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  1. 1. G R O U P 8 J E N N Y , S H R E P S A , F A R H A , U M A R Creating a brand: Cross media products and synergy
  2. 2. Mystery Jets Similarities: In the album cover you see the band in old fashion clothing sitting on a front porch with the lead singer playing a guitar. The image looks as if there has been a filter added to make it look slightly old and in the music video a similar filter is used. The band is also wearing the same shirts and jeans in the video and the lead singer is seen playing the same guitar (as shown in the image above).
  3. 3. Disclosure Similarities: There’s not many features that are alike in the music video and on the album cover but there is a repeated use of the white outline of a face within the video and there is an outline of both the boys faces. Disclosure consist of 2 people and the album cover has a picture of 2 young boys so this could be seen as a younger version of them.
  4. 4. Wretch 32 Similarities: In both forms of media we see a side view of the artist on a plain grey background. On the album cover the writing is in black and in the video the artist is wearing black to tie the two together with a black and grey theme.
  5. 5. Labrinth Similarities: On the album cover we see a close up of the artist against a foggy blue background and from the reflection of his sunglasses we can see the bright city light. In the music video bright lights which outline objects and letters are used to represent the city lights shown in the sunglasses and the artist is also seen wearing sunglasses. One of the base tracks in the video is the artist singing in front of a cloudy blue background which is similar to the one seen on the album cover.
  6. 6. Ed Sheeran Similarities: The only similarities we were able to find was that there is a cat in the video and there is a paw print by his name on the album cover.
  7. 7. Emeli Sande Similarities: Both the album cover and music video is in black and grey and they are both kept quite simple. The title is written in black and in the video when there is text added it is black on a grey background to match the album cover.
  8. 8. Rita Ora Similarities: The title of the album and name of the artist is written in red and in the music video there is many uses of the colour red (lipstick, nails and car). The picture used on the cover is in black and white and although the music video does not have a colour filter, the artist is seen performing in a brightly light room and in a dark room which could be seen as representing the black and white colour scheme.
  9. 9. Ellie Goulding Similarities: The only similarities we were able to find within this music video is that she has she same haircut (shaven side) and she has pink hair in the video and the album cover has a pink filter at the bottom of it.