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How to Get More Job Interviews with LinkedIn


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LinkedIn is a great tool for Building a Personal Brand, and specifically targeted individual companies for referrals and job offers.
This video goes over my 5 steps to Using LinkedIn for Job Search.

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How to Get More Job Interviews with LinkedIn

  1. 1. Presenter: Jonathan DuarteInternet Job Search (one of the first online job boards, founded1996) (Online ReputationManagement)How to get moreJob Interviews with
  2. 2. 1. We are recording this webinar. You will be emailed a link to watch thereplay.2. When I listen and watch a webinar, I use the following strategy. I take outan 8 1/2 x 11 sheet. Draw a horizontal line down from the top to the bottom.On the left write notes, on the right action items. Things you can doimmediately, within the next 2-3 hours and 24 hours.3. This way I can take action immediately, and not have to wait for the replayto come. I can take action immediately.4. You’ll also notice the GoToWebinar control panel on right. You can clickon the orange arrow to minimize it. You can also ask questions.House Keeping Tips
  3. 3. About Jonathan• Founder of, one of the first online job boards, started in 1996, and most recentlyProfileLaunchPad, a LinkedIn Profile Optimization company• Considered a foremost expert on Internet Recruiting, Resume Writing, and LinkedIn ProfileOptimization• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert, driven over 1.2 million visitors a month to a single site, withjust traffic from Google, Bing, andYahoo.• LinkedIn SuperConnector on LinkedIn: 15,000+ first degree connections, (+ 7,000 still to be accepted
  4. 4. Who is on the webinar?•Directors of HR•Recruiters•Business Owners•Consultants•Job Seekers•Sales & Marketing Executives
  5. 5. To understand how to get more interviews,we need to talk about the hiring process.
  6. 6. Average Applicant to Hire Ratios:Referrals: 1 in 10Job Boards: 1 in 185* Fewer Referral Applicants.* Referral Applicants get their resumes read and called... before jobboard applicants* Referrals are preferred by most employers - In the US, referralsaccount for between 40-60% of hires, each year.#1 Source of Hires = Employee Referrals
  7. 7. * 3 Internal transfers* 5 Employee Referrals* 2 from 3rd party recruiters* 90 of those are “anonymous” applicants from job boards.Hiring managers are going to review the Internal Transfer andEmployee Referral Resumes first.Example 100 applicants
  8. 8. More Employee Referrals = More InterviewsHow do you get employees to refer you, if you don’t knowanyone at the company?That’s where LinkedIn comes in.LinkedIn is the worlds largest employee directory.You type in the name of a company, and LinkedIn probably haslots of current and past employees listed.
  9. 9. #1 Get the specific Hiring Managers and Recruiters in yourTarget Companies to view you profile.#2 Connect, Engage, and Build Relationships with employees inyour Target companies.#3 Contact specific employees and ask for Job Referrals.How to get more Interviews from LinkedIn?
  10. 10. * Create a list of target companies* Build your profile – Optimize your profile* Reconnect with offline network, online.* Add-value* Engage, Comment, Share* Join Specific Groups, your peers, alumni, company, niche,product, brand, recruiter, hiring managers, industry, local* Network – Research, build your network, and engage.* Use Signal to see what employees are talking about and sharing, Engage,and add value if possible.* Do Coffee – Meet or contact employees, cultural interview, ask for referralinformationTactics
  11. 11. BRANDing on LinkedIn•Build your profile•Reconnect•Add-Value•Network•Do Coffee
  12. 12. Special offer at the end of thepresentation
  13. 13. is the battle field for onlineReputation
  14. 14. Who do you want to viewyour profile?
  15. 15. What does your Profile looklike?
  16. 16. People buy from and hire thepeople theyKnow, Like, and Trust
  17. 17. Would you trust someone that lookslike they’re Hiding?
  18. 18. What does Being a subject MatterExpert Look Like?• Does your Headline make you stand out?• Do your job titles create a sense of continued growth and accomplishment?• Does your Profile Summary define your accomplishments?• Are you connected to your peers?• Are you a member of the groups that someone in your position should?• Are you following the right companies?
  19. 19. BRANDing on LinkedIn•Build your profile•Reconnect•Add-Value•Network•Do Coffee
  20. 20. Is your Headlinebuilding Trust?•Headlines are visible in Search Results, in Groups,Updates, and even Emails.
  21. 21. Does your summary tell theirprofessional Story?•Are you building Trust?•Are you building Credibility?•Are you building Rapport?•Why would someone want to work with you?
  22. 22. Create a Professional Gallery
  23. 23. Rich Media and your Summary
  24. 24. BRANDing on LinkedIn•Build your profile•Reconnect•Add-Value•Network•Do Coffee
  25. 25. ReconnectThe power of your network is based on:* The Size of your Network* How Connected your Network is* How well you know your network* How active your network is.
  26. 26. BRANDing on LinkedIn•Build your profile•Reconnect•Add-Value•Network•Do Coffee
  27. 27. Zig Ziglar“You can have everything in life you want,if you will just help other people get what they want..”
  28. 28. Jonathan Duarte“To be considered a Valuable Resource,you have to Add Value.”
  29. 29. AddingValueUpdates and sharing
  30. 30. BRANDing on LinkedIn•Build your profile•Reconnect•Add-Value•Network•Do Coffee
  31. 31. Get more ProfileViews• Keyword Optimize your LinkedIn Profile• Build your Network.• More connections = Search Results (More on thatin the Mastering LinkedIn Bootcamp)• ABC’s - Always Be Connecting• Add-Value with Group Posts, Comments, Shares, andLikes• Profile Updates - Share articles, presentations, videos,news about your industry, and especially your targetcompanies.
  32. 32. 340% Increase in ProfileViewsfrom Engaging in Existing Group ConversationsLinkedIn user James:Over the holidays, James made a commitment toengage with people in LinkedIn Groups. Look what itdid to his visibility.From 100 to 340+ Profile Views inone week!* The noticeable drop in Searches in December wasdue to the holidays... Recruiting basically stops for 3-4weeks.
  33. 33. 500% Increase inViews fromLinkedIn Updates & Posts in GroupsLinkedIn user Jonathan Duarte:Over the holidays, I started posting LinkedIn Updateson my profile and in Groups. I did not actively engagein existing conversations (comment, share, and like),as much as James did in the previous slide.From 35 to 190 Profile Views* The noticeable drop in Searches in December wasdue to the holidays... Recruiting basically stops for 3-4weeks.
  34. 34. What does this mean?There are 2 definitive ways to build traffic to your profile.* Engaging in existing LinkedIn Conversations (commenting, sharing, liking)* Creating New conversations (adding new updates, sharing articles, blogposts, videos, presentations, etc.)
  35. 35. Networking•Maximum of 50 groups•Types of groups:•Industry Specific•Alumni•Corporate / Brand / Product•Professional•Local
  36. 36. Group Tips•Join Peer groups•Join the groups of the people that you want to see yourprofile.•Join groups of potential prospects.
  37. 37. Right this down!Join the groups of your audience:If you want recruiters to see your profile, join and engage with Recruitersin their groups.If you want to get connected to prospects or people who might buy yourproducts and services, join their groups, and engage with them, there.
  38. 38. BRANDing on LinkedIn•Build your profile•Reconnect•Add-Value•Network•Do Coffee
  39. 39. Do Coffee!You’ve built all these “virtual connections”.Now you need to turn someof them into Relationships.