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OpenNTF Webinar May 2021 - Jesse

Overview of my projects as part of the May 2021 OpenNTF webinar

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OpenNTF Webinar May 2021 - Jesse

  2. 2. Still chugging along We switched to a “match the Domino release” strategy starting with R10 One of these days, I'll upload a 11.0.1 release that better handles large-summary fields We release an update for the handful of new methods added each release We also work in some bug fixes and improvements here and there For the time being, it achieved its core goal and is intended to be slow-moving ODA STATUS
  4. 4. ODP -> NSF Compilation NSF -> ODP Export NTF Deployment (Experimental) IDE Support Designer-esque project layout in Eclipse DXL and XSP auto-complete in Eclipse and Visual Studio Code WHAT IT DOES
  5. 5. Maven plugin to compile an ODP, optionally using update sites and non-OSGi JARs No Designer required! Runs locally or using a remote Domino server ODP COMPILATION
  6. 6. Equivalent to Designer’s “Associate with on-disk project” export Maven plugin that exports from a local or remote database Also no Designer required! Runs locally or using a remote Domino server ODP EXPORT
  7. 7. Deploys an NTF (usually a build result) to a remote Domino server Still in progress, but works in certain setups Will get better with work or with HCL making the replace-design API available NTF DEPLOYMENT
  8. 8. Eclipse plugin to organize project contents in a way similar to Designer Configures the XPages portion to use Eclipse’s PDE to resolve OSGi and embedded dependencies Allows for working with Code/Java elements like a normal Java project IDE SUPPORT
  9. 9. Uses the official DXL schema that ships with Domino Uses home-brewed schemas for the effectively-static XPages components Uses the XML Language Server implementation shared between Eclipse and Visual Studio Code And any future IDE that opts in! Eclipse version available on the Marketplace DXL AND XSP AUTOCOMPLETE
  10. 10. Maven dependencies are considered implicit JARs (like jvm/lib/ext) Target specific ODS level Set ACL in the pom.xml `webContentResources` property allows inclusion of arbitrary file trees in WebContent e.g. the results of an npm JavaScript build from another project UPDATES: FEATURES
  11. 11. Fixes for use in the official Domino Docker container image Tons of fixes around non-ASCII character encoding across the board Minor fixes for esoteric design elements that hadn't been properly handled (Wiring Properties, that sort of thing) Updates for use in modern Eclipse releases (2020-09 and above) Ongoing fixes for Windows use UPDATES: FIXES
  13. 13. Originally a "sandbox" project for the former XPages team to try out new ideas Of primary interest to me was the XSP interpreter At this point, it's primarily a support project for the NSF ODP Tooling It receives incremental updates to support new features and bug fixes in NSF ODP UPDATES
  14. 14. NSF ROUTER
  15. 15. Sprung out of tinkering with HttpService in Domino project Allows you to specify redirection routes within the NSF, such as "/some/long/path" -> "/page.xsp?key=some/long/path It's a small project, and likely essentially complete at this point DESCRIPTION
  17. 17. This was a project from IBM and OpenNTF from over a decade ago that allows for automatic import of design elements into an NSF directly from Designer It lost its momentum due to not applying as well to complicated XPages elements But apparently people are going to use legacy elements again, so it's back! I updated it last year to work on Designer 9.0.1FP10 and newer It's essentially waiting now for new supporting projects to add to the catalog UPDATES