Lee

  1. 1. Introduction Karl Lee, RA, LEED AP has been involved with Architecture for 28 years being schooled at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana Graduate School of Architecture. Several early years were spent working for commercial firms in Chicago and later, eighteen years in the Los Angeles area for small and large architectural companies. Karl Lee has worked with consulting engineers, designers, contractors and suppliers on custom residences, remodels, offices, retail and institutional projects. He was licensed in the State of California to practice architecture in 1994. Karl Lee has worked for offices highly regarded for their design work knowing that a building design is successful if it immediately appeals to people with it’s well-considered use of materials, logic, aesthetics, design and execution. He has designed, managed and directed many of the most important commissions for former employers over his 21 years of architectural practice. During slower economic times the office emphasizes function, value and service as incentives to proceed with building ventures but the office has a mission for making well-designed buildings that match the programmatic needs of clients. Karl Lee has been interested in energy and environmental design since working with studio professors on energy efficient building systems and modeling in the Midwest. He is USGBC LEED certified and committed to making efficient uses of energy and material resources while crafting a healthful and productive built environment. Karl Lee works with current and former associate professionals in interior design, surveying, civil engineering, energy modeling, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and construction management as needed for the project as well as professionals that have an established relationship with their client. The office is located west of downtown Los Angeles at 2500 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 932 Los Angeles, California 90057. Telephone (213) 999-8008. Please call now for a free consultation.
  2. 2. List Of Services • Programming • Planning • Preliminary Design • Detailed Design • Specification Writing • Cost Estimates • Construction Documents • Construction Administration • Consulting Design and Drafting for Design and Construction Professionals
  3. 3. List of Slides 1. Mt. San Antonio College Performing Arts Center, CHCG Architects 2. Mt. San Antonio College Performing Arts Center, CHCG Architects 3. Deane Dana Friendship Park Nature Center, D.S. Ewing Architects 4. Regatta Condominiums, GMP Architects 5. Sinquefield House, Barton Phelps and Associates 6. Sinquefield House, Barton Phelps and Associates 7. Whitsett 12 Condominiums, SPF:a 8. Whitsett 12 Condominiums, SPF:a 9. Harbor Office Medical Building, OJMR Architects 10. The 2801 Townhouse Condominiums, OJMR Architects 11. The 2801 Townhouse Condominiums, OJMR Architects 12. Westchester Lutheran School, OJMR Architects 13. Montrose Ave. Apartments, OJMR Architects