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Jesse McDonald On-Page Local SEO Audit


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How to perform an on-page local SEO audit to help improve your site's organic performance.

Published in: Marketing
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Jesse McDonald On-Page Local SEO Audit

  1. 1. About Me ● Global SEO Strategist at IBM ● Conference speaker: Pubcon, Rocks Digital, SearchHOU, and State of Search ● Served as a judge at the 2018 and 2019 US Search Awards ● Listed as one of the top 140 SEOs to follow by Search Engine Journal ● Frequent contributor to Search Engine Journal @jesseseogeek
  2. 2. Before we move forward !!!DISCLAIMER!!! The thoughts and opinions I share in this presentation are my own and do not reflect those of IBM. @jesseseogeek
  3. 3. ● How to perform a technical audit ● Common technical issues ● Creating a strategy that scales ● Multi-source insights ● Getting the most out of markup data @jesseseogeek Key Takeaways
  4. 4. “You have to get the basics right before you can even begin to think about improving.” - Bill Hunt @jesseseogeek Bill Hunt keynoting at Pubcon 2016
  5. 5. To Build a Strong House, You Have to Establish a Strong Foundation. If you don’t... @jesseseogeek
  6. 6. @jesseseogeek
  7. 7. A technical audit will let you know what foundational issues your site has. @jesseseogeek Technical Audits
  8. 8. @jesseseogeek Technical Audits Rankings improvements post-technical audit
  9. 9. @jesseseogeek Crawling a Site Common Tools for Crawling Sites
  10. 10. Don’t be afraid to use multiple tools for crawling if you are able to. @jesseseogeek Crawling a Site
  11. 11. @jesseseogeek Crawling a Site
  12. 12. What are common technical issues a local site might run into? @jesseseogeek Crawling a Site
  13. 13. ● Internal redirects ● Broken links ● Incorrect implementation of pagination ● Unwanted indexable pages ● Incorrectly coded links ● Hidden text ● Nefarious pages created by the last SEO company @jesseseogeek Common Technical Issues
  14. 14. @jesseseogeek The List Goes On!
  15. 15. Don’t stop with your site. Take a look at the server where your site is hosted! @jesseseogeek Crawling a Site
  16. 16. Google Search Console should be your best friend, even after finishing your audit. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Google Search Console
  17. 17. @jesseseogeek Make GSC Your Thunder Buddy
  18. 18. See if GSC is returning any crawl errors that your main crawl didn’t catch. @jesseseogeek Utilizing Google Search Console
  19. 19. @jesseseogeek Always use URL Inspection
  20. 20. @jesseseogeek Markup Data is Key for Success
  21. 21. Markup data helps give Google a better understanding of what your site is about. @jesseseogeek Why is Markup Data Important
  22. 22. @jesseseogeek Why is Markup Data Important
  23. 23. Use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to validate you markup code @jesseseogeek Structured Data Validation
  24. 24. When possible make sure to use service specific location markup @jesseseogeek Structured Data Validation
  25. 25. @jesseseogeek Service Specific Markup Location Markup Service-Specific Location Markup
  26. 26. Make sure you are not cannibalizing your content! @jesseseogeek Content Cannibalization
  27. 27. @jesseseogeek Content Cannibalization
  28. 28. Single-location businesses should use the homepage to target the main service and service area @jesseseogeek Creating Scalable Strategies
  29. 29. Ask yourself if the business has the potential to expand to multiple locations? @jesseseogeek Creating Scalable Strategies
  30. 30. @jesseseogeek Multiple Location Strategy
  31. 31. Multi-location businesses should have pages to represent each physical location @jesseseogeek Multiple Location Strategy
  32. 32. Follow Me On Social @jesseseogeek Have questions? Hit me up on any social media platforms. My handle on all platforms is @jesseseogeek. I’d be more than happy to continue the conversation. Read my SEJ article on this topic at