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Referrals Get Hired - Speach 2013


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Referrals are the #1 Source of Hires.
Referrals Get Hired is an online BRAND building strategy used by executives, entry-level, and all types of job seekers to get the job they want.

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Referrals Get Hired - Speach 2013

  1. 1. Referrals Get Hired with Jonathan Duarte with Jonathan Duarte
  2. 2. Referrals Get Hired By, Jonathan Duarte
  3. 3. Why LinkedIn?80 Million profiles and growing fastRecruiters - the largest group of usersProfessionals, average income over$100,000.00LinkedIn is the New MonsterEmployers using LinkedIn to Sourcecandidates
  4. 4. Why you need to start Mastering LinkedInIf you don’t have a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Degreeconnection, you don’t show up in SearchResultsKeyword Optimization is CriticalLearn to build Connections and RelationshipsThe Resume is DEAD!
  5. 5. Isn’t not a question of IFyou need to be Mastering Linkedin!you need to be Mastering Linkedin! It’s a question of When... and How... are you going to Master LinkedIn?
  6. 6. About MeFounder of one of the first online Job Boards,, in 1996Inventor of many of the technologies behind thecurrent Internet Job Search15,000+ 1st degree LinkedIn connectionsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) expertiseMy profile is visible to 23% of LinkedIn users.
  7. 7. “Employee Referrals are the singlelargest source of external hires in the US.” *CareerXRoads *CareerXRoads
  8. 8. 32% of employerrespondents stated they hired 1 in 4 Referral Applicants *CareerXRoads
  9. 9. Information travels within and between social circlesIt’s not the people closest to you that help you find ajob. It’s the people with which you have “weak ties”.These “weak ties” are people you haven’t seen orspoken to in weeks, months, or years. They normallysocialize in different social circles.If you want to learn about those opportunities, you haveto become an active member of those social circles
  10. 10. Luck =Opportunity + Preparedness
  11. 11. You can generate referralsby using a simple and easy to remember strategy Strategy on LinkedIn.You can generate referralsby using a simple and easy to remember strategy Strategy on LinkedIn.You can generate referralsby using a simple and easy
  12. 12. Referrals Get Hired BRAND BRANDBuild / Optimize your Profile - Be Prepared!Reconnect with existing contactsAdd-Value to you communityNETwork in your nicheDo Coffee with employees in companies
  13. 13. Building Profile BasicsProfile must be 100% Complete. That’s theBARE MINIMUM to get found.Must have a current job title.... “Seeking aposition as XYZ” is OK.Must be a member of groups to increaserankings and increase connections.Must have 3 Recommendations.
  14. 14. Profile Keyword Optimization Tips (WRITE THESE DOWN) (WRITE THESE DOWN) If you don’t have the Exact Keyword Phrase in each of the following fields, there is a good chance your profile will NOT show up in results. Headline Current Title Past titles (multiple times) Summary
  15. 15. #1 for “Job Search” Expert”
  16. 16. Profile Branding OptimizationUnique Value Proposition in your headline.All job titles and descriptions fit with yourbrand. If not, rework them, minimize them, orremove them.Include Quantifiable Results in your Summaryand job descriptions.Include Group Logos that enhance yourBrand.Include Apps that enhance your Brand.
  17. 17. Profile Building - Advanced StepsAdd Apps that enhance yourBrand.Amazon... shows you arereading books that someonein your niche would be smartto read.SlideShare- Blow them awaywith a YouTube Video or slideshow of your expertiseAdd your Blog or Twitter
  18. 18. ReconnectConnect with old contactsSend InvitesBuild your network biggerBuild your network deeper
  19. 19. Add-ValueEvery time you update your profile, orupdate comment or post something in a group,orAdd an trigger a viral marketing series of events...or OPPORTUNITIES to Reconnect...
  20. 20. NetworkingLinkedIn GroupsConnecting with employees, thought leaders,community leaders.Become a part of the “social circle” where yourprospects or hiring managers are members.
  21. 21. Not all Connections are EqualConnecting to theRight people isimperativeConnect to the highlyconnected people inyour nicheBuild your Visibility offtheir networks
  22. 22. Do Coffee!Research CompaniesResearch EmployeesResearch Hiring Managers and the RecruitingTeamResearch Thought Leaders
  23. 23. The Mastering LinkedIn Strategy = BRAND Build / Optimize your Profile - Be Prepared! Reconnect with existing contacts Add-Value to you community Network in your niche Do Coffee with employees in companies
  24. 24. Luck = Opportunity + PreparednessYour Fully Optimized Profile, and Deep andWide Network will get you Prepared.Engaging and Adding-Value will provide theconstant flow of communications and updatesto a wide audience of “weak ties” that will bringOpportunities.
  25. 25. Testimonials
  26. 26. David Mayes, Wealth Manager: “I was a little skeptical at first. Within a week after working with Jon; I’m in the Top 10 of 2 of the primary keyword phrases that people in my industry are searching for. I recommend Jonathan’s optimization to anyone who wants to build their brand online.”
  27. 27. Norm Alexander, CFO: "Jonathan is an expert on LinkedIn and Web 2.0 marketing. In a short amount of time he was able to educate me on how to leverage the tools to market my professional consulting services; and he suggested creative options and ideas as we brainstormed together. Jonathan is a great resource."
  28. 28. What are your other optionsSpends hours and hours trying to figure outhow to use LinkedIn through Trial and Error.Spend hours and hours learning to optimizeyour profile.Build your network person by person... it willtake along time.
  29. 29. ORHire me toOR it for you! do
  30. 30. 1 Hour Personal Branding & SEO Keyword optimized LinkedIn Profile Customized Keyword Research, to identify the phrases used to find you GUARANTEED: Top 10 placement in Google for your resume, bio, or cv Keyword optimized resume, bio, or cv 500+ Invitations to LinkedIn VIP connectors 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!
  31. 31. LinkedIn Profile OptimizationHave an optimized profile in just a few days.Get more traffic to your profileGet in front of your audienceDifferentiate yourself. Visit
  32. 32. Thank You! • Jonathan Duarte (949)