Social Networking and Your Cleared Job Search


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Presentation for Anne Arundel Workforce Development on using social media in a cleared job search.

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Social Networking and Your Cleared Job Search

  1. 1. Social Networking and Your Cleared Job Search123RF Stock Photo
  2. 2. What are we doing today? • Tips on your job search • Career Sites a/k/a Job Boards • Social Networks
  3. 3. Find this presentation on our channel, ClearedJobsNet or email rriggins@ClearedJobs.Net
  4. 4. Networking is #1Social networks expand your reach
  5. 5. Have Goals, a Strategy andTarget Employers
  6. 6. List youraccomplishments onyour resume – not yourresponsibilities
  7. 7. Apply for jobs onlywhen you meet80% of therequirements
  8. 8. Tailor your resume to the positionsyou apply for
  9. 9. Professionalize your job search• Professional email address: name + numbers not• Professional outgoing message on cell phone
  10. 10. CareerSite akaJob BoardAs generic asMonster or asspecialized asClearedJobs.NetFree for jobseekers, paid forby employers
  11. 11. Use Job SearchResults to helpdevelop your jobsearch strategy.
  12. 12. Who is Hiring? Clearance Level? What positions match your skills?Where are they hiring? Relevant Keywords?
  13. 13. Start with a wide search andthen narrow down.
  14. 14. Search withclearance levelslower than yourcurrent clearance.
  15. 15. Registeron TargetCompanySites
  16. 16. RefreshLog in to sites where you’veregistered at least monthly to“refresh” your account.Lets recruiters know you are stilllooking for a job.
  17. 17. Better hires > everyone wins
  18. 18. Source: Jobvite
  19. 19. Social Networks….Not a requirement for your job search, but your competition is using social media
  20. 20. Social Media1. Networking2. Reputational Tool3. Great info source
  21. 21. Source: Jobvite
  22. 22. Take control ofyour online brand
  23. 23. Source: Jobvite
  24. 24. Online Reputation Management• Discover what is public – Google Yourself• Do you need to change any info?- Revise profile information- Create a new presence, should you use a different version of your name?- Request unflattering content be removed• Check and re-check privacy settings
  25. 25. Check Imagesas well
  26. 26. Set up a Google Alert for targetcompanies and to monitor mentionsof your name.
  27. 27. Consider setting up a Google profile ifyou need a more robust online presence.
  28. 28. Solidify Your Online Brand• Use the same name on all sites, on your resume, cover letter, job applications, email address, email signature, etc.• Use similar biographic info• Use the same photo on all sites• Link your profiles across social media platforms, for example include LinkedIn profile on Facebook profile
  29. 29. professional networkingand job searching onlinkedin
  30. 30. What can you do on •Create profile, upload public resume •Find contacts and make connections •Join (or create) groups •Search for jobs •Research and follow companies •Provide status updates and share information – demonstrate your knowledge to potential employers
  31. 31. Do NOT put your clearance on your LinkedIn profile
  32. 32. LinkedIn Connections3 Degrees of Separation
  33. 33. Customize title Use Keywords. Recruiters search by keywords / job title and location
  34. 34. Get and give Strategic Rec’sYou accept the recommendation and control whether it’s visible
  35. 35. Job Search
  36. 36. LinkedIn Groups • Post articles or info • Comment or respond to posted items • Gather info • Network!
  37. 37. Search target companies.Find contacts and make connectionsto get a foot in the door.
  38. 38. Skills - adds keywords toprofile, highlights otherprofessionals to connect with
  39. 39. Endorsements
  40. 40. Alwayspersonalizeyour invitationsto connect
  41. 41. Review the LinkedIn profile ofan interviewer(s) before youmeet them
  42. 42. 5 Things You Must Do1. Complete profile including keywords, skills and picture in professional attire2. Build network by connecting with personalized invitations3. Join relevant groups and participate4. Get/give strategic recommendations5. Research and follow companies; find individuals to help your job search
  43. 43. microbloggingand job searching ontwitter
  44. 44. News no longer breaks,it tweets.140 Character news and information feed / email alternative
  45. 45. Why• Follow recruiters & target companies• Job postings are tweeted A Tweet
  46. 46.
  47. 47. Profile
  48. 48. Companynews, infoand jobs
  49. 49. 3 Things to Do1. Follow/connect with companies you want to work for and their recruiters2. Use relevant keywords in your profile3. Establish yourself as a thought leader
  50. 50. social communicationfor added reach andnetworking
  51. 51. You never know who mightbe able to help your jobsearch.
  52. 52. Active Facebook User?1. Include work info on your profile2. Upload your public resume to your notes3. Let your friends know you’re looking for a job4. Set up lists of people you share info with friends/others
  53. 53. Not on Facebook?1. Create a skeletal profile2. Like/follow companies, organizations and government agencies you are targeting
  54. 54. 3 Things to Do• Change profile so it includes job- related info• Like/follow companies you are targeting• Anyone you know may be able to help you find a job!
  55. 55. Profiles,Groups,Discussionsand more
  56. 56.
  57. 57. This is the best thing that could ever happen here a is going to be a great networking roup for intelligence
  58. 58. Over 100 Interviewswith DefenseContractingRecruiters and HRSpecialists
  59. 59. For your targetedcompanies• Research and follow on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.• Connect with recruiters and other employees
  60. 60. Social networking isn’t overafter you land the jobKeep your networkintact for the future!
  61. 61. Help MeHelpYou Be clear when asking for help
  62. 62. Upcoming Cleared Job Fairs March 7 – BWI, MD April 4 – Springfield, VA May 8 – Crystal City, VAJune 6 – Tysons Corner, VA www.ClearedJobs.Net