Reelstorm is looking for cofounders


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Introducing Reelstorm, a resource sharing platform for independent moviemakers.

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Reelstorm is looking for cofounders

  1. 1. Guerilla filmmaking: form of independent filmmaking characterized by low budgets, skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. Often scenes are shot quickly in real locations without any warning or permissions Source: Wikipedia
  2. 2. THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIREThe film industry presents the symptoms of a decaying civilization : Nepotism and inbreeding : Actors are sons of actors, producers are sons of producers and that’s the way it’s always been. But now, actors are also sons of music pop stars, directors are sons of producers. Any attempt to study people’s pedigree in Hollywood and Paris is certainly interesting. Education systems are generating more and more leftovers, because networking is the only thing that counts. Conservative regulations : Public funding agencies have not considered the changes brought about by the digital era: production costs, licensing, contract workers… Legislation goes against the needs of independent filmmaking. Concentration of power and constriction of culture : The average difference in film budgets keeps increasing. An ever-growing share of global investment is taken up by sequels, prequels and franchising. Western film industries keep repeating the same patterns while emergent movie industries are evolving.
  3. 3. REVOLUTIONARY ROAD2011 : GUERILLA FILMMAKING is back… DONOMA Budget : 150€ … with brand NEW WEAPONS : Autoproduction Auto distribution Premiere at the Rex theatre • Hollywood uses 1,500€ digital cameras to shoot (EXIT ) movies like Black Swan, BELLFLOWER Rubber… Budget : 17k$ Autoproduction (including muscle cars and flamethrowers) • with a little hacking, it only takes a laptop to Sundance Opening postproduce a movie (EXIT ) (including FX) Disruptive digital technologies have led to changes in the scales of film budgets : money is not the major issue anymore
  4. 4. turn A WILD BUNCH into A TEAM The industry generates many • CREATIVE MINDS : writers, wannabe producers from management schools… with no connections in the industry LEFTOVERS : • COMEDIANS : struggling to put together their portfolios • TECHNICIANS : working for TV, commercials and institutions to pay the bill but not fulfilling their creative and structures have crucial problems : Solve these problems, and turn talented ‘leftovers’ into a team:• Unreliable (no guarantees or assurance about applicants) • build trust (create feedback and history for users and projects)• Unbalanced (the amount of help given and received is not evenly distributed) • Create a community (reward active members with specific rules)• Unrewarding (people do not gain anything by helping) • Generate value for the community (new distribution channels, support the best projects in festivals, create a calls for proposals platform…)
  5. 5. I N T RO D U C I N G REELSTORM is a community that crowdsources film development, production and distributionWhat needs to be sourced ? • resources (technical equipment, props, venues, vehicles… : everything can be used for a movie; sharing is the only sustainable option) • talent and goodwill (occasional help on demanding projects, sharing knowledge, teach, joining projects or helping them kickstart) • Information (getting round administration, available funding, experience, networking, communication, crowdfunding…)How will the community be created ? • through the right context for interaction (mapping, real time event, communication tools) • through a virtual economy, creating benefits for the most active members (significant advantages, privileges, visibility, premium access to partnerships…) • by creating the perfect design (create the right models and database to enhance interactions ; manage user’s freedom - intelligent constraints drive creativity)
  6. 6. BACK TO THE FUTURE2012 2013 2014
  7. 7. BIGGER PICTURE2013 2015 ? Participative production company : produce and promote feature films in festivals through the community ; reward the community with = shares in projects Social network + New distribution channels : create a new short-movie distribution ecosystem Resource sharing through partnerships and new media: Youtube platform channels, semantic web, transmedia projects + Project Monetize through an agency : use contacts and reputation (acquired through short management tool films) to help the community gain access to commercials and corporate films via a calls to projects platform
  8. 8. HELLO, DOLLY !JONATHAN, founder and CEO of Reelstorm, in a nutshell : engineer entrepreneur filmmaker Contact :
  9. 9. WANTED The project is taking off… and we need more firepowerBusiness developer Lead developer